30 thoughts on “How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

  1. Excellent video Sujan! As a marketing professional, I've been intuitively implementing a lot of these strategies and have seen great results.

  2. Fantastic advice Sujan! I agree with all of these but my all time favorites are #5 Find a Mentor and #2 Implement what you read. I'm glad you are letting folks know that they have to put in the work 🙂 People keep looking for ways to skip that step.

  3. Good vid! It gives a pretty accurate description on how to start your career (not even only in Digital Marketing).
    "Your life is gonna suck, It may be amazing because you're gonna love what you do". You have to work hard and do a lot of prep work, but if you do, you will love the end result!

  4. its very much effective for a person to clarify his vision in digital marketing and his future building in digital marketing
    both socially and economically

  5. thanks Sujan great insight . an approach i've started. thanks for the links to inbound and growthhackers.
    whats your view of doing a digital marketing diploma ?

  6. thanks sujan Patel for your kind explanation!
    I want to be a digital marketer but I don't know from where and to start it.
    may I have your help in this regard?

  7. Having worked with Sujan, I had a tough time making the full leap from step #1 to #2. I've changed that and still keep this lesson in mind with every client I work with.

  8. Great quick video, doing the walk instead of the talk as you talk about in point two is indeed key. Just reading stuff without testing it yourself, or without playing with it yourself to gain your own insights is key. It will skyrocket your knowledge to such a higher degree.

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  10. Sir could you tell me can i do digital marketing course for career change. As i am 36 years old and looking for career change but someone told me in this age no one is going to hire you as fresher so is it so. Please help me. As i don't have sufficient funds to run own business. So probably looking for a job. Is digital marketing includes as sales target base job.

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