I started an online business from home ….AND WE SOLD IT!

(upbeat music) ♪ The best day of our life ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be the best day of our life ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be ♪ – You steal it?
– Yeah I did. – Why didn’t you say you stole it? – I did! – Hi, my name’s Alison,
and seven years ago, I decided to launch a business
called Pick Your Plum, and I’m excited to announce that I have decided to sell pickyourplum.com. It has been an amazing journey, but it’s time for that journey to end and a new one to start, and I wanted to tell
you thank you so much. Thank you for believing
in me, thank you for this amazing journey
where I’ve been able to bring in my sweet grandpa, bring in amazing employees and staff, and learn, and build a culture that I will forever be grateful for. Pick Your Plum has been my baby for the past seven years, and actually, to be honest with you, this is about the 30th time that I have recorded this video, because I keep breaking down and crying. Because I started Pick Your
Plum when I had nothing, and I was able to grow it
with such an amazing team, customers, and support. I
honestly never imagined it. And so, this is like the 31st time I’m recording this video,
just to be honest with you. When I started seven years ago, all I wanted to do was
to be able to pay off my husband’s student
loans and take a vacation, like a real vacation to Disneyland, and not go into debt, and
maybe buy a churro or two. That was it! I remember looking online about how I could make money from home, and just be able to raise my kids, and be with them, and have
extra money coming in, and I found that e-commerce,
selling products online, would be the way to go. So, I started researching a little bit, and I found that every site
told me that I had to have huge inventory, and a lot of money, and a whole bunch of different products, and I couldn’t afford that. There was no way I could afford that. So what I did is I looked
around my house and I found, in my little makeshift
office, a roll of vinyl, and I decided to cut up
that vinyl into sheets and sell that vinyl, and
that was my first product. And the night before I launched
my site, I was so nervous, I was so scared. All the thoughts of, what
if this doesn’t sell, what if the site doesn’t
work, is my site good enough, all those thoughts ran through my head, and I just had to kick ’em out, because I wanted to make this happen. So that morning, I woke up
at 7:00am and hit publish, and I sat there, and I waited, and nothing happened,
nothing at all happened. And then, about 7:30, my
babies started crying, so I went upstairs to help
them get ready for the day, give them a sippy cup, and I
heard this “ding, ding, ding,” in the background, and I
thought my little guy had gotten a toy or something, and so
I went to go check on him to make sure everything was okay, and he was just standing
there holding his sippy cup, and I’m like, “What is that sound?” And then it dawned on
me that those were sales that were coming in, and that
that was the alert telling me that a sale has just been made. You guys, I wish you could’ve been there. I was still in my pajamas, I
had a sippy cup in one hand, I had a baby on my hip, and
we were having a dance party to the tune of the dings
that were coming in. All my kids were involved, and it was such a fun time for us. And then it hit me: this is
working, this is working! This is so fun, this is so amazing! And then it hit me again when I checked two hours later and sold everything out, all that vinyl sheet was gone, and I had to find another product for the next day. And so, I scrambled around
to try and find a product, and I got a phone call
from my husband that said we were going camping the next day. So, I hurried and took some
pictures of some product, and got all the camping stuff ready, and then we headed up into the hills. And I realized, there’s no WiFi in the mountains camping at all. So, I decided at 5:00am to
drive down off the mountain, find a local hotel, sit in the hotel, and just hope that their free WiFi would come and let my computer
work, fingers crossed, fingers and toes were crossed. And I put up my product at 7:00am. I had to hit publish. Nothing, nothing was automated, it was all manual at that time. And I sat there, and I hit
refresh, and I hit refresh, and an hour later I hit refresh again and there were no sales, and I was like, “Well, must be a bad product.” So, I was like, I’ll just try it again, so I came back the next
day, 5:00am in the morning, in the parking lot all
by myself in the car, getting the product
ready for the next day. And it didn’t sell. So, I had two days that it didn’t sell. So I go back to the campsite
with a very fake smile to tell my family of the
success that I didn’t have. Maybe I just wasn’t cutting it, and maybe I should stop. On the drive home, I kept rethinking, and this thought kept coming, “Alison, you can’t stop
yet, you can’t stop yet.” And I get out of the car and I’m pulling muddy sleeping bags
out, and dirty kids out, trying to get everything sorted, and in the back of my head, just this thought kept coming: “Alison,
don’t stop, don’t stop.” So that next morning at 5:00am, I dragged myself out of
bed with so much doubt, with so much, almost disappointment, that I just went through the motion again for the fourth time. And that fourth day, that fourth product, it sold out very, very quickly. And at that moment, I learned that growing a business isn’t
this up straight up hill. It has some curves, and dips,
and turns along the way. And so, what I decided at that point was just to keep going. Every single day, keep going
over, and over, and over, and be consistent. And you guys, you helped me to build a million dollar business
in my first year. Remember? Like, I was the one that was in pajamas, holding sippy cups, typing
with a baby on my lap, and you guys helped me build this business that changed my life. Then in the next couple years, we were able to build it into a multi-million dollar business. Wait, what? I had barely even learned
what an Excel spreadsheet was, or even how to log into
my Facebook account when I first started this journey, and to be able to get to multi-million in a couple years, I had
to keep pinching myself that it was a reality. And I wanna tell you thank you, and this is the part where
I keep breaking down, because in the beginning,
you guys believed in me more than I believed in me. Sometimes growing a business
with the ups and downs, I wanted to give up,
but you wouldn’t let me. Your sweet comments that came in, your encouragement that came in, your pictures of you holding
the Pick Your Plum products, that kept me going and
I loved it, I loved it, and then I had my kids, and my husband, and my grandpa cheering
me on in the background to keep going too. And I honestly, I’ve been able to live this dream, be able to pay off those student loans, and to be able to go
on that dream vacation, and it has been such
a blessing in my life. And you wanna know the
best part about it is is that you guys saw my mistakes. You saw my spelling errors,
you saw my shipping errors, you saw all my errors,
and you still came back, and I am so grateful for you. Now, I did and still
do get some hate mail. That’s just what happens, right? If you don’t believe me,
just go look at Facebook, and there’s a lot of
negative Nellies over there. But I take those and I learn
how to be a better person, and I learn how to a grow
stronger and better company, and it’s been awesome. And so, I really thank you. If I could just reach
through this screen, I would, and just kiss your face
off for supporting us, and for loving us. And I’m excited to be able
to sell Pick Your Plum, so that I can focus on
what my real passion is. My real passion is on
brands and teaching others. Some of you might say, “Wait,
is she still in e-commerce?” Yeah, I still have four
businesses in e-commerce that I will still be running, and then I’ll also be teaching. I’ve actually been
teaching for the last year, and giving back, helping people to be able to make this a reality too, because it changed my life so much, and I wanted to be able
to start helping others, and so I started a site
called Alison J Prince with a ton of free content over there, for you guys to be able to start building your own dream brand and your own dream profitable business. And then I also have, I also started the Because I Can Clan
for a little bit more hand holding over there too. You know, this journey of starting Pick Your Plum and launching it, about four years into the process, I was like, “Huh, I wonder if this is “a one-hit wonder? “I wonder if I just got super lucky?” So, I actually launched another company and sold pillowcases, like
just boring, plain pillowcases, and we ended up selling
over a million dollars. And I’m like, whoa, this is amazing! So then I decided to teach
my daughters how to do it. They were 10 and 13, in
junior high and elementary, and they sold six figures in nine months. Six figures! Like, they’re still trying to figure out how to open up their locker at that point. And some people say, “Well, Alison, “you probably helped them a lot.” I didn’t, I was running
two other businesses, and was still trying to
take care of everything. Like, I didn’t have time to do it. They had to do it and they did it, and it was so fun to see. Then my sister came in and said, “Hey, “wanna teach me how to do it?” And I’m like, “Why not?” So, she did it and made $129,000, and then I went on to start teaching friends how to do it too. And at that point, I knew that I needed to start teaching others information that I have been blessed with, and that I have been given, it was time for me to
start teaching others how to make this a reality too, because it really has
changed and blessed my life and has blessed many lives that have done e-commerce as well. So, again, thank you from
the bottom of my heart for being along with this crazy ride, this crazy journey, this plum-picking, laffy-taffy business! I’m excited about the future, and honestly, Pick Your Plum, it’ll always be a part of my heart, and I hope it stays a
part of your heart too, with all the little party supplies that you might still have
stashed in your drawers. I know my drawers are still pretty full, and I hope yours are too. But thank you again, and follow me over on alisonjprince.com, and you can see what’s
happening over there, and you can start building
your dream business, and be able to go on
that trip to Disneyland, or wherever you want to, right? ‘Cause you’ll have the
funds to be able to do it. Thank you, I hope Pick Your Plum stays in your heart forever, ’cause like I said, it’s
going to be in mind forever. All right, I’ll see you guys later, bye.

