How To Make Your First $10k Selling on Amazon for Beginners

what is stopping you from making money
on Amazon now when you think about that question you probably have all these
steps and procedures that you think you need to go through right it probably
seems complicated but what if I told you there was only three steps that you need
to focus on to go from where you are right now as a complete beginner to
making your first ten thousand dollars would you believe me
well I’m Jesse Franco see no bullshit Amazon seller and today I’m gonna show
you those steps so the good news is that Amazon at its core is a very simple
business model all right so just a recap you find a product you make the product
you ship it to Amazon and then you launch and rank your product and get
paid it’s literally that’s it that’s the
whole process the problem is that in between each step there’s a hundred
little micro steps that go into it right and that’s where people get lost so the
first thing first of all if you don’t know the Amazon process like what I just
showed you on the board click right over here over here I think and there’s a
video that explains exactly how the whole thing works step by step this
video is more about if you already understand the basics where do you start
right so the first thing you do is one of the basics so if you don’t watch it
if you haven’t already watch that video or if you already understand the basics
then stick with me here but if you haven’t go figure it out then come back
here alright so now that you know the basics the first thing to do is commit
alright so there’s three steps here so step one is commit and by that I mean
don’t dabble right this is where I got stuck when I started was I was looking
at Amazon FBA and then I was kinda looking at other stuff like you know
Shopify looking actually at marketing and all these different online
opportunities all of them are great right but the thing is they all work the
open they all will make you money but if you want to focus on your one thing
right then commit to it so first of all to mention that this video is for people
that know that Amazon is right for them so if you know the amazon is for you
right you want to tap in to Amazon’s built-in users billions and billions of
customers that come to the website you want that amazing Amazon Fulfillment
amazing Amazon storage and all the great benefits of using this this business
model then this is videos for you if not if you’re still thinking about you know
maybe this Amazon something else then figure out first
then come back alright so now that you know that ambulance for you commit so
how do you commit get your sellers account right I’ve seen some people that
are like I’ve been researching Amazon FBA for five months you know I’m just
trying to figure out the right time to make the first step and they don’t even
have sellers account yet now I suggest getting the sellers account right away
because once you get that account once you spend that 40 bucks get your account
set up then you have made that micro commitment to say ok this is right for
me this is where I’m gonna be and this is what I’m focusing on and also the
biggest benefit is actually go through seller central and actually learn and
actually get used to all the menus and all the stuff in there because there’s a
lot of stuff to learn so early to get in there the earlier you can look around
click around and figure yourself out get situated right so now you’ve committed
you you’ve spent your money on the sellers count another reason also that I
tell you to do that is because it’s risk-free because if you get it today
and you don’t actually sell any products for five months six months whatever may
be in call Amazon okay I’ve been paying for my pro seller account for six months
and I haven’t sold anything and then I’ll just give you your your money back
right they’ll refund you those six months you have not sold any products so
it’s really risk-free way to get in and get started all right so that is step
one right so all these complicated steps that’s the one thing you need to do
right now if you haven’t already to get you ball rolling right get your foot in
the door start playing the game alright the next thing you do is invest in your
tools right so there’s a lot of ways you can do this and I’ve done videos in the
past where I’ve showed how to find products without using software right
but the thing about that is it’s just gonna save you so much time and so much
energy and so much effort to just get the software rather you looking at viral
launch it’s like 50 bucks to start per month to get viral launch it’s $40 if
you use our code link in description empire code and your got your your you
started right you got your committed you got your seller account for $40
you got viral launch and your tool to find products for 40 bucks and you have
just start you’ve committed to a business that can be making you six
figures in like six months seven figures within a year and all it took you was
eighty dollars to get in there right now that is this starter kit for viral
launch if you want something more advanced it’s like seventy dollars with
the code again but I definitely do suggest viral launch to find products
right because that is the key of the game that is the name of the game is
finding products to so really all the resources in the world
that you can put see words finding the best products you definitely want to do
that so step one commit by getting your count step two get your tools and now
you’re ready to go because like Abe Lincoln said if you had six hours cut on
a tree he’d spend the first four sharpening that axe because that is the
important thing it’s a tool right so sharpen your axe
get your tools get your bucket or your toolbox whatever it is and get ready to
