How to Pitch Your Startup Idea

(lively music) – To win the hearts of investors, clients or customers, you must deliver your message
with unwavering confidence. People won’t be interested
in anything you have to say if your body language doesn’t
show them you believe it. Stand with your shoulders back, arms open, make eye contact and use your voice to
communicate your passion, your interest and your sincerity. Demonstrate that there’s
a true need or interest for your business. Craft your presentation so
it tells a compelling story about how your revolutionary idea solves the problem
better than anyone else. Use your presentation to highlight the best attributes of your product without introducing any seeds of doubt. Beware of show stoppers like glaring omissions of data, unclear descriptions or
boring minutes of fluff. A question is an
opportunity to show you know your business inside and out. Focus in on the essence of their question and use your answer to provide information on as many fronts as possible. It takes time and talent to turn something good
into something great. Do the extra competitive research, verify the facts, craft the descriptions, polish the visuals, practice the timing. (lively music)

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