How to Make Money on eBay Selling Bikes

Hello and welcome to another video and another bike for a lot of viewers you may recognise this bike it is a Raleigh Banana, yes we have already done this bike However this is not about the bike this is more about a little experiment that I would like to share with you I get asked a lot do we make any profit so I am going to share that with you and that is exactly what we are going to do today this bike itself we have bought for under fifty pounds the last one that we did got sold and believe it or not it went all the way from the UK all the way around the world to Australia the shipping costs cost more than the bike itself and that is how much somebody wanted this bike so i was confident regards to getting this bike and selling this bike on it was a very popular bike in its day a lot of people had one of these and people are probably chasing that dream again today so the Raleigh Banana this is a 21′ bike all original and that is what caught my eye basically all the stuff itself is there I did not have to buy any more parts I did a local search as well because what I did not want to do is pay £30 for the shipping of the bike and i only payed £48 for the bike I wanted to keep it local, picked it up local and cycled the bike home so i have managed to test it and everything works fine there is no play in the bottom bracket at all, and all the gears work and all the brakes the cables are in good order, no problem at all with them it just needs a good cosmetic make over basically so that is exactly what we are going to do you may notice it has got a black tyre at the rear here I have got an old gum wall tyre so that we can tie it in with the front the front has got the original Raleigh tyre still on the front we’ll have a gum wall tyre on here its not matching but it will tie the front and the back in what we are then going to do is I am going to raise this seat and pop it back slightly straight away thats going to make the bike a better look a more racier look, I am going to drop the bar stem here that is very high at the minute and we are also going to change this handle bar tape I have notice that a lot of the tape that is on is insulation tape and has been taped all the way up up to the bar stem so that is one cost that we are going to incur but is is not to much of a cost original bottle cage, I have got a bottle already that I can pop in there that I have already in the garage and I have also got a couple of pedals with toe clips on that I have taken off a new bike that I had put some personal pedals on so I have got some pedals as well that I am going to put on so that is it in that respect the frame itself the decals they have been marked so we are just going to touch them up with a fine brush and we are going to t-cut the frame down I have done a video on cleaning frames up but we are not stripping this bike down I am conscious of the man hours I do not want to spend a long time on this and basically I need to get it back up for sale and see where we are from there so lets fast forward and get this bike cleaned up and do the jobs that we need to do Right OK Great well there is the bike already to be presented just to run through exactly what we have done there we have raised the seat just looks a lot better straight way and it also shows that the seat post is free that it can be moved and not seized we have moved the seat back slightly which looks a lot better straight away a bit more racy drop the stem, and we have also re-taped the handle bars which has revealed some lovely nice original Raleigh Handle Bars which was not on show so this is how the bike would of been and it just looks a lot better I have also put some reflectors on the wheels, just because it had the original reflectors on the bike and it just ties it all together as though the bike had just come out of the shop and not been touched so we have put some pedals on we have washed the bike down we have used some t-cut on the frame its self just to bring off any marks off the frame, and then we have used a technique that we have used before just to touch up the decals (Stickers) that was damaged so it looks a lot better in that respect put the back tyre on ties the front and back together oh nearly forgot got the black water bottle which the bike originally came with so yes it looks so much better so what have we got to do now we are going to take the bike down to a local park which is what I generally always do Just to show case the bike What we do not want to do is take some photographs in some yard with lots of distractions and mess and it just basically up sell the bike, so lets get down to the park and I am going to talk you through some of the photos that I take Well here we are at a local park I am very luck to have such a nice park on my door step I am also lucky to have the sun out today which is crucial for taking any photographs of any subject the first basic rule is to have the sun behind you not in front of you over wise it just blacks the actual image out the other thing as well is just be mindful of any trees etc it can create a lot of shadows on the shadows that can take your eye completely off the subject and can look a very confusing photograph what I do see a lot of times and I have mentioned this before in another video when people are taking photographs of the bikes they will have the bike on the opposite side so that you can not see any of the running gear a very crucial part of the bike and people do like to see that You do have quiet a few photos that you can take on eBay Completely free of charge so you might as well put them in there a picture says a thousand words and I really do believe it does sell the actual bike its self as I say you do want to take photos of this side the drive side show things like the rear derailleur show that off in detail brakes, brake callipers as I say you do get quiet a few photos so you might as well show the buyer exactly what they are getting ok all that we need to do now is get this bike back we are then going to get it boxed up detailed and back up for sale on eBay so lets get a move on with that well as you can see the bike is all boxed up and all ready to go the reason why we box the bikes up is because I am going to be advertising this for delivery nation wide it opens up the sale to the whole country and it helps with a fast sale I feel the box itself was completely free of charge from a local bike shop if you ask them nicely they are happy to do so and I have also done a video on purely boxing bikes up if you have not done it before it can be quiet fiddlely and what you do not want to do is have the bike delivered and it be damaged it had cause you a absolute headache to you so there it is all ready to go the buyer pays for the delivery so its no expense to you and I feel it helps out a lot with the sale so lets look at the advert itself the top line very important a lot of key words in there the first one is vintage because it is a vintage bike we have also got Raleigh Team Banana a lot of people search for Team Raleigh we have got the Banana which it is and we have also got at the top got Road Bike and then the size, we have also put the old school size in there if you have noticed the reason for that is for some of us older people I associate straight away with a vintage bike with the old sizing. I ride a 23″ so yes I have put both sizes in there which helps out straight away on the first line of the description I then put in a buy it now, which is the price that I would like I generally bump this up very slightly and then I will have nearest offer so it is giving the buyer the opportunity to make me a cheeky offer as I say I have bump it up slightly so that I can get the price that I am after and both parties are happy they feel as though they have a bargin or knock the postage off etc so yes we have got that I have also done a brief description regard to some new parts that we have put on but I have kept them to the point but I really feel as though the photographs which have actually sold this bike which it has gone it went within 24 hours can you believe it but the photographs themselves say a thousand word and they really stood out compared to its competition , so yes the bike got sold within 24 hours we did not get the full asking price but we have more than doubled our money on this sale It has not took long at all to flip the bike around and yes it has been a success I feel so all that is left to do now is the courier is scheduled for today so we are going to get this bike out and on its way I hope that this has helped you in some ways to make a little bit of money on ebay and given you some hints and tips other than that as I always say if you do enjoy watching these videos as I always say then please subscribe drop us a like share the video it really does help so thanks a lot and bye for now

