How To Sell On Amazon – September 2019 Workshop

hey very excited about seeing you at the
upcoming training I’ve just had a business winning with one of our or one
of my clients and very very excited we’re just discussing what’s actually
going to happen at the next conference coming up on the Gold Coast in less than
two weeks hopefully you guys will be there to join us at the conference and
we’re planning speakers we’ve actually got people flying in two people flying
in from Melbourne Mystique we’ve got a Amazon seller and other Amazon seller
actually who did about a million dollars on her Amazon account and she’s going to
be talking about what she did the niches that she has were involved in as well as
basically how you can get more follow up so how to get more people giving you
five-star feedback she’s actually gonna share that we’ve got someone coming in
talking about sourcing and getting the best products getting the best suppliers
finding the best suppliers so guys make sure you are there and make sure prior
to the conference if you have some ideas some potential product ideas bring them
along it does help to kind of know what you kind of want to be involved in
categorize baby product pet products home where products whatever that may be
it will be in your best interest to kind of know what you are planning on selling
so guys have a great day have a great Sunday talk to you soon bye
bye for now my name’s Alex Ryan are you looking to build a business on Amazon
are you looking for hot products to sell if you are let’s get this started the number one factor for success on
Amazon comes down to your product that that’s essentially it it comes down to
your product if you don’t have an awesome product it’s not gonna sell no
matter how good your marketing is it’s just not gonna sell having never saw anything on lunch war I
feel like you know I couldn’t actually get started to it product ideas yeah
I’ve got many product ideas out of it alex is been able to show us how to
define and redefine what products sell the best Alex is friendly he’s outgoing
me you know answers everything he doesn’t put you off about anything yeah
he’s really good listen you’ve got two choices right you
either you either make excuses or you make money you can’t do both right you
have to do one or the other now personally I would rather make money I
don’t know about you right but that’s something you let it commit to are you
ready to make money are you committing to success are you ready to start your
business on Amazon are you looking for advice awesome training on setting up
your Amazon business maybe even think about starting an Amazon business for a
while and the number one thing holding you back is you don’t know the first
steps maybe you’re looking for and product ideas maybe you’re not too sure
how to go about listing it on Amazon maybe you don’t even know how to go
about finding hot products or even suppliers on Alibaba how to find good
quality products good quality suppliers arrive so we find hot products in the
room we look at suppliers we actually find suppliers in the room awright so
make sure you bring computer we list products on Amazon in the room so we
actually do the entire thing at the two-day training it’s the first time
I’ve met Alex face-to-face and he came across is very much the way he’s online
very heartwarming he wants to be there for you I get that this is not just a
you know come to my seminars and you’ll never see me you know it’s it’s very
much you’ll meet me face to face whatever I’m telling you online is what
I’ll be telling you in person I’d recommend this conference for anyone
that’s really considering the online environment one of the things that
really impresses is the way that they’ve taught us not only the sales side but we
also have a service the products and that’s why I was at action for the
course in the first place so anyone that’s thinking of selling what I was
alive this course beneficial

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