Import GitHub Java Project into Eclipse and Run it

all right in this video I'm going to show you how to take a github project github Java project specifically a classic video game and import it into eclipse and run it so the first thing we're going to do is get on log in to github and create a github account if you don't already have one so I'm going to search for a classic game Frogger I'm going to fill I'm going to filter by Java and here the second one in the list by Battaglia's I happen to know is a it's a pretty good version so over here on the HTTP clone URL I'm going to click this to copy it to the clipboard go over to my Eclipse and I'm going to go to the get perspective now you have a Java perspective there we go and then make sure that your clips has the get perspective and you may need to install the plugin you can easily search on Google how to make sure that you have this but you want to open a perspective and you can see the get perspective is what you want okay so in get what I want to do is click this middle one which is clone and get repository and add the clone to this view and that's what we're doing we are cloning the git repository from github into our git repositories on our local our local filesystem here so when I click that it will automatically paste it in because that was that's what was on my clipboard automatically paste it into the URI and all you need to do is click Next master branch click Next and here I have set up my git repositories to be under my username and then a subfolder get and then the name of Project Frogger so I finish and it is copying that repository down from github and now I need to switch over to my Java perspective here I'm going to right click over here and I'm going to import project from get existing local because I just created the local repository because I cloned it next Frogger that's what I want next now here you want to import using the new project wizard you want to import using a new project wizard so I'm going to finish I do want a Java project and click Next alright I'm going to call the project prager but I'm not going to use the default location so my default location would be my workspace directory but remember I clone the git repository into address right called get someone going I'm going to browse and find on a point my workspace I'm going to basically point my workspace which is in my user name and might get folder and then Frogger so this directory was created when I clone the repository in that first step I'm going to open that repository so normally like I said when I create projects normally would point to my excuse me my Eclipse workspace but Here I am telling it the location is the git repository on my local my local machine so all I need to do is hit finish it's compiling it and right here at bold source it's all compiling and now I can right click run as java application it's wanting to know well what is the starting point of the java application in this case its main Frogger and will only ask me this once click OK starting takes a few seconds here and there we go so we have successfully closed a Java project from github the Frogger video game and you can import it until it flips and successfully run runs process you should be able to do these same steps for many other Java projects that are in github and getting them into eclipse and being able to run them there will be occasional exceptions where you might have to fix certain things depending on what version of Java it's compatible with for example or a few other few other things and you can usually troubleshoot the error messages you get and figure it out thank you very much I hope this was helpful

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  1. I got it imported but it looks like some of my imports aren't being recognized so I'm getting red Xs everywhere there is an import in my project. Any tips?

  2. Video for 12 year old son! Damn…i was busy sucking my thumb when i was 12. And here am 24 and learning how to pull projects in hit

  3. really're great dude.. i must be says are only one those project will run clear cut not any error and any explaintion..thank you so much boss..thanks for deep heart..:-)

  4. I followed this post to add github project to eclipse

  5. If my project isn't a Java Project but a Dynamic Web Project should i choose on Wizard java project or Dynamic? And if is a Maven Project?
    My repository have eclipse project folder and documments folder, where should i put documments folder? Inside Eclipse Project Folder or outside? (I prefeer outside)

  6. I am unable to clone.. while receiving objects during clone process, reading timed out after 30000 ms.. i cannot proceed thereafter.. Can anyone help me?

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