How To Start SELLING On AMAZON! (For Beginners)

Hey guys. Welcome to our back to my
channel! In today’s video we’re actually going to be talking about how to get
started selling on Amazon which is a question I’ve had many of you asked me
through Instagram DMS, YouTube comments and by email. Again I just want to throw
it out there – feel free to email me questions any time or DM me on
Instagram @katie.melissa and I’m happy to answer any and all of your
questions. Without further ado let’s just dive into this topic. It’s a heavily
requested video and one of the biggest hurdles in business anyways is getting
started so let me try and make that process a little bit easier for you guys.
Stick with me a little longer and I will show you how to get started selling on
Amazon, whether you want to do FBA or dropship. I personally do drop-shipping
and I do have an Amazon drop-shipping course if you’re interested I’ll put the
link down in the description. Anyways let’s jump into this little tutorial. Hey
guys welcome back to the video. Today I want to talk to you about starting to
sell on Amazon, what you’ll need, different Amazon business models, and a
few more things. So right now I’m just here at the Amazon Services page where
you can start selling. You can even type in and it’ll take
you right here if you want a shorter URL! And just click on start selling. Now the first thing you’re going to be
prompted to do is log in or sign up. You can actually use your Amazon buyer
account to sell as well so you can just log into your existing Amazon account or
if you want to keep it a little bit more separate and maybe a bit more
professional you can create a new Amazon account strictly for selling which is
what I recommend a lot of my students do just to keep things separate and not to
get confused. When you sign up for Amazon you’re going to need a few things handy
so have a few required documents ready. First thing you’ll need is your valid US
identification so driver’s license will do so make sure you just take a picture
of your driver’s license send it on over to your computer and upload it where
Amazon requires it. Next thing you’ll need is a recent bank statement. Amazon
has gotten a little bit stricter in the last few years so so starting in 2017
you’ll need a bank statement so what I generally do is just I log into my Chase
back-office, take a screenshot of a recent bank statement that has my
address on it, my full name on it and then I just
upload it where Amazon needs it. Also when you sign up make sure you sign up
for a Pro Merchant account. The fee for a Pro Merchant account is $39.99 a month
but I think it’s really necessary to have a Pro Merchant account to be taken
seriously as an Amazon seller. This way you can win the Buy Box along with a lot
of other benefits and just to be taken more seriously on Amazon! So the Buy Box is just when you go to and you type in anything – a keyword – I’m just
going to a random product but this is the Buy Box right here. In order to be
eligible for this Buy Box where millions of customers will see you, you need to
have a Pro Merchant account, so this is really key in increasing your sales and
just of course again to be taken more seriously as an Amazon seller you’ll
have the ability to have the Buy Box (Add to Cart) box.
Alright, the other key thing when you’re starting an Amazon business is
you need to figure out which business model you want to go through with on
Amazon so for example I do drop-shipping. When you drop-ship on Amazon you don’t
need to hold inventory physically, you don’t have to have a warehouse, nor do
you have to buy products in bulk like you do with FBA, nor do you ship items
out yourself or even have to manufacture the item which is really neat and makes
drop-shipping really appealing and it’s a great business model to start with. So
your supplier will actually ship the items out for you when you dropship. You
just need to have handle customer service, you need to process the orders
doing order fulfillment. Now another business model on Amazon is Amazon FBA,
also known as Fulfilled by Amazon. This business model I highly recommend
getting trained for, because people waste a lot of time and money doing it all
themselves picking the wrong product and they’re out you know thousands of
dollars picking the wrong product that won’t move.
So with FBA you buy the products in bulk you send them to Amazon’s warehouse and
Amazon ships the items out for you which is really nice. FBA is a bit more risky
than drop-shipping because you don’t know for sure how fast your product will
move and you’re out a good amount of money depending on how many units you
buy. A lot of people buy them by the hundreds. And the last business model is
private labeling, you sort of brand your product as your own. You order a bunch in
bulk from a manufacturer, you stick your label on it, I mean your logo, and they also send it to Amazon’s warehouse for them to fulfill!
So I hope this video helps you get started selling on Amazon and deciding
which business model you may want to use. For more information
comment down below – just comment your questions. I’m happy to answer all of
that and dive deeper into selling on Amazon. I do actually have an amazon drop-shipping course. I’ll leave the link in the description of this video if you’re
interested along with other resources I use when I sell on Amazon personally.
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in getting started on Amazon. Right now is definitely a good time to get
started in e-commerce especially Amazon Literally last year in 2017 Amazon
actually did over a hundred billion – yeah a hundred billion dollars in revenue, just
last year alone. I think 30 percent somewhere around there don’t quote me on
it but around 30 percent of those numbers actually came from sellers like
you and I, third-party sellers on Amazon. So again I hope you enjoyed this video.
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