44 thoughts on “Identifying A Trend Is Critical To Trading Successfully

  1. May I request Navin to please conduct a webinar on topic I suggest the name for that as "mastering HH HL, LH LL" please convey my request to him or please give me his email address so I can request him personally. Thanks

  2. Sir why i as a trader book profit early in the market ? After seeing MTM ( profit amount) . What to do for riding profit. Make Change in my mentality? What will change my mentality?

  3. I have some experience and been successful so far but i still learn new things every time i watch your videos. Some of the rules are universal of course, but the way explain is great for new traders and also for advanced trader as they are more in depth.

  4. Dear Navin, thanks a lot for an elaborated explanations – wonderful. easy to understand. I got really knowledge about "NOT to trade" if the environment is not in favor – it is OK. Really Good.. …. but in the above example still i have unable to judge myself – where to enter – BUY or SELL – where to Enter & EXIT – you have not mentioned…. so we do more mistakes..We want to know where to Enter & Exit…… Regards — N Prasad Bangalore, India

  5. It’s easy to pick apart a chart when everything is done but in a live market it’s not that easy especially with forex. You can look at the daily chart for trend and momentum can change in a heart beat. For those who think they will become millionaires by doing this be prepared to lose your capital before you start seeing any positive results. It’s a probability game simply put. Market is a cycle accumulation, manipulation and profit release. You do not know which cycle is present in front of your eyes till many bars later. Ranging markets are a true killer to your account it will wipe your whole account.

  6. very important to be aware when not to trade the trend, when its health and momentum reduce – thanks Navin

  7. Hello Navin,
    How do i get that overlay or platform your using to teach us with "tradingview…"????????.
    Thanks again

  8. Navin, what should I do when momentum is dead (Complete U-Turn) but it keeps on making Higher Highs…Gold ATM.

  9. 17:05, if you do not have these peaces there you do not trade, says he when the price is right at the edge of a massive downfall.. buy there and your win will blow you

  10. Watching your videos is a treat and trust me YOU ARE DOING GR8 JOB. You are helping lot of people for free. Hope I will be able to join your community soon.

  11. Perfect .. Thank Navin .. You are real Guru … Thanks for sharing this valuable knowledge .. I pray to God you will be happily forever …. 😀

  12. At minute 38:00, I like Navin's comment, "Well, what do you know?? the direction of the market has changed…". This is my experience every time I get stopped out… haha Learning when NOT to trade and stay stand by mode…

  13. Hi Naveen..I m from New Delhi, India..you know you come up like guardian angel for us to save us.. thank you so much man.

  14. Yes for free so valuable info, i agree , I have tried on Binary option it works a lot, this is also my breakthrough, I was struggling with trend over one year, every strategies fails due to i not identify the trend. God bless you brown bro.

  15. like the video not sure what platform you use that you can draw the movement of the trend and pull back and move it off to side like you did in video

  16. Hey Navin…My name is Raj.Greetings from Malaysia.I would like to thank you for such a wonderful video.You've have cleared a lot of confusion.Thank you very much for such a brilliant effort. Do you provide classes by any chance.

  17. Thanks Navine,am gonna continue learning more about this area of trading and want to learn more about price action. keep up the videos.

  18. Navin, In your last example we determined it was 'ok' to take the trade on the pullback. It moved lower, was healthly and momentum was present, so my question is…do you sell at the top of the pull back (the deepest point of the pullback) or do you wait for the first candle to make a new low to go short? If you go short at the deepest point of the pullback the pullback could potentially continue and thus stopping me out. Thanks Navin!

  19. i KNOW you are not an indicator guy but can i use a Fibb. 50% retracement or use candle sticks as my confirmation cause i would not know how far it is going to go down when make a Higher Low which i am going to use as my entry point

  20. i HAVE A QUESTION HERE IF YOU CAN HELP. I understand that if the second move up is healthier than a previous on a BUY can be conducted but HOW DO I KNOW THE EXACT TIME TO CLICK BUY, HOW DO I KNOW THAT IT IS ABOUT TO TURN AND MAKE A NEXT MOVE UP.

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