Importing leads from Google Sheets to Streak CRM

hey guys welcome to the number one of chutes tutorials today we're focusing on importing the leads into shriek this is a small disclaimer this video is meant for a large list or migration so you're adding it one by one I suggest taking a look at our other videos now importing leads into a CRM can sound has to be a nightmare but treat make it a dream with our walkthrough and simplicity whether you're coming from a different CRM or just from Excel I'll demonstrate that importing a leads will be a breeze within shriek from the pipeline view we're gonna look for more tools on top and then select import from cool sheets or CSV it's actually gonna open up my drive window for the folks that have it as a CSV or excel file I suggest uploading it to Google Drive first if you're wondering why it does one of three things it keeps everything in Google suite it ensures your data is in the right format and it also allows you to use our importer tool so once you upload it you can select the file you want to work with and now you'll see a pop-up asking if you want to download our importer tool this is a required add-on to move forward keep in mind this will be free and published by us you'll see a sidebar has popped up in the right this will guide me the rest of the way so now that we have the sheet uploaded and the import to install let's take a look at our pipeline and CSV as a precaution I always try to check and see if there's any missing data in my pipeline I don't have in my CSV so we take a look my pipe on there I believe I'm missing location so I'm going to add that in take a look at my Google sheet one more time and we make any changes just be sure to close the wizard and open up again great night I have all the data in here I'm gonna walk through this tool so step one you can just hit next step two be sure to select the right pipeline out of your list of pipelines mine's gonna be sales opportunity that's going to have our box columns we'll do our best to max honest information out for you but make sure if there's any missing data as you can see I just want to select location and add it in for email addresses I'm actually gonna say that for our contact email column so it's gonna be step four just hang tight but everything seems to be checked off here I'll hit next okay so number four is actually you use our email column the reason behind this is we're asking to demonstrate our street contacts feature so with our street contacts meter once you have the email address we'll actually do more and gather data from the internet and in rich data so actually do have to work for you so I'm going to select my email address column however I'm sure some of you guys may have maybe a phone number or other data for your leads we also give that option as well if you want to import it in if you have a phone numbers column I don't so I'm gonna hit next step 5 assonance to choose an organization this is completely optional so if you have in our organization you want to work with if you can attach so in this case I'm will skip it and now we have step 6 I do want to pause that step 6 this is one final check to see if there's any missing fields or stages that I want to create when you're doing an import into a drop-down or a tag column this option will create those missing menu items if they are already not inside the pipeline so you can just check them off to make sure this is also another way we need to help you catch duplicates before you do an upload trick will ask if I stood look at data do you want to update it with information or create a new box for it this is up your discretion I will hit next finally a review step 7 this import will run and check for errors this is another advantage rather than just uploading from a CSV will patch the error before it starts everything sees me fine so I'm going to start my import okay it looks like it's been completed with no air is it done let's take a look at our pipeline as you can see these are now inside the pipeline with their respective data if you look at our contacts comm looks like it has been enriched with some drug data if I were to click on an example here click on Jane you see that tree contacts were able to pull in her title as well as her location based on our Sri contacts feature saving us a lot of time and effort so as you can see importing in your leads in can only take a few minutes now that your leads are inside your CRM you can start shrieking stay tuned for another videos to keep yourself a patrick power user

12 thoughts on “Importing leads from Google Sheets to Streak CRM

  1. If i have updated my google sheet with new leads do i have to update through google sheet again? Or does streak automatically update from the sheet?

  2. That worked PERFECT!!!! Thank you!!! Made so easy to move all the Leads Loan Officers are sending me!!!

  3. Hi! I am trying to do an import like you're showing here, but after I select all the columns to be imported (and make sure nothing is blank etc.) the NEXT button is still greyed out. Any ideas why? It's driving me nuts! Thanks!

  4. Any idea what to do when it gives me the error of 22 cells have invalid dates and it the company name field that it is questioning with no dates in it and the formatting is set to plain text?

  5. Really thought Streak was great at first. Installed app, then got busy creating deals in the app, took tutorials, everything going well. Then suddenly it tells me I can't create tasks. I had already created several tasks within the deals I had set up, then I get the message that tasks is not available on the free plan; it's only supported in the paid a rate of $50/month!! Obviously, creating tasks is the main purpose of a CRM program so that makes this app completely useless to me. Back to Pipedrive I go…very sneaky Google!

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