go so now we’re on to step number three again the basics you just need to know
the basics literally this right you know this move on because what a lot of
people do is they’ll they’ll know all this stuff and then they’ll be looking
for a product and then at the same time they’re gonna be on YouTube trying to
find out how to ship and then they’re gonna be looking at launch strategies
and then they’re gonna find a great video about how to you know manufacture
your product and get the lowest cost all the while they haven’t even found their
first product yet right and that’s the big problem with this and the the
information that’s available to us it’s actually so you know distracting us from
getting digging deep into the goal right so if you haven’t found your product and
I say this to everybody if you have not found your first product don’t even
worry about how to ship a product don’t even worry about how to rank your
product right why would you even clog your brain with that when you haven’t
even taken the first step alright so get there you know cross that
bridge when you get there again I wouldn’t say I’m not saying don’t learn
it one of the basics understand it understand what it means to ship a
product understand what it means to go to you know manufacture product but
don’t get into the Nitty Gritty until you’re ready to get there alright so you
found it now it’s time to find your product right
so if you made it you find your tools now time to find a product because that
is step number one right so what do you do now this is when you actually become
you’re actually getting the game this is where you start playing and this is
building a list prospecting right getting the massive Excel spreadsheet
filled up with your patate potential products and you just add to it right so
if you’re brand new aniline seller this will be your life for like probably the
first month I always suggest spent to four weeks looking into it and just
digging so this again what we’re talking about simple fine right so when you look
here a product how do you look for a product there’s a million in one
research methods out there I have an entire playlist on my channel for to
cool little product research methods in my full Amazon empire Academy I have
like 40 product research methods right and that’s great because you understand
in no different little waste l’affaire products but I always tell people focus
on one it’s all about the one right the one thing so find one product research
method that you like that you enjoy that works for you that you fully understand
and just do it right every single day every single day it’s just about
repetition that’s of what it is but that’s how you get to mastery right
10,000 hours to become a master so if you want to become a master Amazon
seller just do it every single day take an hour of your day takes 30 minutes
whatever time you have and find a proc so if you bought viral launch which you
probably should write and you want to use product discovery to find products
that’s great play with the filters keep on doing it every single day and add a
product to your list every day try to make that a goal right try to add one
product to your list every single day if you want to do a new release method if
you want to do my Jeff Bezos hack which I was like my last video I flowed on the
channel then do it but just can you know be consistent so once you have a list of
like 20 products then it’s time then you’re ready to get on to step 2 now
you’re at that next bridge now you can cross that bridge but don’t please the
number one mistake I see a lot of new sellers make is they’ll find a pro you
know they’ll do product research I think super exciting you know you find this
Bismol saying oh this is so cool I gotta find product it’s super exciting and
then if they’re three days in boom they find a product that looks great and then
they start skipping stuff like okay I found a product now I’m gonna talk to
manufacturers I’m gonna get quotes and then you know I’m gonna start doing my
custom-designed design my logos and creating my click funnel on my website
and doing all these great things and then they you know they go through the
verification process the five pillars again not the time and place for this
but if you want to see I’ve do it on previous video a link in description
they go through the five pillars to verify the product and then realize oh
this probably was a bust and I just wasted two weeks going through all these
micro steps and now we’re gonna start from square one so I always suggest fill
that list so that once you’re ready like okay product research is done I’ve got a
list of 40 products one of these we’ll be a winner now you can
confidently get that and move on to step two and filter through filter through
filter through then you’ve got your top three right now that you’ve got your top
three now you can start talking to manufacturers next are getting some
quotes and samples and all these different things but again you can’t do
that until you get that list so don’t put the cart before the horse dumb it
down keep it simple keep it focused and that is how you will start getting
traction that’s how you start making movement and that’s how you’ll start
bringing in the profit that’s what that’s literally it that’s the step to
get to 10k it’s finding a product if you’re ready for the detailed version of
how to do this click that video right over there and I want to say right now
thank you guys for 40 thousand subscribers the Empire Builder family is
getting huge and I appreciate every single one of you and I hope my video is
continuing to bring you value because that’s why I do this and yes by the way
my hair got really long because I recorded the main content of this video
a while ago but nevertheless never forgets your Empire awaits

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