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Okay in hello, my name is Chris Palmer in today’s video We will discuss how you can we go ahead and index backlinks. I get this question very frequently So let’s just jump right in. I have a great method for you. This will be very helpful on getting some of your backlinks indexed, Get links indexed fast link indexing video how to index backlinks fast So, let me just go ahead and show you a way that you two can do this so One of the best ways to do this is with two websites and let me dive right in So you’re gonna want to have your list of backlinks ready? And head on over to Okay, Now this website gets crawled all of the time Consistently now there’s two ways that you can do this. You can either go over To the right hand side and you can use the old reddit this method works very well. Um, That used to be the best way to do it. However, now you can just simply go right to your post So what you’ll want to do is go into your profile make sure it’s your profile. Okay? and You will want to create a post on your profile So you can go ahead and name a title something that’s going to be very relevant to your website So it could be anything. Let’s just say Okay, and then we can put Whatever your list of links is it does not matter Okay You can put all of your links inside of here, okay? backlink indexing fast how to index backlinks 2020 link building and indexing links SEO. You could fill this in now I’m doing this as an example, so obviously I’m gonna put in a little something more than a Pile but you can add as many links in here as you would like Okay You can then go ahead and highlight them and what’s really good is that they’ll make it very easy to fill out your anchor text Okay indexing links backlinks SEO marketing anchor text Now you can change them all to be the same anchor text You can change some to be this some to be that anchor text but stick with me here. I want to show you the second part So once you go ahead and post this All right, so you have your post now as you can see up here you have a URL There’s two things you can go ahead and do the very first thing that I recommend that you do is you take this URL Copy it and go directly to Twitter. Twitter is very very powerful for Helping along link indexing. I repeat. This is super crucial twitter is very powerful for Getting links indexed and helping along the process So you put it on reddit you take that Address and you send a link right to it from Twitter This will help it get crawled even faster Now you’ve gone ahead and you’ve put your links on to your reddit page. You’ve posted it. You’ve then tweeted it out and Then the very next step if you want. You see this link address right here You can launch your favorite software Or you can go onto Fiverr to whatever you would like and you could send links to this Page now this is going to be up to you. I Hope that this has helped you as you can see these are followed links Give it a little bit of time, but you will absolutely start seeing some great results For you out there that already knew this SEO trick. I’m sorry, but for those who did not I hope that this backlink Indexing method has helped you do not forget the Twitter step and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO video have a wonderful day Thank you from chris palmer seo this has been a backlinks backlink indexing index links video for 2019 moving into 2020 thank you

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