100 thoughts on “How To Instantly Improve The Timing of Your Trades

  1. at the moment is more difficult to identify bit we have to keep practicing our eyes to see this opportunities! thanks boss

  2. In the Brazilian market we have three levels of space 8 mma 20mma 200mma which combined with a new high offers a powerful counter-movement.Excelent video buy the way.

  3. oliver as always an impeccable job impresses me of the way he creates the videos with that professionalism, how he pronounces every word, you are wonderful oliver thank you for all my mentor a tremendous video of the concept of space and time boom concept

  4. yo oliver, I promised myself I wouldnt take another trade after the morning without space! NEVER again

  5. Really people you believe this BS space shit then I have a magic space indicator I would like to sell to everyone lol 😂

  6. excelente Oliver, lo he estado practicando con alguna frecuencia y poca efectividad, pero con este corto video me di cuenta que no tengo muy en cuenta el espacio,de ahora en adelante lo tendre, gracias.
    (mi modo de operar es con las sma 8,20,200 en 2m) alguna observacion en esto?

    …..by the way, tienes en mente en hacer un evento pronto en NY/NJ?

  7. Siempre ha sido un tema para mí cuando salir y como manejar movimientos contra tendencia, creo que acá está la respuesta, gracias maestro y excelente el seminario gratuito de hoy, muchas gracias!

  8. Valioso concepto maestro, gracias por sus enseñanzas, es el mejor. Quisiera ver algunos videos de operaciones que cierras en grandes perdidas porque el precio va en su contra y hay que cerrar para no perder mas de lo que te puedes permitir. Aunque se que eso debe ocurrir poco debido a sus habilidades y a su gran capital pero son inevitables y creo que es donde mas tenemos que mejorar todos los trader. Gracias bendiciones, salud y exitos. BOOM

  9. Thank you Oliver! This is a new concept that I have never read in any books or videos. Looking forward to these new contents!

  10. Gracias por la información. Para los próximos videos por favor que todos tengan subtitulos ya que algunos vídeos me los e tenido que perder porque no tienen los subtítulos en especial los que son en vivo. Gracias

  11. Hola muy buenos tus vídeos te sigo por donde puedo cada vez que puedo pero quisiera saber que plataformas usar como se compra ósea desde una cuenta bancaria o como ?

  12. It's not the best method…. Below average method…… but I like Oliver sir….. have learned a lot from you in past

  13. You are THE BOSS. the way you explain everything is so clear and to the point. I started watching your Videos 5 years ago. I have all your books. Thank you for making a difference in my trading. anyone who ask me where should I start i send them to you because I know they are in good hands. Lots of love and respect.

  14. Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr $$$ love that expression, been a losing trader for awhile never heard of this concept, makes a lot of sense – any chart that comes in my focus will be scrutinized for this T & S set up. I am yet to be profitable as a daytrader but my enthusiasm has not waned…if anything I am more enthused because I've known all along what my problem is….DISCIPLINE to be patient. Encounters of your pedigree has only added tools to my kit, and for that I thank you. From NY now in Miami. Excellent advise.

  15. BOOM You are my hero I'm 67 yrs old & have been studing trading for 8 years After watching your 81% Acc. video I SEE THE LIGHT. Thank you very much. How life can change after watching one video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Is there any reason why you're using the 20ma and 200ma as opposed to the 20ema and 200ema?? Will the concept still work with the exponential moving averages??

  17. I like how he trades the chart, it doesn't hit you until you see how it is supposed to be done, everyone knows how to look at a chart, but they dont focus on the behavior and history only on what the last few candles say

  18. What I love about Mr. Velez is he shows and explains REAL-TIME HARD RIGHT EDGE LIVE PRICE ACTION, not middle of the chart after the fact, hindsight price prints.

  19. I love that you are growing your YouTube content. I think I watched every single video you ever posted online. Oliver thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  20. You just added more confluence to my trading plus your method of teaching is great. Thank you so much. I’m definitely subscribing.

  21. Yo unicamente opero este tipo de escenarios pero en velas de un dia , me parece increíble y admirable el dominio del mercado que tiene usted!!

  22. Do you think this strategy would also be affective with lower stocks? I’m a beginner but I fell in love with trading.

  23. Increíble Oliver! Muy buen contenido , simple y claro. Gracias por compartir tanta sabiduría de trading gratis!!

  24. No tenia ese concepto en mi ejecución de trading. Desde ya guardado en mis favoritos para repetirlo una y otra vez, es demasiado ganador.

  25. I agree with this concept 100% I use it in my own trades. I even use the 20 ma bollinger bands and the 200 ma bollinger bands both with 2nd and 3rd deviation to measure these spaces

  26. Hello Mr. Velez, If I may. I would like to ask you a question. Can you apply the same technical analysis principles for both stocks and futures? Thank you very much.

  27. Thank you Mr. Velez for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I admire you, you are my model trader to learn from.

  28. Oliver on a side note, congrats on your transformation. I've seen you more recently and you look fantastic. Lost weight, built muscle, and you just look GREAT! So happy for you in your constant pursuit of happiness, helping others, and also taking good care of yourself in the process. You work on the mind, body and soul. As you say, a successful trader is not just about making the money, it's a whole lifestyle. If you are disciplined in trading, it's not possible for those same characteristics to not spill over into the rest of your life and make you an overall better human. You are the best trader I've seen and I hope I get a chance to meet you in person one day. Cheers in 2020.

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