How to use UPI App of Any bank sbi, hdfc, icici, canera, obc, baroda, boi [English Subtitles]

hey guys this is devashish you are watching techworld zone and i’m going to tell you about UPA ,how you have to use UPI App in your mobile phone application so let’s see screen yeah I am downloading SBI PAY from Play store you have to install and open it yes this is sbi pay app , now you have to accept method will send to your mobile number number which is a registered in your BANK Account , you can see my Rs. 1.5 has been costs for one msg which is auto confirmation massege you can see my mobile numbers appears here click yes decision yes now you have to enter your virtual address that you can make it to this this required for direct payment through any upi you can enter anything /name, now enter, your first name then last name then email id of yours I have enetered email id now enter you any secret question just like your childhood friend name nickname and your mother father any of the secret questions enter answer and remind it for later select your bank by which you are going to make upa of respective list if we are my contention is that my account is in state bank of india so i have to select state bank of india now click on I i agree now click on next it is a registering yeah I account holder name virtual address and my account number is appearing here if you have already register number number from your register Bank registered to your bank now click on the register and it will be register set your password any possible from six digit number you can you can enter any password and remind that now confirm password confirm you have to confirm your password which you have already entered and that question enter one more time yoursecret answer which have already selected from your choice and click on set app password congratulations Your UPI is enabled application password successfully register now click to enter your application password click on submit click on submit button and it will be submit your profile will appear you have not enter a setup up in UPI pin you have to set it to send or receive or pay money, so I’m clicking it had set pin but you have to enter your dabit card number last six digit of your debit card number just wait , im entering the last 6 digit of my debit card number expiry date card’s expiry year now click on submit wait for few by while processes please do not go back, yes ,a otp will send to your registered mobile mobile number wait till i receive my OTP yeah you yeah reference number and otp comes to my number now enter OTP password I’m taking otp here i am going to enter the reference number 3011 no , no , no my one-time password is 475743 my new password one-time password 475 743 and enter your mpin which you have makes to enter click on submit yea once again you have to enter your 6 digit password your you upa account is created, for all banks any bank any banking on balance from this UPi app you can download any app from your play storer as UPI app ups but SBI is , you know largest bank of india so i preffer SB PAy those thank you for watching my video to transfer money and receive via UPI APP each other and other e card payment you can see in my next video which is appearing on your play srcreen thank you so much, don’t forget to the subscribe my channel ,thank you

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