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In this video, if you’re somebody who kinda doesn’t really
like selling that much, I’m gonna give you five top tips for you to follow so that
selling becomes natural to you. (tranquil music) Hi, I’m Matthew Elwell of
the Elite Closing Academy. Now, call me old fashioned, we are going to cover the top five things that people that don’t
like selling need to know. If this is your first time here, then make sure you press
the Subscribe button. The most important thing actually is make sure you use the notification bell and every single Tuesday at 5 p.m., you’re gonna get a free training from me. My top tips for people that
want to sell congruently, not feel too pushy, my top tips are to start with this understanding, this critical understanding that selling, great selling is asking questions and what most people start with, in fact, 94% of sales people start whenever they sell telling people what you should do, what you shouldn’t do. And that’s actually hard selling, when you’re telling people about all the features and
benefits of your product or service, that in my view, when you’re telling that is bad selling. Telling is bad selling. In fact, telling is hard selling. When you’re telling somebody why they should do something, you’re no longer listening to them and what they need. So in my view, world-class selling is to follow this simple principle. If you’re dealing with a
world-class human being, ask them a world-class question about what they need and then wait for a world-class answer. That’s how you sell. Great selling is asking great questions. So you gotta understanding what your prospect needs and the five things, five top tips that I have for anybody when it come to world-class selling is firstly, just stop telling people what you think they need. That’s the first thing. Stop telling. Second thing is ask them
what’s their biggest challenge? Third thing is what do they need? Fourth thing is once
you know what they need, get a quantitative answer, understand when they say
like we’ve got this challenge or we’ve got this need, how big a need is it? If you create leads and somebody says, “Yeah,
our biggest challenge “in marketing is we
don’t have enough leads,” then rather than jump straight
into like telling people all the things about leads, resist telling and listen and ask and say, “Firstly, let me understand. “Thanks for sharing,
let me understand you. “When you say I haven’t got enough leads, “what do you mean? “How many leads would you like to get “that you’re not getting now? “What is the average value of a lead?” You gotta find out information. And that is selling. That’s how you sell by
asking and understanding. You wanna get pains, you wanna get needs,
you wanna get a quantity of wherever possible, make it measurable so you understand how big a pain it is. If you can’t get an exact price or if you can’t get an exact amount, you can ask a one to 10 question. If it’s a feeling that somebody’s got. Let’s say you’re a mindset
coach or a life coach or a consultant that helps people, human beings if they’re
maybe suffering from anxiety or stress, it might be
that you can’t measure in the way that you
would normally measure. It doesn’t impact the bottom line or it doesn’t impact a sale, but it does impact a feeling, you can say, “When you
woke up this morning, “on a scale of one to 10, “with 10 being you felt really stressed “and one being you didn’t, “what number would you give yourself?” Even that itself is actually
selling by understanding. That is really, really important. And the fifth thing that I’d say, once you’ve asked lots of questions that are linked to the outcome of us possibly working together, this is called prospecting, using amazing questions, once you’ve found all that out, the key you need it trust. Trust works both ways between you and your prospect. You need trust and when you’ve got those five things, that’s when it’s time to stop selling and to stop asking and to close the deal. The place to start is to ask what is it about this laptop that interested you, how do you think this laptop might be able to get you
an even better result than you’re getting
with the current laptop? Or even better, help me understand how do you use laptops in your business now? What role does technology,
laptop technology play in your business right now? You must ask questions that are linked to your outcome so that the prospect
answers of their own accord rather than answer
questions having been told. And remember, when people are telling you, when sales people tell you about their product and service, they’re making assumptions that the information they’re giving you is important to you. Wherever assumption lives, presumption lives and
when you’re in assumption and presumption, 94% of sales people across the worlds assume that they know what you’re looking for and I believe that becomes a hard sell. I believe that becomes totally, it’s not congruent with selling from your heart, not your head. You’ve gotta ask people what do they need, what do they want? What do you have, whether it’s a product, or whether it’s information, or a service, that they don’t? And by not having, what impact does it have on the business? That’s how you sell. You’ve gotta understand people by asking. So if you wanna sell a laptop, first thing you gotta
understand where laptops fall in their business. What do they use ’em for now? What results are they
getting using the one that they’ve got? More importantly, what other aspects of technology do they need that they haven’t got now with laptops? It’s the gap between what they haven’t got and the technology that we’re buying that gets us even better results that solves problems because this didn’t have
certain aspects to it. That’s what you make a purchase on. Let’s pretend I’m your perfect customer and I wanna buy it. And I’m gonna buy it and
you’ve got 60 seconds to pitch it to me. What do you think the first thing 94% of sales people do? Start by telling me what they think I need and the thing that you must do is start with a question. That’s how you sell. Selling is asking powerful,
world-class questions. That’s selling. This is about you from
within being comfortable in selling your products or services, so any questions you’ve got
about what we’ve covered in this video, post them below and let’s communicate. It’s really important to me that if you are somebody
who’s not a big fan of selling that we change that because here’s the great news. Just imagine if, and
more importantly, when you master congruent selling, imagine how many things
change for the good in life? Not only do you serve more people that need what you do but also, you serve yourself, your family and the universe really by becoming more successful at selling and more
importantly, closing deals for people who need what you do. So hit the Subscribe button and watch some more videos and send any comments my way. I’d love to interact with you.

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