How To Start an Online Business – Top Must Do’s of an Online Business #2

Hi! In this video we’re going to talk about
the second Must Do for any Online Business. And that is, having Absolute Clarity on Why
You Are Creating This Business? What is the Reason Why you were doing all
of this? You are creating a new business, it doesn’t matter really if it’s online
of offline, and I just can tell you one thing for sure and I don’t even know you, is you
are going to face issues. You are going to face problems. Ok. It’s just a part of life.
Ok. You’ll going to have ups, you’ll going to have downs. But what would truly determine if you’re
going to be successful or not and how success you’ll going to be will come down to “Why
are you doing this?” Because if you are only “interested” in it, or you wanna
give it a go and I’d like to be and entrepreneur. Ok. As soon as tough, you know that tough
actions happen. As soon as things get difficult, as soon as the obstacles appear, you’ll
going to give-up. I see it too many times. But what keeps you going in the right direction
is if you have so many reasons why. But you are absolutely committed to making this work.
That you will keep this going until you are successful. So, work on your reasons why. How do you do
this? Make a lists. Make a list of 50 Reasons Why this business must absolutely succeed.
Not just, “I would like a bigger house,” “I would like more money,”. Expand it
out. Expand it around your children. Expand it around your parents, your grandparents,
your grandkids. What can you do for them? How can you help them? What if you don’t
do this? What pain will result? How does that make you feel? Expand it to your neighborhood.
Expand it to your country. Depending on where you are, that farther out you expand the reasons
why, there’s an absolute certainty that will suddenly appear deep within you that
this is a must and this is going to happen. So get Absolute Clarity on your Reason Why.

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