Imports and Exports

importantly exports imports and exports find asparagus making money bathroom important export import and export by this fungus making a that bathroom the economy making money going to work by selling training everything reduce is to make distribute itself a so we say look if I okay gross domestic product better known as EDP is all the goods and services produced within a country every society has some economy that helps them provide the people with what they eat traditional economy is just right let me it's based on traditional and keep from hands economy of the government control what is produced in certain oppressor to be sold in a market economy consumers out the right to decide what's produce and what they want serve God and you take market or import and export mangas selling it making money from classroom imports and exports imports and exports by this time again make America's bathroom different country specialize in making different products from oil gas food diamonds even electronic specialization is when a country makes your product best and uses them to trade in order to trade insert naturally you must have change your currency which is another name for might be followed up you might run into an issue different rate barriers to stop train a tariff is a tax placed on imported pot to make them more expensive to protect local business opponent sets a limit on how much can be imported and also for distal-buccal product can be you in an embargo in the country starts trading with another to hurt their economy so it can't we there are a few more things that I think you should know my factor that the being economy growth business training and literacy technology Factory the machinery all the business job and the GDP this is everything you know about the economy

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  1. I came across this video while perusing the GPB website, and I think this is ingenious! I majored in Economics at the University of Georgia, so I can just imagine how hard it can be to convey the concepts to young learners. Hats off to you for going above and beyond for your students! This song is perfect! I wish I'd had it in undergrad! 🙂

  2. ok ms.ellis what channel and what is the name of the the new channel we are going to be on tonight please try to comment back cause i dont need my family having the wrong channel

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