If You Only Knew: 'Fighting With My Family's Stephen Merchant

okay we play a little round of if you only knew okay what's something that never fails to make you laugh Laurel and Hardy yeah oh you just see the movie yeah I've really enjoyed it terrific a comedian you can't get enough of right now hmm that's a tough one I actually find like I don't watch a lot of other comedy you know it's like I think the phrasing England is busman's holiday when you're in comedy you're watching more comedy I don't I think bill burr is hilarious i watch a lot of his stuff I think he's just absolutely terrific dream co-star I'd love to do something with Clint you know with Clint Eastwood yeah I just I'm fascinated by them I just think he's an extraordinary talent and I got to see how he works how his minds in under budget yeah yeah I think he does like two takes I work with a cameraman once who said that he worked with Clint and they did one take and Clint said and they in the camera and said shakily we should go again cuz that was a little out of focus and Clint said oh don't worry about it they know what I look like by now someone from history you'd like to play on the big screen someone tall and really eighth he wasn't oh yeah I feel like someone royal would be would be good I'd like that place we'd find you on a day off just at home just a real homebody my dream is if I never have to leave my house again I'm happy who's it all with you my girlfriend were saya I would just happily sit there read yeah that's that's the dream that where's home I split my time between London in LA and both were beautiful and yeah just something about being here in this Californian Sun you know maybe with chilly a little chilly but compared with London please this is nothing secret talent secret talent I think all of my talents are not secrets whatever I can do I make try make use of my personal biggest risk you ever took I think it was just you know I just threw all my eggs in this basket you know I just was why did comedy wanna do movies what you're doing and I didn't have any other fallback plan you know I just I moved to London I just thought this this go for it and so far it worked out I didn't have either when I got into radio really no other plan you know no college did have you had any funny or strange fan encounters finding countries you know the sweetest one the nicest one was I was mentioning one of my heroes was John Cleese and my parents were on a cruise from London to New York and John Cleese was gonna be on the ship he was gonna do a talk and my parents go along on the Saturday for the big talk turns out that the talk was on the Friday they've missed it cuz that's my parents and so they tried to get word to mr. Cleese like would the would he sign a copy of his book for their son who was a big fan and so I get back to London and I meet Mike see my parents and they show me this video cassette they've shot on their camcorder and it's them in their stateroom on the ship and then you can hear them behind the camera is the camera running Elaine yeah I think it's right best play they hit play on them on the answerphone in the cabin and it's John Cleese and he's on there I've never met Cleese and he says I would love to sorry you miss my talk I would love to to sign something for your son can I just ask is your son Steve the same Stephen Merchant who with Ricky Gervais made the office because I'm an enormous fan please send on my love to him and um and it would seem in everything to me you know as someone I really he had been my inspiration I've still never met him but just to have that message was it blew my mind biggest splurge I like going to overpriced pretentious restaurants I love that stuff I can't get enough of it I want exotic foods I've never heard of before I want a waiter to come out and and and you know and spout off to me I don't mind it was a long time I loved it I left the whole theater of it there's a ceremony of it I love it best piece advice I ever got the piece of advice I always think of is something I read I think it's attributed to a journalist from the 19th century or early 20th century and the advice was I can't tell you the secret of success but I can tell you the secret of failure and that's to try and please everyone and I always think that's that seems like good advice you know what keeps you up at night the fact that on both sides of the Atlantic I have not bought a comfortable mattress I cannot find a mattress that's comfortable I have cause of your height it could be the high it could be the combination of height and weight I just cannot get it right I just keep spending a lot of money on mattresses and every time I get it wrong never miss a beat subscribe to Larry King now and watch new episodes every day

36 thoughts on “If You Only Knew: 'Fighting With My Family's Stephen Merchant

  1. "I can't teach you the secret to success but I can tell you the secret to failure: trying to please everyone" – The refrain. Weighing the balance between your psychotic drive and your neurotic worry. Which way does the primate run?

  2. Comedian you can't get enough of?

    Ricky Gervais…..oh no hold on, I can get enough of him, in fact I think I've had my fill of that Ricky Gervais fellar

  3. What’s your biggest splurge Steve?

    5 hamburgers from McDonald’s for Karl’s world record attempt….


  4. He should call up Karl's dad for mattress help. I think theres a fella who sleeps in a rubber dingy that has one in a van

  5. Glad to hear steve finally got a bird, I guess the girl outside the offy yelling 'get back here' was good enough after all

  6. how is Larry King still doing this? his style is like a fifth grader asking "whats your favorite colour?"

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