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– Today we’re talking about
the two most important places you should be putting reviews, and the five ways to get it done. How many reviews can I
read about your business? Let me tell you right now, my friend, we are living in what we
call the review economy. Let’s talk about some stats. What do we know? 90% of consumers, 90% of
consumers are gonna Google and read reviews before they
engage with the business. Now you know that and I know that, but the stat that I
was most interested in, that my team shared with
me this morning is this, that 77% of consumers
believe that a review that’s 90 days or older is no longer relevant. So, if you’re sitting here
right now with 10, 20, 30 Zillow reviews, or Yelp reviews, or Google reviews, the question is, ready? Number one, how are we
gonna add more reviews? And number two, where are you
gonna start to place them? That’s what we wanna
cover today on this show. So let’s jump in right
to the obvious, right? Where should you be housing your reviews? I’m gonna say to you,
the two obvious ones, because you’re in real estate, is Google and Zillow. Let’s talk about Zillow. They were early in this. They pioneered it. I was a huge champion of it. I knew seven years ago that consumers, we used to read ‘testimonials’. Remember testimonial letters? Or my dear friend, Ken Kerry, right? Who’s the king of
infomercials would say to us, you know, that 75% of a
television infomercial is that person saying ‘I
got thin thighs’ in 30 days or less without diet and exercise. Those, you know, testimonials
always move the needle. So, obviously we know Zillow. They’ve done a fantastic job, and we have clients today
that are adding in their marketing over 100 five-star reviews, because it moves the needle. They get the traffic, you know that. So Zillow, check check, it’s a no-brainer. Now the question is, what about Google? What about Google? So here’s what I wrote down. If you haven’t created a
Google plus page, right? Some of you would call it a personal page or a business page. In your case, either one is fine. You get a gmail account. You create your Google plus page. This, my friends, is the
new opportunity for reviews that I want you to take advantage of. So I wrote down, there’s
three big benefits to doing Google reviews. Number one, the obvious, is the additional social
credibility that you gain when a customer, when
they Google you, right? So you know they meet you
at a cocktail party and they’re like, uh, Jillian, yeah. Let me, okay, oh, oh, right? And they can immediately read, you know, 20, 30, 40 reviews showing
up on Google without, my friends, having to click
on any of those links. They see it right there in the right side. So that’s the obvious one, right? Instant social credibility. Number two, Google loves
fresh, relevant content. Some people call it like geo-data. Some people call it micro-data. At the end of the day, the
more often you’re adding reviews to your Google page, let me tell you what happens, my friends. It is the secret sauce of SEO. I’ll share with you a little stat, ready? We started this in January of 2018. We’ve added 874 reviews
since we started that. We’ve had a 47% increase in
organic traffic to our site, just by asking for reviews. Just by getting those reviews, my friends. Google loves fresh,
relevant, micro, geo content. So by adding reviews monthly, you’re hacking the Google algo rhythm, aka generating more traffic. Plus, again, what I want
to stress to you is, your site is going to be, I wanna make sure I say this to you right. Your site will be
organically ranked higher, which means again, more eyeballs, more traffic. And when people go to your
website and they’re looking at listings, they can watch a few videos, they can read maybe some of these reviews, ’cause you’re putting them there as well, and at the end of the
day, they convert, right? Where they call you, they
text you, they email you, they click on your site. You’re going to get business
and that’s the goal. Number three, if you’re running ads, which we certainly run ads
and I strongly recommend you’re doing the same. If you’re doing paid
search, Google will tell you your cost per lead is going
to go down and the real kicker is, your quality score
because you have all those reviews on Google, your
quality score goes up. Your cost per lead goes down. And at the end of the
day, what’s super cool, is Google will automatically
add your five-star review rating to all your ads. That, my friends, is a no-brainer. So, let’s stop for a second. Let’s go through ’em again. Obviously, social credibility, when they’re searching for you, when they’re trying to
figure out are you real. Number two, Google loves
the fresh, relevant content. So we have to be asking ourself, can I just do this once? Or is this something I need to
be doing every single month? For us, it’s every week. Adding more reviews every week. That fresh content, right? Hacking the Google logo rhythm, and then again, if you’re running ads, because you’re quality score goes up, your cost per lead goes down, and they add that five-star
ranking to your ads, which is a huge bonus. So, I think the benefits
to both Zillow and Google are really obvious. So then the question is,
how do we get more reviews? So I’ve actually got five
different things you can do. Five different ways you can generate it. Four are the obvious ones
for rock stars like yourself, and I’ve got one if
you’re a brand-new agent. So number one, obviously,
is every time you meet with a client, you’re going
to incorporate some kind of dialogue that says, you know, Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, my goal is
to provide five-star service, such that when you buy this home, and we close the transaction, and I slay the dragons
and navigate through sometimes what can be a very
challenging transaction. In the end, when you guys
are happy and satisfied, I’m gonna ask you to write
a review on your experience. Are you okay with that? And of course, what are they gonna say? You got it, right? That’s a no-brainer. Throughout the transaction, number two, throughout the transaction, they call it the hero
moment or I like to say as you slay the dragon, right? The transaction’s going sideways. Something’s going wrong. The buyer, the seller
is starting to panic. Your customer is getting nervous. When you solve that
