How to Start an Online Business the Right Way👍 | Solopreneur Success, Part 2

– Here’s a riddle. How is building a website
the wrong way around the same as driving your car
backwards without looking and not expecting to hit something? Answer? Because unfortunately
you will have backed yourself into a corner, received little or no traffic without paid advertising, and have wasted a lot of money and time. Probably not the outcome
you were looking for. Hello, I’m Paul Buckingham, roving ambassador for Solo Build It!. Despite the poor results,
most online service providers expect you to start a business
virtually blindfolded. You get sold on the simplicity, the speed, and the looks, all of
which is very enticing, but it is not the whole story. You may even be told that
you have very little to do, which is true if you don’t
want too many visitors. Everything is in the reverse
to how it needs to be if you want to rely on free
traffic from the search engines and grow a profitable online business that you can rely on well into the future. As easy as plenty of services
make the process look, unfortunately, it’s not going to get you the substantial free traffic
that you want to rely on. So what is the right way to go about it? I’ll come to that right after this. (bright tones) As we covered in the previous
video, it’s what happens before you build your website
that makes the difference. Core to that process is Solo Build It!’s unique brainstorming engine. This is very different
to the free keyword tools like the one Google provides,
and which often gets promoted. That system is focused around generating advertising revenue for Google. Nothing wrong with that except
that it’s for Google not you. In stark contrast, Solo
Build It!’s brainstormer tool sifts through all the words and phrases that individuals all
over the world are using to find information about your topic. It shows you which niches
are winnable, depending on the amount of time you have
available, which have few inquiries and which would
be really, really hard work. Doing it this way takes
the luck and chance out of the risk that
your time will be wasted. In summary, Solo Build It! helps you prove that your idea could be a
success before you start. How effective is this methodology? Well, Melissa Makris has
created two online presences heavily relying on the Solo
Build It’s brainstorming tools. The first was an online
business, which she sold for 15,000 US dollars in 2015. The second,
is currently driving so much free traffic to
the local massage business her and her husband
established from nothing, that they have cracked
over a million dollars turnover within the first four years. – I think the main
thing that stuck with me was how to use keywords appropriately, how to find words that
people are searching for in enough demand that
doesn’t have too much supply, where you can actually
win at least, rank well for these keywords to bring traffic in. That was one of the main
light bulb moments that I had as far as bringing traffic to the website. – Do you know how to attract
a huge number of visitors whether it’s to a local
business or an online business attracting worldwide attention? Have you tried and failed
and maybe even tried again? Perhaps doing everything
the right away around could make a substantial difference. Sarah Kok is an independent business owner who has been enjoying the benefits of the Solo Build It!
Action Guide and keyword brainstorming tools since 2010. In peak seasons, her online business is now enjoying 40,000
visitors, all from free traffic, and as a result of her research with the Solo Build It! brainstormer tool. This traffic and the subsequent income provides her family with
the financial flexibility to renovate their home,
travel, and for Sarah to be a stay at home mom to her young son. – I had looked into other kind
of online business courses and a lot of them were
very kind of wishy washy, but when you get into
Solo Built It! you can see that you’ve got this
thing called brainstormer and you put in your idea,
let’s say Montenegro and you can see the
numbers, and you can see off the bat fairly quickly
will it work or won’t it? Whether Solo Built It! gives
you it in plain English and black and white, will
it fall between this number and this number and gives
you the way to work out whether this is a viable
idea or not before you even invest any money or build anything. – Now, doesn’t that seem
like a more practical way to build an online business? Keep watching this series
to discover other pitfalls to avoid, and to discover
how Solo Build It! can support you to build a successful, profitable, rock solid online business. Coming up next, we
explore the fatal mistake to avoid when choosing keywords. After all, you don’t want to spend time building a keyword focused,
quality content page only to discover that it isn’t
quite what the search engines think that keyword should be all about. To stay in touch, please
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3 thoughts on “How to Start an Online Business the Right Way👍 | Solopreneur Success, Part 2

  1. Love this. And, so true. So important to do all the research before starting to build one's site, and SBI certainly is the only way to accomplish that. Love using BrainstormIt!

  2. So true. Awesome post Paul! Why build a site with no chance of gaining traffic. No traffic. No money. Brainstorming is so useful for deciding on your site's theme, and also for deciding on new pages to build and the vocabulary to include. Very helpful!

  3. Preparing to build an online business is really no different
    than what's required for an offline business. You don't just put up a store and hope people will come on in.

    You have to research and plan. In fact, if you are looking for a small business loan for your brick and mortar business, most lenders require a complete business plan, industry analysis and marketing and sales strategies. I've seen lots of advertisements for quick start websites with beautiful designs. They really don't tell you that it takes a lot more than throwing a beautiful site up. You have to stand out among the millions of sites out there. Following a proven plan and strategies builds a foundation to maximize your chances of success. Take the time to do it right. 🙂

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