17 thoughts on “how to make an inventory in construct 2

  1. I'd much rather you say something than play the music. It's distracting and I muted the video because it's annoying.

  2. Very cool video .. but I have a misunderstanding…do you know if is possible to create a array that includes links to images (leading to url or images inserted in the Files folder of the current project)? I can not found how to do that and I want to use this to replace the picture of a Sprite (replacing some of its frames or other way)… do you think is it possible? Thank you in advance. And congrats for your videos, are very good presented and explained

  3. But my question is, if for example you have many many items, there just Isn't a more streamlined way of making this, is there?
    Because besides the fact that its very time-consuming, you'd have to have all the items ready, which means you should do the inventory last but that creates more problems along the road with quests checking if you have the item or not, good tutorial though, just the whole system is rather bad

  4. how would you go about, if the sword you found have instance variables on it, how would you handle that in this type of inventory system ?
    great tutorial!, bit hard to follow when you dont hear the narration 😀

  5. How do I glue sword to character and want to choose other weapon how to change it on character? and how to pick up weapon in inventory?I mean in some game I don't want to start with all items so someone can pick them up?How to do that?

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