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I'm Bruce Dickinson and today I'm talking about creativity and what I do in the world of business had quite a long and ongoing career as a robber roll singer which is great fun I've had an imaginative life outside music as well in a lot of areas people say how do you write a song I said well you never in songs does it blow it and what songs with business people I said yes you do write songs it's just your songs are called business ideas your songs are called marketing campaigns their songs they entertain people and they have a beginning a middle and end they have a climax they have their everything my song has so where does your song start my song starts with what you want to know does it start with the words or the tune that's the first obvious one and the answer is it doesn't matter what matters is what happens next you can't be afraid of failure I don't like failure I feel wrong when I fail but don't just go I fail turn it into I failed and I will not fail again or I failed and I will try harder so I get better at it or I failed and I don't really care because I never wanted to do it that much anyway so put that into the box of won't bother doing that like cookery I'm a cookery failure my big emphasis in speaking about business if the business is about people when I talk to you now as the same guy talk to you now if you want to talk about Iron Maiden you know I still talked about I made I feel a bit worried I should be wearing jeans a t-shirt my identity as an individual the same I am determined I am enthusiastic and I love ideas so when I speak I speak as me so they're actually getting a piece of me which is because that's the only way you engage people to engage people with PowerPoint you say look at this slide in 1984 this company had a thing about hmm so you know you know cattle-prod more voltage for the front row please you know yeah I'm sorry you can you can look at that online I have little bullet points that scribble down a bit of paper a half a dozen phrases or expressions and then I look at who they are so I always try and have at least a little bit of a session beforehand with at least some of them so I get a feel of who they are what they are what they're looking for are they looking for reassurance are they looking for certainty and I think how can i how can I help them in in some way from from my experience

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  1. Yes !. Bruce is fn' awesome! it's great to see a rock star with his kind of drive and success!. and not victim to drugs , financial hardship,. etc.

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