How To Start A Business Online In 2019! (Beginners Tutorial)

so you want to learn how to start a business online what’s going on guys my name is Franklin and I’d started
multiple online businesses and I understand it could be very confusing
very hard and you don’t know where to start and you kind of don’t understand
how the concept of an online business works so in this video we’re going to be
talking about online business 101 and I’m gonna take you through the four
steps and then I’m going to go into some detailed stuff and exactly how to start
your own online business I’m going to explain it in the most simplest way
possible so you can understand even if you have no online experience
you’ve never even looked at starting an online business and you are literally a
complete beginner to this type of stuff but you’ve heard about this whole online
business world and you want to get started in making money online and
starting your own business now guys we’re gonna jump straight into this
we’re not gonna mess around drop a like on this video if you want to start your
own business remember to subscribe and tab that notification about so you get
notified my next video releases so step number one guys is really simple you
need a product or a service so you need something to sell online because you
don’t have anything to sell online you are not going to make any money and
there’s lots of things you can do you can do affiliate marketing when you
don’t achieve your own product you promote other people’s products and you
get a commission you can do a social media marketing agency you can create a
software you can do drop shipping there are lots of business ideas you can do
you can create a mobile application but step number one guys is you need a
product or service to move on and get started online so before you even think
about starting an online business you want to sit back and think to yourself
am I going to create a service am I going to create a product maybe you want
to create a course but you need step one you need to have a product or a service
to get started online because if you don’t you probably are not going to make
any money online we’re going to find it hard to even get into this online
business world so step number one you need a product or a service now step
number two guys it’s probably the hardest part for a lot of beginners is
you need to get people to your product and service you need to acquire
customers now if you have a business offline like a shop or something it’s
easy because traffic usually is coming to you they find your phone number they
are searching for things while they walk past your store online it’s very very
difficult you have to acquire a customer you have
to bring a customer to you now I’m going to explain some ways that you can do
that later on this video so make sure you stay to the end but you need to
understand that online once you have the product in the service that’s not really
the hardest part the hardest part is getting someone to your products and
servers and converting them into a sale so step number two in the business 101
tutorial is you need to bind people you need to bring them to your product and
service so you can make money you can make them aware of your brand business
product or service or whatever you’re trying to show them online now step
number three is something that a lot of people have trouble with as well as fish
when they’re starting is closing the sale okay you need to learn how to close
a sale you can get the product you can get people to your product but you need
to close them you need to actually make that exchange of money otherwise you’re
wasting all that time getting that customer to your product so step number
three guys is to close the sale learn how to close the sales learn how to
become a salesman that is one of the best skills to everyone learn in your
entire life is to learn how to close the sale that is one of the most important
parts obviously because if you don’t do that you’re not gonna make any money
step number four guys and listen to me carefully
you need to scale what works and what I mean by that is when you start making
money a lot of people gonna focus on other things for example let’s see a
sling a course on how to create a drop spin store what people try and do is go
hey now I’m gonna go create a course on how to create a course no scale what
works without drops of course we have over 10,000 students in our course the
reason we have over 10,000 students in our course is because we found what
works and then we scaled what works do you find something that works sometimes
it’s not gonna last forever so you need to scale it while it’s hot so step
number four guys is scale what is working for you so once you have the
products you get the customers if you can convert them into sales whatever
you’re doing whatever you’re doing to bring those customers and scale it to
the next level all right guys so now we’re going to get into some juicy stuff
okay let’s say for example you have a social media marketing agency that’s
what the stairs for is MMA let’s say that you go out there and you get
clients and you run advertising for them because they don’t have time to do it
okay let’s just say that that is your business model that’s just service
and that’s what you want to do as an example in this video so this is what I
would be doing if that was me okay this is how I’ll get my customers this is how
I would build my business number one I would learn how to build sales funnels
okay so you want to create an email form so
you can collect emails and you’re going to send traffic to that email form from
