Importing Tip From Berlin! How To Start An Import Export Business mp4

Hi everybody its Alex here from
import/export expose I’m the managing director and I help out Peter Sohn on
importing and selling products from China and I’m actually located here I’m
actually on holiday business holiday in Berlin in the Terr Gardens be horse
enjoying a Luverne brow hello that’s what they call him and the reason I’m
making this video today is we’re getting emails from some of our subscribers
asking us questions like how do I start an import/export business how do I go
about even you know finding quality factories or suppliers in China and how
do I find out whether or not these factories are reputable and trustworthy
for me to actually pay the money so the reason I’m making this video today just
to give you a bit of a I suppose just a quick few pointers on not only locating
quality suppliers and factories but also just screen testing these factories how
to find out whether or not they’re they’re reputable or whether they’re bad
Apple factories that will take your money and do a runner so first of all
let me just start by saying the import-export business is a business
that allows a lot of freedom especially if you’re wanting to work from home
maybe you have kids maybe you want to spend more time with your family or
maybe just doing the things that you want to do I’m here in Berlin I’m
working at the same time answering emails fielding questions looking after
my clients and if you had an import-export business it would pretty
much be the same sort of you’ll be in the same position allowing you more
freedom because you could just be checking your emails maybe looking for
new products to the source from China and import those and maybe you’re
looking at new ways on which you can sell those products online as well as
offline so so let’s get started if you are wanting to import first of all you
have to select a product that you want to import that’s quite obvious right and
some people are still hung up on the product that they want to import if you
are one of those people don’t let that concern you there’s heaps of products
out there you and import products that that you’re
passionate about or something that you think is a good seller maybe you’ve gone
down the markers and you’ve seen these products that are converting like crazy
and you’re like you’re thinking I might import one of those products you can do
it that way but could also do it in a way which you think the margins the
margin on this specific product might be quite big you might say well I’m in this
for the money I might just import that product and
we’ll see how that goes that’s another way of selecting a product but can go on
science like Amazon Amazon best seller list if you actually go to the Amazon
main page it would actually show you the best seller lists of the products that
are converting right now and what people are actually spending their money on
what people are buying online you can go to ebay pulse which is an eBay site you
can go to pulse where it’ll show you what people are searching for on eBay
and what people are looking to buy you can also use science like a google
keyword selector tool which is a free tool which allows you to find out what
people actually googling right now there’s an is heaps of other free tools
have you ever come to one of our free seminars that Peter Sohn runs at
import-export exposed you were Peter gives you a big range of products are
finding products that people are wanting to buy there’s heaps of ways of going
about it but that’s just look start up the next step is finding the factory you
can use science like Global Sources are made in China comm Hong Kong Trade and
Development Council even Aliexpress so even go to you fear and find products
online using them science like those the next step and I’m not gonna focus too
much on on this right here but you’ve got to find obviously a reputable
Factory and then you’ve got a sample test that Factory you got exchange back
and forward get a reasonable quote and then arrange maybe three or four samples
from each Factory to find out and test the durability of each product as well
as you know is it quality material is it a quality product if it’s textiles
footwear or clothing or you know as they say their TFC in the importing world
it makes sure that it’s a good quality cloth good you know material footwear
goods saw or whatever it is you’re importing make sure it’s good quality so
that’s all I have for time for today for this video but if you are interested in
finding out more about the import/export business and how
go about starting your own importing our business and then start importing
products from China head over to WWE my export exposed comm there’s a range of
free videos that we give out to our clients and subscribers there so thanks
for watching and we’ll talk to you real soon sure to gain access to my free
video lessons where you will discover how to find what products to import that
people want to buy seven easy ways to locate quality factories in China that
one rip you off my secret negotiation strategies to getting great prices from
factories how to sell your goods once they arrive from China and much much
more just go to

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