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how to grow your YouTube channel from
nothing that’s what we’re gonna talk about this video so everyone tells you
that you can make money on videos and you can get all this ad money and you
get all this other money coming in but no one really tells you how to do it so
that’s what I’m gonna cover in this video in this video I want to show you
really how to start at zero and by the way everyone starts at zero okay
starting at zero and to grow your channel and what you need to do okay
so there’s basically seven required steps and one of the biggest reasons
people don’t grow their channels is they don’t know these steps now this video is
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with both digital and physical products and where you can find answers to your
questions about making a great income online okay so let’s get going alright
the first thing you do number one this is the big one this is the one that a
lot of people miss most people have a biggest issue with this one
anything else and this is this is the tough time getting started
that’s number one you gotta start I mean you really got to start you gotta quit
worried about having the best equipment and best lighting the best scene your
your first videos are gonna be your worst they just aren’t I mean go back
and look at my first videos these aren’t a whole lot better but they’re better
right in the beginning you just you got to get the bad ones out of the way you
can’t start at the top and I think that’s what really freezes a lot of
people is them thinking that well I’ve got to have this great video and I’m
gonna have a great script and I’m gonna have great lighting they’re not gonna
have the best camera and they say oh my gosh that’s gonna cost so much money I
just can’t do it right now you will learn as you go and you know even if you
don’t get a lot of views in the beginning some views are better than
getting zero views because you never put up a video now number two you need to
share your channel with everyone friends family get people to subscribe to your
channel you know you probably have at least 100 or 200 people that you know
between friends and family even on your Facebook page right
you’ve probably got friends on there you probably don’t know but you’ve got them
there you can ask them let them know that you need their support put links
and Instagram and post stuff on social media if you have an email list email
out to that list but you’ve got to get your name out there and you’ve got a
self promote a lot of people have a hard time with self-promotion number three
please please please have a specific niche now on my channel I only talked
about selling stuff online I talked about physical products I talk about
digital products but that’s all I talk about I don’t talk about general
business I don’t cover real estate I don’t cover employee relations or
anything like that and I think that’s the biggest problem most people have as
they say well I’m going to start this channel and I want to cover everything
that everybody wants to know and the problem is if you do that if you try to
cover everybody and speak to everybody you’re really going to speak to no one
so ask yourself what why would somebody watch your channel why would they be
interested in what is it they’re gonna get out of it because I understand
that’s that’s what it’s all about what there
get out of it it’s not what you want to do it’s not what you want to sell it’s
only about what they want to get out of it now you also have to be very clear
and concise and describe exactly what your channel is about if you do that
people will get it mine is about selling the stuff online that’s it
that’s all we do digital physical products online that’s it it’s all we
sell now look at some of these channels that started with no followers which
they all do look at more of italic she started her channel with a simple video
a tomato basil soup she concentrates solely on Italian recipes in her own
kitchen and one of the first videos she did was really quite simple she is now
on the Food Network and has been on numerous talk shows it’s opened up all
kinds of doors for her and she now has over 1400 videos with over five hundred
and thirty-six million views and 3.4 million subscribers now keep in mind she
started with 0 the way you will do number four make sure you engage with
your audience this is a big one this is a very time-consuming one I know I fight
with it too but when somebody comments on your channel you have to respond and
you can’t respond with thanks or a thumb up or something like that
you have to actually respond to what they said if you do this you’re going to
have that interaction and that’s how you’re going to build your audience now
another thing you can do is go to other people’s channels and post on their
particular comments there say something about their video if you liked it if it
was interesting whatever do not go to their videos and post subscribe to mine
and I’ll subscribe to yours because that doesn’t do anybody any good it just
shows that you’re self promoting if you put a intelligent comment on somebody’s
post in a video they’re gonna maybe look you up and maybe they’ll join your
channel now you’re saying well that could take forever and it does it takes
a long time but understand that your channel is going to be built one person
at a time now you can’t just do this every now and then every single day you
need to go out and you need to comment on other people’s videos I know I have a
hard time with it but I do it and I’ve been doing it for a short period of time
now and I’ve already seen results from it so you need to do that you need to
get out there and comment every single day it’s this kind of grunt work that
you know the top channels that have done in the beginning you don’t see it but
they’ve done it in the beginning and then they built their channel and then
they don’t have to do it anymore so you’ve got to do at the beginning just
to get built now number five is focus on the fundamentals you know it reminds me
of a quote that Michael Jordan once said he said focus on the fundamentals and
the level of everything you do will rise okay so you have to have a great title
you got to research it you know when you go to youtube you can type in a few
words and you’re gonna see a drop-down and you’ll see what people are searching
for then take that title put it in there and search videos find out how many
people are actually watching videos on that subject if there’s a lot of people
and there’s a lot of videos on that subject it’s going to be competitive but
at least you know people are searching for make sure that you add tags to all
your videos it’s very tough thing to do but it takes time and if you add these
tags to your videos you see this is how people actually find your videos is with
the title in the tags in the description and there’s all kinds of tools out there
I like to buddy I’ll put a link in the description there where you can get to
buddy at a discount to buddies great because it gives you all the suggested
keywords and you can just click on them and add them to your particular video do
your research before you hit that record button this is super super important
heck you can even do research on YouTube like I said and you can see the other
videos and see what they’re saying and see what they have in their videos and
do a similar video to one that is you know already popular but you want to try
to do it even better right if they’ve got three resources maybe you want to
have five or seven reasons if they’ve got you know some you know
videos and there’s that are okay and you think you could do some better videos
inside your video go ahead and do that but try to make your video better than
theirs you want to plan your videos in advance and lastly is consistency you
know a lot of people think well I’m gonna do a video every single day and
they realize that’s really hard to do it takes a lot of time to record the videos
and plan the videos and edit the videos you know it’s more it’s better to be
consistent even if you’re only going to do one a week you know people will know
that you’re gonna do one a week you know if you do one a week you’re gonna have
fifty to a year or you know if you can do two or three a week that’s great too
but don’t go and do six or seven videos over six or seven day period and did not
do anything for a month or two because your channel it just won’t grow if
you’re not consistent so that’s really important to be consistent number seven
is to have searchable content YouTube is the second largest search engine in the
world when people type in the search bar YouTube gives suggestions like I said in
the beginning of what people are searching for understand the goal is to
create content people are searching for not to create content and try to get
people to search for it many people think that they are trying to create
some viral video that’s just gonna go crazy and the truth is it’s much better
to have many videos that have good view counts if you just have one viral video
and the rest of your videos aren’t any good people aren’t going to subscribe to
your channel they’re not going to stick with you and the future of your channel
is really going to be built on subscribers so that’s what you want to
get this will get more people to subscribe to your channel by having a
wide array of really good videos as opposed to having just one viral one so
I hope that helps you out those are seven steps that you need to take if you
if you saw something in there that you think is going to work for you put a
comment below or if you’ve tried some of these put a comment below about what
you’ve tried if there’s a particular subject on online sales that you want me
to do a video stick that in the comments don’t forget
subscribe to this channel that was the whole point right
smash that like button there I wouldn’t really appreciate that and I’ll see you
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