How to import data into Eviews

welcome to our second videos this video we would like to show you how to import that back from Microsoft Excel to the evil firstly let's open the data in Microsoft Excel file you should set the data in in the vertical line if your data are in the horizontal line you have to select all the data and then copy if your data are in the horse on Hawaii you have to select all the data and then copy and then paste by transpose now let's open the a view we have to create the new world five by select File menu and select me world five you will see many categories but and Deltek data is for cross-sectional data you have to select number of observation second method is for time series until my last panel is for cooling data it is the combination of time series and cross-sectional data which we will show how to import cooling data in the next video our data GDP is the time series you have to choose their tab then go to the frequency if we can see there are many categories such as annual monthly quarterly the one you have to choose is cuddling in study date not you have to type 1995 q1 which means first quarter of yet 1995 and in the end a deadlock you have to type 2012 q1 which means first quarter of 2012 all the observations is 1995 to 2012 are 69 observations and and and then you have to click OK it will start create your world 5 in the world 5 that will be a constant variable which move up here as a letter C a residue will appear as a state now we are going to add more variable you have to select object and choose new object then in type of object box select series then put the name in the name for object mark you in this case GDP represent as after that click ok now while we appear in our world 5 but we have six variables in total so we have to create a new object six packs which are consumption represent SCO investment there is an ADD I government expenditure resistant acting Expo represent as egg and import represent a scream in Israel there is no data so now we are going to add the data in my you have to hold the control button and select the data in the same order as in the excel file which is why do I see e/m then right-click and select open then click on ESCO now we can see that data are on horizontal lines and the data in the same order as in excel file so now we have to copy the data from excel file and click Edit in a view I select path now off your Excel data in email program please fly the next video about how to estimate the data by OLS

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  2. Thank You Very Much, For Being Sharing This Precious Video, One More Thing I Would Want To Add Is That, You Have Told In This Video That In The Next Video I shall Teach, How To Import Panel Data Set From Excel Sheet Into Eviews, So Now That Video Has Either You Did Not Do Or Not Uploaded On Youtube. Kindly Provide Us With That Skill Too.

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