iMovie 11 – Exporting video for best YouTube results

hello everyone I like to use iMovie 11 as we can see here to create quick short videos for YouTube I just find it much easier to use and it's very quick and easy not together a quick video for upload to YouTube and then I use Final Cut Pro for more extensive projects but for most of my youtube stuff I use iMovie 11 as I've got open here now once you've created your movie I've just created a small title here it's just a quick test but once you've created your movie it's important to get the export settings right originally I used to go to share and YouTube here and upload the video straight to YouTube but the qualities are very good all the settings are default to the quality isn't brilliant the quality is okay if you've got a lot of light and the if it's video that's been taken outdoors for example then the quality isn't too bad but when you've got shadows or you've got dark images you get a lot of dithering and doesn't really look very nice at all a lot of banding so I've been looking into alternative methods of exporting video before uploading it to YouTube and the best i've come up with so far when using imovie it's probably very similar with Final Cut Pro although I haven't tried it with Final Cut Pro just yet is I go to this one here exports using QuickTime now if we select this you can choose a location and choose a project name for the project so I'll just leave it as that and then we make sure we select here movie to QuickTime movie and we select options and then we'll go through each of these so video makes your video is ticked you'll go into the settings you want to make sure you've selected h.264 it's completely compatible with YouTube and it is a HD format so select h.264 frame rate you can keep as current you can choose your frame rate if you want to but I don't see the need to keep that as current I usually select automatic keyframes and remove frame reordering and that's also recommended by YouTube to remove frame reordering data-rate I usually set the data rate to between 6000 to up to about 10,000 kilobits per second reason being 10,000 if it's a short movie it will give you a larger file size that will be nice and nice and clear down to keep it 6,000 the bare minimum so if you've got say 15 minute video that you're going to be uploading to view YouTube you don't want that size to be too huge because uploading will take you quite a while unless you've got a good upload speed so I tend to go between 6 to 10 thousand sometimes slightly higher depending on the project I'm creating but generally if it's for YouTube I go for about 7 to 8 thousand so I would stick seven thousand in there and again leave the compressor settings as they are we select ok to this filter you can add filtering adjustments special effects and so on but I don't bother with any of this is much better to it in the actual video so you can see what the output is going to be like before you upload so I leave all of these as they are to council out these and then you can select your output size now I tend to output at 720p HD but you can go all the way up to 1080p if you want here or you can select particular formats here or choose a custom range so as I said I select 720p here and then we can leave these both of these blank that may be ticked by default untick that because you gain you don't you don't really need that if you're going to be uploading to YouTube select ok to this now when it comes to sound we go into the settings select a a seeder that by default it will be on linear so we want to select a a C and leave this as stereo select the Hertz to forty one forty four point one so we'll select that there and the rest we leave exactly as it is we select ok to that so that's how sound and then tick prepare for internet streaming and fast start you probably don't necessary really have to do this when you're uploading to YouTube but I like to keep that ticked anyway and then we click OK and that's it everything else is done we can now click Save and it will go away and export the movie on to your desktop or wherever you've set the video to save and then you can begin then log into your YouTube account and then you can log into your YouTube account and upload the movie as you normally would so these are the settings I've found to be best to shop his settings for YouTube so go away try them out and any comments please leave below if you found some better settings than this I'd love to hear about that so again please leave comments and hope to see you in the next video

28 thoughts on “iMovie 11 – Exporting video for best YouTube results

  1. Thank you! I currently am using iMovie 11 on an old macbook as I lost my apple password and am waiting to recover it to update my iMovie! Been trying to navigate these old settings and your video helped alot.

  2. Do you have any suggestions for uploading to facebook? I feel as though I've tried everything and my audio is still coming out weird and not clear with a bit of an echo.

  3. You are amazing! Thank you so much I've been searching for an answer to upload my videos in clear quality for days and I Finally found a video that gives such simple instructions. I am bookmarking this! THank you THank you!

  4. I followed every step you have done but when I play my movie through quicktime, I do not have any audio….I have been searching for answers everywhere and I cannot find a solution. Any help is greatly appreciated

  5. Wow, lots of great info here I wasn't aware of. Sadly I am still on 11 but I never ever use it. I used Imovie a long time ago but I'm going to be posting videos now soon on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Just to add my few words of thanks for this concise and helpful 'how to' guide.  Tried it for our second short video and it worked a treat, but means I'll have to go back and redo the first one properly now!

  7. I'm trying to upload a video that has used a gropro… will these settings be suitable or take an exceptionally long time?

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