Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Create and Export Color Swatches

Hi and welcome to see this Illustrator in
60 Seconds video in which we’re going to briefly talk about color swatches, more
exactly how to create and export them. Now by default, Illustrator comes with
a couple of predefined color swatches, but once you start taking different projects
you will want to be able to create and export your own swatches since you might
need to share them with other people. The process itself is very simple. If your color sources are vector shapes,
you simply select the one that you want to use as swatches
and then go to the swatch panel and click on the new color group button where
you will be greeted by a little pop up. Here you can name your color group and instruct Illustrator to create
the swatches from a selected artwork. Once you click on OK, your color group containing color
swatches will be added to your panel. If your color sources are scanned or
web images, you will need to individually pick each
color using the Eyedropper tool and then add them to the swatch panel
using the New Swatch button. Then you can create a new color group and
drag your swatches right inside of it. When you want to export your swatches you
will first have to remove all the ones that you don’t need. And then go to the swatch panel’s
little down facing arrow and click on Save Swatch Library as ASE. Select where you want to save
your file and you’re done.

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