How to Insert a GIF into PowerPoint

GIF images are a great way to bring some
animation without creating a video file. And PowerPoint supports working
with these animated images. To insert an animated GIF,
let’s go to the Insert tab, now let’s choose Pictures here. Let’s browse to an animated image file
that I have stored on my computer. Let’s go ahead and
insert it now here onto our slide. You can see that it’s on the slide now and
you can click and drag to reposition it, or resize it just as you
would with a normal image. Now, PowerPoint won’t show the images
animated until you go into the slide show mode, as you can see me doing here. Notice that our image repeatedly loops
with animation, PowerPoint doesn’t let you change that option for
how many times the animation should play. So you’ll need to make that decision
when you save the animated image. Using Photoshop or whatever app
you’re using to build your GIFs, you’ll need to set that setting
at the time you save it. Otherwise, PowerPoint will simply follow
the metadata added to the image file that tells it how many times
the animation should play. Whether you say GIF or GIF, PowerPoint can
handle these animated images nicely to spice up your presentation. I’m Andrew Childress for Tuts+,
and thanks for joining me.

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