things like Facebook Ads Google Ads YouTube ads and other traffic form forms
if you have them and you’re going to collect an email once you collect that
email it’s going to go into what we call an email list and we’re going to worry
about the email list on the next page so just ignore that for now okay email list
doesn’t matter right now what’s going to happen after we click that email guys is
we’re gonna send in between 90 minute presentation and we’re going to sell
that this is called a webinar we’re going to sell in that webinar a course
you can sell it for $100 200 300 this is ever gonna sell out for four hundred and
ninety seven dollars this course is going to teach small businesses how to
run ads for their businesses okay so we’re not going to be helping them at
this stage we’re just going to let hey we’ve got a course that’s going to teach
you how to run Facebook Ads how to run Google Ads for your own small business
that can be real estate agents plumbers builders and you’re going to go out into
Facebook and all of these advertising platforms and that’s how you’re going to
acquire your customer and some people are going to purchase on the webinar and
some are not going to purchase however this is going to pay for your
advertising so let’s say for example you spend five dollars to get one person’s
email so let’s say you’re paying five dollars for all of these people to come
and get get an email five dollars per lead and let’s say you’re making ten
dollars per lead back after people have purchased this you have doubled your
income even if you spend five dollars per lead guys and you make $5 back per
lead here after it all evens out you’re still paying for your advertising so
your advertising is essentially free okay so now what do you do you have this
traffic coming in to your social media marketing agency you have collected
their emails and you’re selling them a course a webinar this is called a funnel
you’re selling them a weapon how to run abs for their business okay
remember this is just an example you can do this for many other things software’s
other courses probably not drop shipping and other business ventures but this is
just an example for this video now what do we do with the email us guys this is
we can make a lot more money okay now when you’re online you hear these things
you need to build an email list email list is your asset guys because that’s
true every single online business you know today has an email marketing list
why because that’s what we do all about closing that’s what we do all of our
sales and make a lot of our money majority of people are not going to
purchase here you will get some people purchasing to pay for your ads and you
might be profitable here but you’re going to make majority of your sales in
your email marketers or your chatbot list or something like that we’re going
to focus mainly on email lists in this training so we’re on the email but okay
you’ve got an email software for example I use an email software called get
response so you can use a program called click bundles to build your funnels go
and research all that stuff guys like some videos end the description below of
some tutorials that I have and you also want to have an email autoresponder so
you can click emails and build an email list and send emails in the backend
fully automatically so you’ve got an email list of buyers okay and what you
want to do is you want to set up some emails and for example on day 1 2 3 & 4
you can promote that course from the webinar to try and salvage some sales
you’re probably going to make most of your sales and the back end and the
email marketing like I said go and learn how to do email marketing and stuff like
that I’ll leave links in the description on
how you can do that but this is the most important thing you’re going to get the
customers into here and you’re going to sell the course on day 1 2 3 & 4 this is
going to be course oh sorry course sales ok then guys this is where your social
media marketing agency comes in the courses just to get people in to try and
get some money back to pay for ads to get customers and that is your lead
magnet you’ll get you know your free training and you try and sell them a
course in the training now what you want to do guys let’s say day 15 you’re like
hey we’re going to offer you our services we can run ads for your
business for $2,000 a month for $1,000 a month $5,000 a month $10,000 a month
depending on what type of business they have you can literally
offer your own services in the back end and the good thing about this is by day
15 usually this course has paid for your advertising so your advertising
essentially is completely free which is a beautiful thing guys and that is
business 101 you want to have a service or product you want to get customers to
that service or product you want to offer at your service or product and
close the sale by doing funnels and email marketing and then you want to
scale what is working that is business 101
that is how you can start your own online business if you’re looking for
more business videos I will leave some up on the screen somewhere guys so you
can go and watch and get some more advanced tips on how to start your own
business and make sure you subscribe tech notification Val drop a like below
guys if you’ve enjoyed this video and leave a comment to give any questions
about business I’m going to be online all day replying to all of your comments
and that my friends is business 101 online how you can start your own online

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