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someone just commented on my last video that they
think I’m really annoying and I’m just like I am a really annoying person I am
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how annoying I can be I say all the time my video is how annoying I am but it’s
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hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Kat Theo if you’re new around
here and today I’m gonna talk to you about nine ways that you can prepare for
a possible stock market crash so there has been a tons of rumors going around
in tons of speculations of people saying that they will be a stock market crash
maybe in 2019 going into 2020 so I thought it’d be a really great idea to
talk about how we can prepare for that to be as best prepared as we can if
there is a stock market crash let’s get into it so first I do want to say that I’m not
saying that there’s gonna be stock market crash I’m not saying to do
anything this is pure entertainment none of this is financial advice but that
being said my first way is cash in team so if there is a stock market crash you
do not want to have most of your investments in stocks because if the
market were to crash then so would all of your money you want things that are
pretty liquid stock to know are pretty liquid where you can cash out when you
want but if right now you have $10,000 in the stocks and then looking at
historical trends if there were to drop thirteen percent you don’t have $7,000
so you would want to have more cash on hand because no matter what happens if
there’s another Great Depression or a stock market crash we’re still gonna be
using dollars cash to trade goods and services we’re not gonna all of a sudden
just start exchanging gold and precious metals it’s always gonna be cash so
whether prices do go up at a grocery store we’re always gonna need cash
however I’m not recommending you start selling off all your stocks and just
getting out of the stock market that’s something you’re gonna have to decide on
yourself and as we’ve seen or historical trends
shown that assets always are going up no matter great depression suppressions
bubble-poppin it’s been a little blimp in the time span of the whole stock
market history but if you are close to retirement and you’re about to retire in
the next 10 years or less this is something it’s you might want to be more
aware about because you won’t have as much time to bounce back as somebody who
is 26 years old for example okay my second way to pair for a stock market
crash is to get ahead of your bills I personally recommend that you should try
to get ahead of your bills for about six months in advance so let’s say you live
in the middle of nowhere and cost of living is really cheap and you only
spend about a thousand dollars in total a month for all of your necessities so
your rent or mortgage your food your car to get to work your gas everything is
$1,000 I wish lord knows I wish so I you would want to save at least six thousand
dollars so if something were to ever happen where you lose your job is across
stock market crash people are being laid off it’s chaos it’s just craziness you
have at least six months to kind of have a buffer period so you can figure out
what you can do a side hustle it more or whatever but six months is a good rule
of thumb to be thinking about my third way to prepare is when the stock market
is going down a really horrible idea is to try to be leveraging money in stocks
you should never be leveraging other people’s money in stocks when is a
downturn of the market so leveraging is a really good way to make a lot of money
very quickly but if you putting these stocks on credit cards and you’re not
able to pay it back you can lose a lot of money like a lot of money I’ve seen
people lose $50,000 doing this some people make a lot of money but a lot of
people don’t so if you don’t know what you’re doing you should not be
leveraging money in stocks especially training when you if you’re not really
that well-versed niche it’s not a good idea only don’t do it okay my fourth way
is to not think or assume that the stock market is your friend I know in general
stock market has always gone up it always will go up things now are gonna
be cheaper than it will be in the future but to assume that things won’t get
worse isn’t really and that it’s just gonna go up soon or
whatever it’s just a really bad idea you know I don’t want to be a pessimist
but you know when the last craft I think the stocks dropped about 30% and
now we have an even higher deficit we have to do more debt the bubble is even
bigger so what a lot of financial advisors are saying that since the
bubble is even bigger now than it was in 2008 2001 and then the Great Depression
that it will explode even more and stocks will go down even more so we’re
looking at it could don’t know it could drop as low as 60 50 60 percent of the
stock value which is a lot more than before and it’s also a lot easier to
recover from a 20% drop or a 30% drop then it is from a 50 to 60 percent drop
so just be wary of that okay my number 5 is not to be buying a lot of different
stocks at once but instead to be buying a little by little so I don’t know if
you guys remember in December when there was like this little blimp when it
stocks were going down everyone’s like oh my god the stock market crash it’s
coming and I remember I was like oh my god it’s starting and me being not that
great with stock comes like oh my god this is it this is the beginning it’s
gonna start going down it’s like waited and I was like okay it’s gonna keep
going down so I’m not gonna buy right now I’m gonna wait until it goes like to
oblivion and then I’m gonna start buying because you buy low sell high well that
didn’t happen as you saw so in December they went down and they went back up
what you should do instead of trying to do what I did trying to time out the
stock market and try to buy a lot when it’s down really really low which no one
can time it and said it would have been a great idea for me to buy a little bit
when it was down that much and then I would have rode the wave up but you know
I didn’t do that so it’s a good idea to just buy a little bit of time for
example with Tesla I’m a big Tesla fan I love Tesla don’t care what anybody says
I think it’s a great company but the reality is there are like tens of
billions dollars in debt like they you don’t have a lot of debt they do not
have cash flow it’s kind of a mess still believe in them still believe in you
Laurent bye anyways for example right now it’s the first time that has ever
