How To Stay Focused When Building Your Online Business

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this video to head down there. So today we’re talking about how to
stay focused in your online business. I mean, listen on my business
is the craziest thing. Why? Because you’re probably
at home by yourself, up late at night, working late
hours. You know, you’re probably, nobody kind of understands what you do. People think you’re just on the Internet
just doing what comes to you or just hanging out or listen. Online business is a pretty lonely place
and unless you have some really good online friends or your partner
or somebody doing this with you, it can be easy to just
give up and lose focus. So I want to share a few things that
definitely helped me to stay focused in my own online business journey. [inaudible]. So the first thing you want to do is
think about what has made the biggest difference in your business so far.
And what you want to do is just, if it’s working, if you found
something that’s working pretty well, keep doing even more of that.
Let’s look at Gary V for instance. He says that what you should do is not
create content but just really document your journey. And so he’s been
documenting over and over. I mean, we don’t all want all have a d rock to,
you know, hold our cameras and create fancy content. But what Gary has done is he
figured that that works for him. And so he’s doing it over
and over and over and over. So he is doing what works and he’s
been doing what works right for him. So he maximizes that instead
of doing, you know, everything, it’s easy to get caught up in
all the shiny things online. It’s very easy to do that.
And you don’t want to do that. You want to be able to maximize what
really works. So for me and my business, a video numero,
no, I can’t tell you how many of my amazing
clients and students I’ve found through video content on the Internet,
whether it’s on Instagram through stories, live video or Facebook live video or
my youtube channel video is just a non, it’s just not even a thought
of if I should do it or
not because I get my people to find me and trust me and like me
too. Yeah, sometimes they do that, but you want to make sure that
you’re maximizing on what works. So sometimes we think about,
you know, that time in our business when everything
was booming, go back to that time, write down what you were doing
in time and do more of it. The next thing you want to do is think
about the system that you’re currently using that are bringing you the most wins,
right? So you want to think about like, let’s say for me, creating my content is a huge deal of
scheduling my content is a huge deal. So if I know that scheduling works for me,
I want to do more of that. I want to be able to stay ahead of that. So those things are always
at the top of my list. Figure out what content I’m creating,
schedule it. And for me that really works cause I
can free up time on my back end to do things that I really enjoy.
Like create more content for you. So I spoke in a previous video about
making lists about these things because it’s important that you know
what’s working and what’s
not working. And for me, creating a list of the things that I
love doing that are working definitely helps. Also creating a list of the things that
I don’t like doing and the things that distract me helps a lot.
So in essence, what I just said was the things that
you’re killing it at completely and you love doing and are getting you
maximum exposure, uh, and income. Definitely make a list of those things. Stick that list of somewhere on a wall
or in your office or your workspace or on your computer,
wherever that may be, so that you can always
go back to those things. A lot of times online we’re seeing lots
of beautiful things going on and we’re like, oh, let me, Sheila’s doing
bad and that’s working for Sheila. I want to do that too. And then we forget to put time into what
we’ve been doing that we didn’t give a chance to work. Makes Sense. Also, another thing that’s helped me is making
a list of the things that are super distracting to me and things that
just don’t feel good all the time. A lot of times they think that is fun.
Scrolling on social media, you’ll hear me say that a lot because
it’s something that I had to realize that I was struggling with and then I realized
that that’s one of the things that I have on my list of things that
distract me and keep me from my goals. And so anytime I start feeling a little
down or out or not understanding, like why I don’t feel really great,
I go back to that list that I made. So when I go back to that list and kind
of helps me like, oh understand, hey, this is not something that
you know you should be doing. And then I go back to the list of
things that I should be doing. For me, it might sound simple, but it’s
really, really, really helpful. So you want to make sure that you have
those things to refer to just to bring you back into focus. Another thing that really helps me with
focus is creating times for specific things. So if I know that I have a project to do
and I’ve scheduled it and mapped it out in my calendar so that I
know when I’m going to do it, I made sure that I keep that calendar. And so I make sure that I stick to those
times too because it’s really easy to get distracted and you know,
decided to do something else. So even if you’re using like a Google
calendar or an Asana or something like that, make sure that you are
sticking to your calendar. Make sure that you actually also take
the time on a Sunday or on the first of every month to map out what activities
you’re going to do at specific times. And also another thing that helps is to
make sure that you’re probably doing the same thing on specific days as well. When we think about a nine to fives
that we had before or a job that you’re working at right now, the reason why you have to submit reports
and things like that at a specific time and date is because it needs
to be there. It’s so routine, it’s something that keeps
the company running. So you want to think about your own
business kind of in the same way. You want to make sure that you are
doing things on specific dates. Like if you know you have to create a
report or if you know you have to like check your analytics and map out what
worked well, what didn’t work well. A lot of times we’re not doing this
in our business. And so you know, we’re kind of confused as to data and
why things are not growing or why we’re not moving forward. So make sure that these are things that
you’re making time to do, you know, at a specific time every single
month or every single week. Revisit your goals, plan how you’re going
to, you know, conquer your future goals, make sure that you are doing these things
so that you’re focused on what’s next or what you have to do right now. I
hope I’m making sense here, but anyway, I just wanted to come by and share a few
tips with you guys and if you have any tips that you want to
share down in the comments, I would be happy if you do that. Also let me know some things that you are
struggling with as it pertains to stay focused in your online business.
Maybe we have the same struggles. Maybe we have the same things that
we’re not focusing focusing on. Thanks so much for hanging out with
me and I will see you soon. Take care. [inaudible] anyway, I would, uh, no thanks for hanging out. Woo.
Thanks for hanging out with me. Yeah.

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  1. Have you felt the struggle of feeling alone, overwhelmed or unmotivated while getting your online business together? Share below! I've definitely felt this way at times! I'd love to know if you have as well!

  2. I remember in the beginning trying to do too much, you are so right about focusing on the thing that's working.

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