problem in that moment, this is when you, when it’s done, problem solved, check check. We’re good to go. This is when you’re
gonna call, text, email, however you communicate
best to them and say, Do you remember I said to
you my goal was to provide a five-star service. Solving this complex problem
is exactly why you hired me. I’m so happy we got through this, and by the way, this would
make for a great review. You gotta ask. Which, by the way, let me
give you an easy one, right. Especially for some of
my veterans out there. One of the easiest things
we did, across the board, with our coaches, our sales people, our client services, is
we added a little link where they can review us on
their email signature line. If you haven’t added a link,
hey review my business here, review my services here,
and if you’re smart, you’re gonna add that as a
bitly link so you can track whose email signature or
email signatures in general are producing this result. That’s a bonus little number three. Number four, without a shadow of a doubt, you’ve heard me talk about this before. You gotta ask, right? You can be asking old
past clients today from a year ago, two years
ago, three years ago, if you want. We actually had Cody Longmire,
big shout out to Cody, who I just saw at the Dallas Blue Bread. He shared this story where
he sent an email out, this was five or six years ago, so Cody, I know you’re watching this. When you see this, you’re gonna giggle, and I’ll probably screw
up the story a little bit. But essentially here’s what happened. His coach, Doug, said to him, you just need to write an
email to your customers and he said let’s do it right now, right. Live coaching moment. He’s got his laptop up,
and Doug is telling him, you need to say, you
know, this was my goal. This is what we were able to accomplish. It would mean the world to
me if you would take a few moments and click this link
and just talk about your experience in us helping
you buy or sell real estate. Very simple. Not too complex. And Cody, in like real
time, is writing it, and literally, get this. Sends it to his entire data base. And here’s the best part. All in the ‘To’ line. Can you imagine this, Mark? All in the, you know, 500
people on his data base. They all get the email, and
Doug says, did you send it? He said, I just sent it. And all of a sudden, as you can imagine, somebody hits ‘reply all’. Oh my goodness, this could
be the greatest moment or a horrific moment. It’s Cody Longmire. The guy said, Cody, not
only am I gonna write an amazing review on you, I want
you to come list my house. And he had ‘reply all’ to
everybody on the email list. Now, am I recommending this? No, I’m recommending you send
individual emails, right. Dear Martha, I just wanna say I was thinking
about you the other day. So much of my business is
based upon what others have said about it, reviews,
referrals, et cetera. Would you take a couple minutes
and just click this link and write just a little
review about our experience. Now you’ll butter it up and soften it up. Do you remember this? And I was thinking
about you and, you know, the complexity of the transaction, and how I was able to slay the dragon. You’re gonna tell a
little bit of the story to remind them, because remember, the best review, the best review is not just, oh my goodness, Jillian, she’s amazing. No, it’s Jillian came into our business. We had a very specific problem. And because of her
level of sophistication, her talent, she was
able to do A, B, and C, which produced this result, right? The best review is that
specific, you know, Tom Ferry helped me solve this problem, getting us into our house, saving us time, stress, and money. That’s what we wanna ask for. So again, whether it’s an email, or over the phone, or in texts, you know your customers best. And by the way, Cody Longmire, that story is still legendary
in the Tom Ferry ecosystem. So many people have heard it. I’m not recommending you do that, but it sure worked out
really well for Cody. So remember, number four
is call, email, ask. And if you have to, even,
you know once you’ve closed the transaction,
just remind the client. Congratulations, here’s
your Tom Ferry, you know, bobblehead closing gift, and
hey, will you do me a favor? Would you take a couple
minutes and write a review about your experience with us? And prompt them on what
you want them to write. So those are the top
four things you can do. Number five is a bonus if
you’re new to the business. I would over-index on Google. And think about it like this. I’d ask my co-workers and all my friends to just write a professional
review on me, right? No different from what you
would have on Linked In, or on your resume. Those same people can write
about you in an authentic way. Now remember, I’m really
recommending right now you over-index on Google. Especially if you’re already
sitting, as some of our clients are, you know, 70,
80, 100, 300, 500 reviews on Zillow. And if you’re, for all my
friends outside of the US, Google, Google, Google, Google. And if you’re my friends
inside the US and you’re sitting on all those, Google, Google, Google. Make sense? So, that’s all I got. I just wrote down in closing, a lot of work for you to do. My request is you know you
give me some comments here. You probably shared this
with some of your friends inside the office. You’re absolutely gonna
wanna use this, right? You’re probably gonna wanna
watch this three or four times, capture some of the script. Mark, you’ll have lots of
the scripts on Tom Ferry that we’re talking about. Maybe add a few bonus things. Zillow published something really cool. We should just link that up
on the Tom Ferry blog as well. That’s a good idea. Anything we have also
from Google’s standpoint, let’s link that up on Tom
Ferry dot com as well. Alright, so thank you
so much for watching. Remember always, your strategy matters, and now more than ever,
the number of reviews I can read about you and your business is what absolutely rules. Hey, you’re the kind of
person like me who’s always looking for great stuff, new ideas, innovation, ways to improve my life and my business. Check out the link below
at Tom Ferry dot com, forward slash agent dash tools, ’cause I’ve got lots of
great stuff for you there.

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