Introduction to Sandler Enterprise Selling

hi I'm Brian Sullivan at similar enterprise selling we work with clients worldwide to help them win grow and keep their enterprise accounts and a question I get all the time is how exactly do you define enterprise selling so for those of you who know Sandler you know we believe strongly in the power of pain our founder David Sandler one of his most iconic quotes is no pain no sale how true so we define enterprise selling in terms of the unique pains and challenges that organizations experience in selling into and serving large enterprise accounts versus selling into small and medium-sized businesses pains and challenges like extended sales cycles a focus on business value the fact that in the enterprise arena you deal with truly sophisticated competition the wide diverse buyer networks that enterprise accounts present the significant investment you're required to make in enterprise pursuits the complex decision structure of enterprise organizations and their diversified nature and their wide footprint and the critical need for you to use team selling to win the business well what about Sandler enterprise selling specifically our program has six stages beginning with territory and account planning opportunity identification qualification solution development proposing an advancement and last service delivery and we have a powerful portfolio of tools tools that provide acceleration to selling teams and moving through these long pursuits and in long term relationships serving enterprise accounts and tools that provide the critical communication platform so necessary to support the collaboration that's a hallmark of team selling and I mentioned that service delivery is the last stage in Sandler enterprise selling that's really not true because there is no last stage and saying there enterprise selling because it represents a continuous process of selling to and serving large enterprise accounts over the long term streams of transactions over time in long term relationships that's the enterprise world

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