hey guys it's your boy progress and welcome back to a brand new video if you want to go check out my other socials then on screen right now I've got my Instagram and Twitter so yeah go check those out if you want for those of you who don't know who II and D or is well he's basically juice world 2.0 you know what actually no no he's not juice world 2.0 he's just world- 1.0 because he's just not original in any way he's even produced by Nick Miro which was the main producer for juice world so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody like there's a certain point where he just starts feeling like a parody of juice world himself like really a girl is a gun you're gonna get that put on a t-shirt what the fuck does that even mean the only girl who I know who is a gun is Sasha okay $200 but anyway I'm now gonna tell you why I think Ian dior could be an industry plant for those of you don't know what an industry plant is it's a bit difficult of a term to define as it is just a term and doesn't have an official meaning but complex defines it as to imply that a rapper or singer is an upstart fraud a record label puppet a focus group tested vessel of creativity so called any musician with a hazy or straight-up fabricated origin story so who is ian dior and why do I think he's an industry plant well let me tell you when I first started off I had actually no idea who this guy was and I'm sure a lot of you were hearing his name for the first time too I actually found out about him from a subscriber on Instagram on February 22nd named Jerry go wild who told me to go and actually look up Ian's name on YouTube so that's exactly what I did and right from the start I was already seeing some red flags firstly he had the same few songs that he had uploaded just spam uploaded to a shit ton of these promotion type channels which may not seem too strange but you have to pay for every single one of those uploads so that would be quite the bill he'd be paying it wasn't just that though it was that these same songs that he had uploaded to his own personal channel were getting next to nothing for views I'm talking that some of these were getting a few hundred views while the ones on these other channels were getting upwards of 50,000 views but that just wasn't enough evidence of anything he could have just been some rich kid and how he was able to afford everything so I realized that I would have to go deeper and so instead I went to his other social medias and that is when I realized I was in deeper than I expected I saw a tweet from him that it said that he got a song to a hundred K plays on his soundcloud in less than 48 hours so you're telling me that this kid with 2,000 followers on Twitter and a hundred YouTube subscribers was somehow able to get a song to a hundred K plays and then I realized it was featuring P and B rock and it was produced by Nick Mira at that point is when I just stared at my screen with my mouth open not even able to process what the hell I was witnessing but from that point I realized that I had to go deeper because something was clearly going on here so I scrolled down his Twitter a little bit more and then I found this tweet which melted my brain even further it was a picture and on it showed a soundcloud and said Molly a hundred K in four days emotions 200 K in 12 days cut throat 161 K in 16 days and just under that read it hasn't even been a month of me releasing music thank all of you guys couldn't do it without you and that's when I just screeched the mental brakes and needed to think for a second you want to run that by me again huh you're trying to tell me that you've been making music for 16 days and already have a PNB Rock feature and 450,000 plays on your soundcloud do I look fucking stupid also it just started looking more and more weird that his music is apparently blowing up everywhere but his own YouTube channel like how the fuck is that possible then I took a closer look at his music and realized not just one but all of his songs at that point were co-produced by Nick Mira and then that got me thinking hmm you're trying to tell me that an artist came out of nowhere he sounds like juice world has lyrics like juice world and is produced by juice world's producer yeah he's totally legit or maybe just maybe it could be that Nick Mira is trying to get the same success he had with juice world again using the one formula he knows works oh and on top of that it seems like he had some kind of deal with faze clan because as you can see from this picture he's sitting there with faze banks and then he also showed a tweet later on that faze clan used one of his songs in their videos and not only that but he had also posted to an Instagram story showing that a list of violet and nelq were also listening to his music so that was kind of strange and not too long ago faze T foo actually used one of his songs in his video so there was that as well and even faze banks said this in one of his videos all with what we got I do want to refer back to my boy Ian he's gonna be around a lot especially in the video makes music we've all been using them he's been in t fus videos Melissa's been slap and I'm Rice the nut boys maybe we all just this kid and shipped this kid and he's relatively new to the scene so just have him over the house a few times takes great music I'm gonna put a soundcloud in the description I know you guys like you music I know you guys like seeing like cool clothes and stuff that maybe you didn't know about before so just for no other reason than the fact that he's dough what he has to be mom so it was clear to me that there was some kind of massive promo deal happening here so now I had the basics down for at least having a semi-decent case against him possibly being an industry plant but I still needed to go further because some questions still weren't really answered like where did he come from how is he able to afford all of this promo how is he produced by Nick Mira and how did he get a P and B Rock feature less than a month after apparently just starting to make music well I got my answers pretty quickly because after searching through some articles I was able to find that he was somehow signed to internet money records this is echoed by the fact that Nick Mira who is actually a producer for Internet money records was constantly promoting Ian on his other socials and even taz Taylor at the CEO of Internet money records was posting him on his Twitter plus all of the official internet money records YouTube channel and Twitter and everything like that were also posting stuff from Ian D or so that explains where the money connections and Nick came from but it doesn't explain where he came from you don't just walk up to a record label with no rap experience or discography and just get signed to Ram you down the throats of everybody for no reason what however that just doesn't happen and the fact that from April 2017 to april 2018 he had only amassed 70,000 plays total on his youtube channel and then all of a sudden he mass deleted everything on April 19th of 2018 that just started looking a little odd especially since Ian is apparently now getting more views in a single day than he was able to get in an entire year before that so once again I needed to go deeper I just needed to find something else even if it was something