57 thoughts on “How to Make Money on eBay Selling Bikes

  1. 8:23 I wouldn't accept any offers from ebayer Al_PacinoGodFatherUK, he drives a hard bargain:

    "My offer is this: nothing. Not even the fee for Postage & Packaging which I would appreciate if you would put up personally."

  2. Hi Andy, that was very helpful. I'm glad you stated the frame size in the listing; a lot of people lose sales because they don't bother but it's probably the one thing the buyer needs to know.

  3. Nice detail Andy, and great job on the bike as well, now, if I ever convince myself to part with any of my bikes I'm sure I could make some nice cash 🙂

  4. Thanks for another great video!
    I want to get my first road bike, and want to chose between two Vintage bikes, Peugeot CAD 1988 and Koga Miyata Fullpro 1981, they are almost at the same situation and price. Profitability is not the case at the moment, but definitely I will change it in the future, which one would you advise me to go for? Thanks!

  5. Hi Andy, thanks for another good video and tips glad you got it sold so fast , great job as usual 🙂

  6. Great Video! Since i have subscribed months ago, i sold three vintage bikes (Team Panasonic, Raleig TT, Bianichi Golden Race 200) after restoring them and made decent money so that i could afford a newer italian road bike from 2013 with carbon front for nice Touring and another roadie for some racing. There are always really good bargains locyally and it´s fun to restore! So thank you for all the Videos, and your shared knowledge!

