Ideas & Tips on Investing in Nigeria

Hello everyone, my name is Chinwe. The last time I was at Nigeria Info Fm to discuss about starting a business in Nigeria, I got a other lot of questions I couldn’t address, so I took it upon myself to make these video to address those questions; and most of them were about investing in Nigeria. Nigerians are so particular about where to put their money, they’re eager to know Okay! How can i grow One thousand Naira to Ten million or what’s the best way to put this money away and let it yield for me so i did so much research, i ask a lot of questions and based on personal experience i have been able to gather something very valuable that i want to deliver on this video, so if you’ve hammer through MMM Your family have settled you, if your church have done contributions for you get your pen and your paper and write this down because my dear! its very very useful The First thing you should know about investment in Nigeria is that Investment ideas that work in other places don’t really work in Nigeria because of our system is totally different, our economy is different, our orientation is different our background is different, our weather is different so all this factors come into play when you are trying to decide where to put your money in Nigeria I was able to break down all the ways you can invest in Nigeria into Four main categories The First One is that you can invest in your own business, you can invest in someone else’s business you can invest through partnership and you can invest in people I’m going to start with Investing in your own business. The First way to Invest your money is in starting your own business Starting your own business, i think is the best investment you can make as long as you’re willing to make the sacrifices it requires, its not something you have to start today and then maybe give up in a couple months, its something that you know its for the long run, so you have to be willing to make the commitment that are required, it could be a hobby you want to turn into a business it could be your profession you want to get serious with or it could be anything else that you have strong interest in that you know that when the going gets tough that you will be able to continue it for example, if you’re passionate about food, you know that your calling is in eating you know that when you put one spoon in your mouth its as if your whole pain has disappeared you know that your calling is in restaurants business. My dear put that money into restaurants business

21 thoughts on “Ideas & Tips on Investing in Nigeria

  1. hi Wendy..
    do you have an email?
    im thinking of investing in Lagos..mayby you could have some input for me.

  2. Great Stuff Ms Wendy.
    Could you write an Article on this?
    Would love to have you as a Contributory writer on a Finance and Investment site.

  3. Good stuff; bad audio quality. I'm trying everything: speakers, ear bud, but it's too low.

  4. I do not hear what you are saying about investing tips and ideas. I am hard of hearing. But i may understand about ideas and tips on investing in Nigeria because it may be similar what i read there.
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  8. how do u go about buying shares? I am in Europe and would like to research more about buying shares in Nigerian company…..also is there any website that will have a list of company to partner with for venture capitalist? thnaks

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