100 thoughts on “How To Write Optimized YouTube Tags for Video SEO

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  2. First, your videos are great man, keep it up.

    But what you said here seems like a paradox; you said that you don't need to optimize as much because google's good at figuring out what your video's about by how everyone interacts with the video…well if nobody can find your video in the first place then isn't it sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy? If you're not already popular, & are just starting out, then nobody is watching your video, therefore Google says "Oh yeah, this content really sucks cause look, nobody's watching it"… oh man I hope that's not how it works now.

  3. What I love about your channel, is I'll be searching in google for a YouTube question, and every time you've got a whole video on that topic! Always in depth, and always spot on! Thanks!

  4. I have a relatively new channel (check it out) and I have an issue regarding subscribers(55) and views(hardly over 100), they are very low, want it to shoot up and yes trying on tags and thumbnails. 🙂
    Secondly, I''m doing this from Pakistan and how can I register my account with AdSense for monetisation? (says not available in your country) Help!

  5. I've been trying to add tags to my uploaded videos, and it won't let me add them. It just shows a gray dot when I click on the arrow thing and doesn't do anything else. Once I delete the tags it allows me to click the arrow. What's up with that?

  6. Hi, I have a small music channel, and my question is, I uploaded a video a few years ago and in the description, I could copy and paste certain links that I wanted. On my few latest videos, Youtube wouldn't let me do this, because it contained brackets. The only two punctuation tools I could use was . and _. I wanted to know why that is and if there is a way I could fix it, and copy and paste links to my description?

  7. I've watched so many of these videos by you, I do my best to implement all these strategies and my views are actually dropping, I must be pathetic or something? Any help????

  8. This was a helpful video, but it still didn't answer my very basic question of how to physically write a tag under my videos- do I put a hashtag in front of it? Do I separate the terms with a comma? Can I write two word (grouped) tags? Thanks if you answer this for me!

  9. Youtube has changed so much since I used to use it back in 2009 for a different channel. Thanks for helping me get up to speed with your videos.

  10. LOL I'm so glad you said that "for those of us like me like 'meh'…creative instead of analytical" THAT'S ME TOO!!! Thanks for making me feel better Tim, as always!

  11. Thanks for all of the great videos. I'd already implemented several of these tactics you address when I started really working my channel on a daily basis, but you have brought several items to my attention that I either completely missed, hadn't thought of, or needed to improve on. Thank you so much for the awesome advice.
    My channel isn't really growing right now that I can tell, but it has definitely seen noticeable improvement in the past several months, largely based on your advice.

  12. I love how to the point, entertaining and easy to implement your suggestions are! Thank you ☺

  13. Thanks Tim for your valuable video! Previous to this video, I thought that the order of tags really matter but you have cleared my doubt. Thank you again 🙂

  14. I always got my blog ranked very high without bothering too much about the changes in google. I kept in mind, that google wants to matter to people and they use a database to do this and I want to matter to people. So google and I have a common goal. I always tried to be as truthful to my content as possible and treat tags, title and description like the index in a library. It never failed me. And even if you forget a very important keyword, your audience will help you out with that, if your content matters. I once got an article on page one of the google results, because I received a like from a site who solely dealt with the subject and used the missing keyword in the text surrounding the link to my article. So, I wouldn't think so much about gaming the system, but staying true to the content and keep the human mind and the viewers interests in mind.

    Thanks for a very informative videos.

  15. Great video and advice sir! could you tell us how important is are the closed caption ? It takes a while to write and is it worth doing ?

  16. Tim Sir I need a small help from u but u should not disagree from this help.if you really want to help me then reply my comment yes or no OK . I am keeping believe on u that u will not be disagree. so i am from India. that's all

  17. Great Video! I just have a question: should I use apostrophes in my keywords? For example, should I use "let's cook" or "lets cook", or should I use both of them?

  18. Can you get one of my videos title and tag it and let me see your method work? I swear I've tried it and just done see it

  19. This was probably VC's most useful video to me. As one of those "Analytics" guys, I felt that Tim spoke to me directly. Great video!


  21. We are having a blast here listening to you, whilst you crack up yourself. Question: Does the order matter in 2017? No more tons of tags? Lol. Yes. Well. Defo less analytical type of person here.

  22. How much watch time do we need to actually rank as I am new around a month so I am supposed to keep posting and start getting views one day

  23. Pls help me someone. I have to write the tags in phone. So how exactly to WRITE them? – like:

    tag, tag, tag
    Tag,tag,tag,tag ?

  24. Hey Tim I've seen people like ziovo say oh use what's in the search bar like say "Carl Grimes Tribute" "Carl Grimes Edit" instead of "Carl Grimes" "Tribute" "Edit" whats your opinion on this?

  25. I would think though that a beginning channel, with very few subscribers and views, would still benefit from tag research, brainstorming tags, longform tags based on research, etc., so the videos can at least get going! Also, when you don’t really know who your audience is, and you have to try a broad range of subjects.

  26. Thank you for the information. Why does my youtube video rank differ when I'm signed in to my account? This happens as well when I search for my video on my iphone.

  27. Hey bro, I like your to the point mindset. I have been around analytical people most of my career, so I am primarily analytical, The creator side is new and fun, thanks you for keeping this simple, +1 TRUE fan, follow me plz =)

    Thank you for the free book as well!

  28. Thank you!!! Thank you so much.. just subscribed this answers many questions. I appreciate it! 😘😘😘😘 tiffany

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