How To Trade In Nifty – How To Trade In Nifty Futures – 2 To 6 January 2017 (Divis Lab)

Hi Friends Welcome to Stock Market Live India I wish you all very happy & prosperous New Year 2017 all you investments and your trades shall give you great benefit and more profit so today we are going to see how to trade in Nifty that is Nifty weekly trend so here what we are seeing is the Nifty Friday day chart and candlestick 30 December day candle chart here screen shot of Nifty technical chart so I will be taking you to platform to discuss how candle patterns built and what happened so before going to the nifty next week trend or to help the people those who are looking for how to trade in nifty let us try to see the result for last weeks trend so if you have watched my last week video nifty weekly trend I had discussed I had shown that annualized volatility so based on the calculations I expected 177 points movement in Nifty future so change in open interest was 7.7 lakhs percentage wise 5.49% and India VIX on 23rd Dec USD INR closed at 67.80 level so sell level started at 7953 and buy level started at 8036 let us quickly go to the NSE India website as you are able to see here we are on NSE India website historical data for December 2016 contract I have pulled the data for 26 to 30 December Nifty future closed the contract on 29 December we have the data for 26 to 29 December Nifty made low of 7896 that was on 26 December that was on last monday it made a high of 8109 exactly on the closing of contract on 29 December 2016 buy level was 8036 and 3 targets were 8104 even though contract closed on thursday we had only 4 trading days how to trade in nifty for 2nd of January till 6th of January 2017 Nifty January 2017 Future contract 189 points of movement

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