International Insurance for Organizations | Clements Worldwide

I come from having lived in India for so many
years. I come from a very different background.
I come from an insurance market that’s not that really mature. So you really have to be very innovative with
your products so that you can differentiate yourself. You have to be very, very client oriented,
service oriented and our clients are working in pretty challenging environments. You know
the countries that rebuild. So the biggest challenge that they face is
to find affordable solutions. And not really policies or products but really solutions. The Clements offering is really very unique.
We’ve created products that are not really available through other local brokers or international
brokers. You know some of our products are so unique
that we have other brokers around the world using those products. For our clients they don’t really, seriously
see us as a as a vendor you know as a as a seller. They really see us as integral partner.

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