importing Autocad Drawings to Inventor

clothes Matt from Nichols corner camp and today's video we are going to look at how we can import a 2d AutoCAD file into inventor teaism within HSN so let's go ahead and get started so as you see here I've got a 2d AutoCAD file opened up ok so just I have it I'm going to go ahead and do a quick save and then inside inventor I'm going to start a new part now with the vendor there's a couple different ways that we can pull in those to the AutoCAD files the first way I'm going to show is what I would call the legacy way which is basically importing the sketch geometry into a sketch and extruding from there up in the second way that we're going to do it is by using the in CAD feature with in inventor and importing the drawing as it is and being able to then create sketches and basically protect the geometry so that whenever you do update so you have to the 2d CAD file the geometry will update with it so let's go ahead and look how I do this so first way is created sketch on my plane and then what you would typically do is go to this insert panel and hit a CAD and then I would go to file location over hi 2d fellas so I'm going to process a little bit and then what I'll get here is this windowpane where I can select what geometry I want to actually import and over here I can actually select layers so let's say I didn't want to bring in my centerline layer but I'm bringing the hidden in my zero layer okay so I'm going to do next I do want to detect inches and I do want to constrain endpoints and the whole purpose behind this is if you don't have this chart you're going to have open contours or open loops basically and you won't be able to get an actual good extrusion out of it so with that I'll do that and then I'm just going to hit finish now that I've got my geometry and imported you can see that it's all in one sketch so now I go through and I can start extruding through here so let's say I want to go ahead and treat this as my top since this is what we're doing I'm going to pick the geometry for the profiles flip it every okay so make that solve part once I right-click on this and it share sketch now I have access to that no matter what so it's not fully consumed by this extrusion so I can pick on this extrude and then what I can do here is I actually do measure and pick my end points to actually get the extrude depth so I'm driving everything off of the actual job to that I imported now that this features I didn't actually give it the proper street in depth measured in click that line there we go all right now we're good so that's kind of how we do that now with this I can go to my cam create set up and then go on with actually making this part of a programming so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to clear all this so the other way that we can do this is if I go into 3d model and I hit import to get 2d CAD file pick my plane that I want to be on and pick a center point for insertion okay so now you'll see that it doesn't open up in the into the sketch interface it just insert it in there so now what we can do is I can actually create a sketch on my XY plane and then what I want to do here is in the project geometry drop-down use project DWG geometry I can select from the singles geometry or connected geometry sofa pick on that I can pick my outside frame and then I can go ahead and actually measure this line again and flip it okay so this way in my opinion is a lot easier especially with the fact that I can go into this 2d CAD file change the geometry around and then with any cat it's going to automatically update inside of this part file so that I don't have to worry about going back into a sketch and make sure change stuff in the sketch here that I had to go back and change in my 2d CAD file so those are the two ways that you can import AutoCAD files inside of there stay tuned in the next few weeks and we'll have some more tips and tricks coming up that will be most helpful so till then see you later

4 thoughts on “importing Autocad Drawings to Inventor

  1. How to resolve this I cant export 3d model from autocad to inventor and get Ruled Surface… Im stuck!

  2. I have curves from probably ilustrator od corel, imported to the dwg. but then neither of these options work. 🙁 grr It is logo, therefore it is not simple to reproduce.

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