as simple as a song that he was trying to scrape from the internet there had to be more but with all of this overflow of him sending just the same few songs and scattering it to every promotion channel out there it was just impossible to do any research at this time so I decided to wait and I am so glad that I did that because I got the answer to the question everybody is trying to figure out who is Ian Dior and where did he come from and how did I get that answer well let me show you it was all because I decided to search up his name about a month afterwards and I ended up finding two songs that had the same cover art so I had just assumed oh okay maybe he's put out a new EP or something like that but no as you can see here these claim that they are from ten months ago so I clicked on one and it said that it was from June 9th of 2018 which is obviously way before the apparent new February 2019 start that he's had by the vocals I was able to tell it was very obviously Ian dior but they had actually changed the title because in the description it said that it was actually made by somebody named low rock which I wasn't able to find anything else on but the thing that was even more interesting was in the description it showed the social media accounts for the person whose song it was and all of them mentioned somebody named all no so I tried searching up Ian D or all mo just to see what would come up and when I did that I ended up getting a link to a song called fw u by all mo and a Shazam link that went to that song as well well when you click on the Shazam link you end up seeing that the thumbnail that was shown for the FW you buy all mo is now saying it's by Ian D or so from that point I was easily able to see now that in Dior used to go by the name all mo but I ended up going to YouTube and searching up his name and I was very surprised YouTube shows that most of his songs were getting a few hundred views and even as low as only fifty-five views on one of his songs even the songs that were posted by the promo channels for all mo they were getting a few hundred to a few thousand views at most it was nothing special and especially since that was over the course of the last ten months there's a good chance that those songs have only recently gained any traction because they changed the names of the songs from saying they were made by all mode to saying that they were now made by ian dior so they're more searchable as you can see from these stats right here I'm probably right about this seeing as the channel has almost doubled in views in just the last month meaning that most of these songs probably only had a couple hundred views and now in the last couple months have gone up into the thousands because of the name changes but am I able to show you that the record deal that he signed with Internet money records actually made him change his name or his aesthetic at all yes yes I am firstly if you look at how we used to dress when he was almost sure der above his eyes and had a clear pattern to it but now when you look at him as Ian Dior he's wearing all this street wear and it's about drugs and he also has hair that varies in lengths all over the place and has no clear style to it also we know from earlier that he wasn't doing horrible in the music industry but he sure as hell wasn't doing that good either remember how I said with that one EP that it actually had the links to the artists social medias in the description I decided to check out almost Twitter account which only had a thousand followers on it to see if I was able to get any answers and I definitely did on January 26th as Taylor the CEO of Internet money records tweeted something that looks like random letters but when reversed it says well I've found my next artist which almost two days later on January 28th all Moute weeded studio all day and then later that day tweeted a goat was born today on January 30th Elmo tweeted new life starts tomorrow and then finally later that day told people to follow his new account at Ian's Dior cutthroat by Ian Dior produced by Nick then came out just two days later on February 1st of 2019 now somehow is well Ian assigned to 10k records just barely two months into apparently just starting music which just come on it just doesn't seem possible to me I also just wanted to say that I'm a little bit skeptical of the legitimacy of the views on Ian's Dior's channel because as you can see from these stats right here they're actually taken from just after he released his music video for his song emotions and on the first day he went up 4000 subscribers from 29,000 views but then the next day he went up 6000 subscribers from a three hundred and twenty-six thousand views then the next day he got less subscribers at four thousand subscribers but went up four hundred and seventy two thousand views then he got even less subscribers the next day at three thousand nine hundred but he still went up three hundred and forty six thousand views then the next day he got even less subscribers at three thousand subscribers but he went up even more views at four hundred thousand views that day and then as you can see it keeps going lower and lower but I just do not believe that you're gonna be able to get more views and less subscribers or you're gonna be able to get less subscribers for more views it just doesn't look normal at least not on this level and not only that but I also just don't believe in the residual views on his youtube channel because he's got a song with over two million plays and you can look at his other songs are struggling to be able to get either over 10,000 plays or just over 20,000 plays and also remember that this is a dude who was apparently able to get like a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand plays within just a few days or a week after just making music on soundcloud when he first started but apparently he's struggling to be able to break anything on his youtube channel I do not believe that but whatever you can think whatever you want to think I'm just providing information oh and I do just quickly want to say before this video goes to the end part that a lot of people do often ask me saying okay well if these people are all industry plants then who isn't one cuz you clearly think that everybody's an industry plant and I don't do this very often but I do seriously think that you guys should go and check out the artists convoke he is an independent underground rapper who honestly makes fantastic music he recently had just put out an album called swan dive my favorite song is called Cat Scratch from that so if you guys want to go check him out I do highly suggest you do the album is available everywhere as well so it's super easy to go and find his music and also just to let you guys know I was not paid to say any of this I just genuinely liked the guy's music but yeah I think that's gonna be it for this video thank you so much to this month's amazing patrons who are scrubby tosser and Medusa lives you guys are awesome and like I've said before it helps every dollar that I get because I'm able to afford things like to be able to pay for the monthly cost of using Adobe Premiere which is the editing service that I use but yeah thank you guys so much for watching it means a lot and I will see you guys in the next video goodbye


