How To Start an Online Business – Must Do #4 of Starting a Business Online

Hi! In this video I’m gonna talk about the
4th Absolute Must Do’s that you have for your Online Business. We’ve just, in the last Must Do in number
3 we talked about “Who Is Your Ideal Client?” What do they look like? The next thing to ask yourself is and get
absolute clarity on this, “Where do they hang-out?” Where does my ideal client hangout?
What do I mean by that? Where do they live? What do they do in terms of there hobbies?
Are they on Facebook? Are they on Twitter? Are they on LinkedIn? Are they on Instagram?
Are they on Snapchat? Are they on non-of-the-above? Do they read a certain type of magazine? Do
they watch a certain type of television program? Do they listen to a certain type of radio
ad? You get the message here, I want you to start
to think about it. Because if you know where they hangout, if you know the forums they
get involved in, you can then target your marketing messages in those specific areas. Marketing has changed. No longer does a big
banner one-size-fits-all work. People wants specific, personalized marketing messages.
So, if want to stop wasting money on marketing, once you know who the person is, if you get
absolute clarity on where they are? Now you can start to dig on the right mountain. Ok.
You can start to look on the right place, you can start to deliver the right message
in the right place to the right people at the right time. Ok. So, remember the key here is figure out
where the person is at.

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