  7. Thanks for sharing your advice, I restore vintage bikes and sell them on gumtree so always good to have some advices 🙂

  8. Hello there Andy. I just wish that the world had more lovely, honest blokes like yourself. Although you're in the bike business, you are generous enough to share your knowledge and advice – and even go as far as sharing your commercial techniques. You're great ! I just wonder how I can get in touch with you (?). I live in Paris, France. Anyway, all the best from me, Ralph.

  9. P.s. Andy. I just discovered that you've got a Raleigh (Road Ace) on the go. I'll look forward to that. Mine's a Record Ace (circa 1979). All the best.

  10. Love the vids, Andy. I've got a Dave Moulton Recherche bike frame and fork that I would love to get around to restoring and building up properly. Where do you typically get your components from for older/period correct builds?

  11. it also helps to have a popular youtube channel. 😛 I have flipped few bikes but hardly got any money out of it. At least I get the satisfaction from saving the bike from the skip. What is the cheapest you got the bike for? I once have managed to buy raleigh kellogs team for £2,20 😉

  12. Thank you for sharing your techniques for selling the bikes. I restore bikes here in Australia and I will definately try your way of listing and photographing the bikes.
    Keep the videos coming.

  13. Hi Andy.I have sold my Rayleigh Record ace on eBay but am struggling to find a courier for a reasonable price.Can I ask who do you use please

  14. Another piece of British engineering saved from the scrap man….!!!!……. well done you make it look so easy…!!!!

  15. Smart move… don't immediately try to follow the last build, which was just, un-followable, with a new build, but rather an informative video, that does feature a classic bike, but in a subdued manner, as to not overtly try and challenge what was the hallmark build on the channel thus far.

  16. Extremely helpful, thank you very much. I've been only doing this in my local classifieds. Just out of curiosity, can you make a living doing this full time through Ebay? What kind of figures do you pull in from this alone.

  17. I love your video's, but have you thought about using Veloflex Tyres ? they are amazing and look like they are 30 plus years old. They grip like shite to a wet blanket but look amazing, well the Veloflex Master does, comes in loads of colours with gum wall too

  18. Hi, is there a chance you know what model/brand this crankset is? I have the exact same on my vintage gitane but there are no markings except "made in france". Thanks!

  19. ive had loads of bikes in my time i had a hawk bike a bit like a chopper then a chipper never got to ride it then i had a grifter it was faulty then later i had a hercules tour de france bike it was a gift from a spanish guy then i had many old rod braked bikes from the tip,even a nice butchers bike,then i had a dawes mountain bike, then i buy a dawes kickback 2 i got into a car accident then i had a grisley mega 10, i also had a trice recumbent made by peter ross crystal engineering i got hit in road accident got a new one from ice trice gave the grisley away, the ice is buggered i then buy a gazelle trim trophy then hit in accident hen it was stolen from me the seat stays was bent, then i had a bulls cross bike thats gone now ,i got a mifa ddr 1956 bike and a 1993 diamant bike it 56cm a bit small for me.

  20. Hi Andy,

    I have been watching most of your videos on bike restorations. Your videos are in very high quality and well informed content. And most importantly you have shared your honest experience through out the process of restoration.

    Actually, your tips were very much helpful to get my retro bike project across the finish line. Many thanks for all your advices.
    Following are some instagram photos of the end result.

    If you can give some feedback on what you think. That will be very much appreciated.

    Wish you all the best and keep those videos coming …..



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  22. I would flip bikes but the cost of shipping and how to get a box that fits a bike? I only post bikes for sale on local market.

  23. Hi, your videos are really helpful ! What’s your name on eBay? I would be interested in checking out your page. 😀 thanks!

  24. Good job , if not just the money you can get is the way you apreciatte the bike and transmit to other people and the bike fortunately is riding again in the world.

  25. As a photographer and cyclist, soft light is actually far preferable to harsh sunshine. Shows detail with much greater clarity and without risk of blown highlights.

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