16 thoughts on “I started an online business from home ….AND WE SOLD IT!

  1. So inspiring! I can't believe you are selling Pick Your Plum. That's to neat. Thanks for sharing your story about how Pick Your Plum got started. Just the story I needed to hear today.

  2. This made me cry too. Thank you, Alison, I'm still figuring all this out but if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have even tried. You made me believe I can do this! (Even starting at age 51!)

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! You have inspired me so much! I am so grateful to God that I found you!! I have so much to share with you and how you have impacted my dreams in such an inspiring way! Thank you for being amazing you and believing in us too! Love you Alison! God bless all your dreams and plans and especially your beautiful family! xo

  4. I am very excited to have found you and your course. I know many folks whom have gone out on their own to do wholesaling but I’m glad to have a guide in this huge world of what ecommerce is and can be for my future. I feel more confident than ever to try and make money online and in person with folks. Thanks so much for deciding to go into teaching and guiding others. It’s a very noble decision and I am excited to learn from you.

  5. Aw, this makes me sad but so happy for you at the same time. PYP helped make so many of my parties and showers a success! It also helped me through the affiliate program. You are such an inspiration Alison! And yes, I do still have a stash of party supplies in my craft room. <3

  6. Well, yes I was one to get up in the morning ..grab a cup of coffee..and check Pick Your Plum for the day..
    is there another site like PYP? where i can go check for "goodies" first thing in the morning…you were a big part of my day…and loved the Taffy…
    I loved your story..and would love to create a site like yours? but..where do you find all the goodies..are you able to answer my comment?
    thank you so much for all the fun over the years!

  7. You made one million dollars in one year with no capital start up? I'm not being sarcastic I'm sincerely asking am I understanding you?

  8. I know i'm watching this a year later, Alison. My daughter and I just started your program this past january and I look to these vids for inspiration and motivation. I love being a part of the Because I Can clan! And so happy that your G-Pa was able to see your success! My eyes teared up with joy to see him holding that flag in this video <3

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