dropped below $200 so in my opinion if you believe in Tesla
this could be a great time to buy like a little bit and then if it goes lower you
buy a little bit more buy a little more not saying to go by Tesla not saying to
go sell Tesla just saying like it’s better to buy a little bit at a time
instead of buying a ton and then it drops until oblivion and then you’re
like damn I just lost a lot of money but if you do it a little by little you can
improve your position and just always get a better deal but it obviously has
to me with a stock and a company that you really do believe it’s gonna do
better so for example if there is ever stock market rock crash and Amazon goes
down 40 50 percent this would be a great buy because we all know Amazon’s gonna
be around to at least another 10 years stay with Apple great company they’re
always innovating Google companies like that right now they’re kind of expensive
but if I ever had a drop that would be a great time to buy a little bit at a time
until you have more of your position okay number six is that any unexpected
income should be saved and not spent so sometimes if you have an actual good
company work for and they give you bonuses and like surprise money you
never want to spend that if you are trying to prepare for stock market crash
you should just save it so if they give you a little bit of extra money like
Christmas it’s coming up in like seven months and they give you I don’t know
like two thousand dollars extra you know you should just save that don’t go out
and buy more stuff for your kids sorry kids don’t go and get your hair done
just save that money act like you never got it so that money is just extra money
for you if the stock market crashes okay my seventh way is to expect things are
gonna get worse before they get better once again I do not want to be a
pessimist but the reality is when the economy’s not good and if there is a
crash things do get a lot worse before they get better it can take years and
years before the economy to get back to where it was before and it’s just a part
of the cycle and it’s not something we need to be as scared of we just have to
be prepared for it because we see these cycles all the time and we are heading
to one of these cycles that should be going
down but just expect things to get worse before they get better
number eight is something you can do every day their lifestyle getting used
to saying no to people when you know you can’t afford it
so I have a problem with this I suffer from extreme FOMO all the time I always
wanted to do everything I want to go to every event I want to go to every
country I want to see everything it’s really bad even when I know I have money
goals and it’s like this year in particular I want to save twenty
thousand dollars halfway through the year not looking too great but but being
able to say no to things no I cannot go to Applebee’s with you no I cannot like
get food late-night drinks whatever it’s just gonna really help you save more
money so then if there is a stock market crash you’re ready you’re ready number
nine and I think this is actually really important and I know it kind of sounds
silly but practicing at least once a week living in actual property in living
like you actually are struggling I don’t want to sound pretentious or anything
but traveling all over the world and have lived all over the world poverty
around the rest of the world is not like the poverty here you know people making
twenty or thirty thousand dollars a year is nothing like the poverty in other
countries you know where you’re literally living under a shack with no
food market crashes to me really ugly and if you’re under 28 years old you
probably haven’t actually experienced a real market crash because you were in
high school still in 2008 at least you should have been in high school if
you’re under 28 so we didn’t really experience looking for a job having to
pay for a mortgage support kids and you know all of this like you know you were
a student you’re you’re a kid your parents probably try to shelter you if
your parents lost their job in this moment honestly I don’t remember
anything my life changing at all cuz I was a kid yeah going to cut your own
hair for example is something you can start doing learning that eating stale
food is not the end of the world or for dinner you just have like some
vegetables like just that’s it going to the library for entertainment that’s
free and learning to enjoy the taste of water for example poverty honestly in
other countries are a lot worse than they are in the United States but just
be ready when companies are laying off people in massive amounts of numbers and
people are losing their job and it’s just chaos just be prepared that you
might lose some luxuries that you have there’s a lot of like alarmist out there
and extremist out like oh my god it’s not that big of a deal and maybe it’s
not but it’s still it’s just good to be prepared because we don’t know we’ve
never lived through one of these and they say that this is supposed to be
worse than the other ones we shall see I hope not I hope somehow we figure it out
it just doesn’t burst but I guess it just has to right that’s how the system
works so anyways those are my nine ways to prepare for a stock market crash
please do let me know if you did live through a stock market crash and you
remember drastically how things change please let us know in the comments what
other things we should prepare for and what other things you can do or a crash
I know some people are like oh get tons of bottled water and some people are
like get a bunch of canned food but I don’t know let us know though we really
appreciate it and I will see you in the next video bye guys

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    I enjoy watching your videos, you provide great information. I remember what was called the "Great Recession" Stock Market Crash of 2008. The way I live my life I felt very little impact. What I remember is the company I worked for declared a surplus and offered jobs in other positions. I chose to move to another city and state with the same company. The company promoted me into management in 2009, I made more money than I had before. I cannot remember any major negative impact. My parents reared my siblings and I in such a modest way. I had no extreme budget that I had to adjust. I give all Glory to God for his blessing and protection in my life. I pray if there is another stock market crash that it doesn't impact any of us catastrophically.

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