  1. "The music is good" does not invalidate my arguments, I've seen that same comment nearly 100 times on this video and I don't get why, I never claimed he made bad music, nor is that what this video is about.

  2. Impressive research and you're probably right, but personally I don't see what the issue with industry plants are. At the end of the day, he's making music that people do enjoy and hasn't broken any rules to get that success. This should be invalidated because a label saw at least some raw talent in him and they were willing to take a chance with him if they tweaked his style? Where's the issue?

  3. You don’t even know how he started off so don’t talk like you know EVERYTHING
    “InDusTry PlAnt”

  4. I honestly don't care if he really is an "industry plant", his music is Fire and you can't change that by claiming he is a so called "plant".

  5. How y’all look saying Iaan Dior making good music proves the argument that he’s not an industry plant : 🤡🤡🤡

  6. Your probably just mad coz he legit gains more attention than you and you try to be funny my fucking fish could be funnier you try wayyyyy too hard and legit he is with faze clan and banks finds him fire just because someone is blowing up and gets noticed by a fucking big person doesn’t mean there’s a fucking deal going down you fuckwit trying to debunk the shit you fucking wannabe Sherlock Holmes looking ass his music is 🔥 so stop being such a tight arse

  7. Internet Money got hands on Iann Dior and are boosting him up. If you get signed by Internet Money, Nick will produce songs for you whenever you need them. This is exactly what they did with Juice Wrld, which is why they seem so similar. Sure, he hasn't came from nothing and has gotten a lot of free promotion. But that doesn't mean he's a bad person or an industry plant.

  8. I dunno why ppl are hating on this video. He is obviously a industry plant but that doesn’t mean he makes shit music it just means he has no creativity or originality.

  9. He got mad connections that's why he blew up especially in the gaming and hip hop YouTube community
    He was on cufboys intro for like a year and also got promoted by banks and tfue

  10. Dude iann Dior is just trying to get noticed. Leave him alone 😂 he just wants people to enjoy his music and that isn’t his real YouTube channel u idiot someone obviously just made a channel with his name and downloaded his songs from SoundCloud

  11. bro you are just angry because all these industry plans rappers are more successful than you, just shut the fuck up and stop talking about what you don't know

  12. Lil nas songs only had 20-30k views max some even less before old town road and until old town road really blew up, like above 5mil views were still below 100k sook

  13. Ian Dior was doing music way more than a month before this video.you can find some of his songs from.then if you look hard enough

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