Is it worth the hype? | Her Imports Initial Hair Review

hey see Maria thank you so much for tuning in um if you haven't already please hit that subscribe button so for today's video this is going to be a hair review yes I said it a hair review I ordered hair from her imports it's a very popular company so you'll see they're here all the time a lot of other youtubers have got their hair and then reviews on it so I was like well what the hell I'm going on vacation I need some hair let's see what all the hype is about so I'm gonna tell you if it's really worth the hype okay I will link all the information down below in the description box for this hair now these are their discount bundles and what that means is that there is the premium bundles that cost a lot of freaking money and there's the discount bundles which basically means they don't meet all the requirements for the premium bundles there's still you know 3.5 ounces everything like that so I was like I'm gonna buy and it was on sale 30% off for Valentine's Day I ordered this hair on Friday I received this here Thursday so it's almost a week later this is how it came packaged okay it came the United States Postal Service so our three bundles to 24 inches in one 22 inch body wave and my total was 161 and again these are for the discount bundles and it was 161 with me using the code that they had for their sale for Valentine's Day after a shipping and text it came to 196 50 so this is not a sponsored video this is an honest review completely honest alright so this is the hair now one thing that I did not like about this is the packaging on the slip it doesn't even say her imports or anything it just says like warehouse my name shipping information what I ordered and what I paid that's it it does say carrot imports on the actual hair bundles but there was you know there was no glam to the packaging and nothing pretty nothing I would say oh I can't wait to put this hair and no one like that alright so I'm going to show you guys the 24 inch bundle 24 inch bundle now this is a body wave this to me looks like almost like a deep wave you know what I'm saying just stretched it's still pretty long you know it goes like down to my bellybutton and I'm 5/3 it's nice its soft it has a little luster which I like I don't like really really shiny here I feel like if it's too shiny it doesn't look natural one thing I don't like I feel like when you gets towards the ends it's really thin and it made me feel like I should have bought four bundles instead of three the wefts are thick very thick again it does almost look like a deep wave or something not like a body wave okay and I stretch it still pretty long again I do the like this bundle is like then you know at the end the weft is still really thick so that's good I can't really talk about shedding because I mean let's face it all hair sheds your real hair sheds so whatever and plus is a rubber band and the tag here so I'm not even gonna run my hand through the hair right now but if you guys stay tuned you'll see a whole video I'll do a like a whole wig series with this hair for you guys so you can see how I make my ways and everything so stay tuned for that this hair initial review yeah I mean I'm not highly impressed I'm not gonna lie and say you know I've spent a lot more money on here and I was way way way more impressed with you know what I got it doesn't smell I mean it smells like this was like aired I don't know I like the smell it's a new hair smell said to me so and then I want to show you guys the frontal that I got so I got the frontal from aliexpress because I refuse to pay 107 dollars for a piece of place that's just my preference I know they say you get what you pay for but I made mine into wigs and I don't wear my wings every single day so it lasts me a really long time so the company that I got the frontal from is called beauty Grace on Aliexpress outward this hair at the same day that I ordered hair from her and ports I ordered the frontal on Friday and I got it Tuesday so it was really really really really fast it came yes and then I'll just show you guys how it came in everything so I came in like a little baggy like this well this was in there okay and then the frontal with the past year so it is 100% human here I got a 13 by 4 lace frontal 18 inches also came with some eyelashes that I probably won't use and this is the front sole and it's pre plucked I really don't like plucking closures and frontals but it's pre plugs so it looks really nice okay so here's the construction looks very nice like you can even see it you know that it's pre plugs super-cute okay here it is here show you the link and this is body wave for this frontal 80 inches I paid seventy seven dollars shipping was free and it's so soft so everything about this was great so I can't wait to slay this frontal so I'm also gonna have some follow-up videos um so I can really get into the details about this hair one thing that I really look for in my hair company is longevity is this here gonna last this hair is an investment so I want to make sure that the money that I spent on this hair is gonna last me for a long time so yeah I'm gonna give you guys all the details on you know shedding does take color well you know how long does it last what happens after I wash it does the pattern go back to its natural state so I'm gonna give you guys all the tea and then it's gonna be some honest tea okay don't forget to subscribe guys also connect with me on my social media all my information is down below so follow me on Instagram I love my subscribers thank you for even taking the couple minutes out of your day to watch this video I appreciate it so much you have no idea so thank you so much for watching I love all you guys and I will see you guys next time see ya

35 thoughts on “Is it worth the hype? | Her Imports Initial Hair Review

  1. 2:48 I bussed out laughing, that hair is so thin at the ends 🤦🏾‍♀️. I also did a review on HerImports, check it out!❤️

  2. I just came from the store in Greenbelt and they had the worse customer service I ever experienced. Even in the store I looked at the hair and it felt thin to me. So me personally will have to pass

  3. It was dropshipped that's why, so they don't keep inventory on hand. They send their logo info to the vendor.

  4. I really like your personality, you seem very sweet and genuine. I really appreciate this review, and the fact that you paid makes it even better because I feel like your review was honest. Not to throw shade but when you have 20 + you tubers reviewing the same company and 90 % didn't pay for the hair and all they have to "good " stuff to say…you have to give them the side but I' m always weary about ordering from these companies because like you said buying this hair is an investment and money don't grow on trees I look forward to your update videos to see how this hair performs. and this comment was long as have a nice day honey!

    *oops didn't realize this video was published back in Feb. so I am now going to watch the update video*😊

  5. I’ve had my Herimports for over a year now!!! Still looks great – will buy again😄😄 I bought premium

  6. It went down to the belly button? That's super long, wonder what it would look like IRL 🙂

  7. damnn they could have given u some cute packaging. it is like they took it from somewhere else and sent it to u. at least the hair looks decent though. gice me those lashes. the frontal is soo pretty as well. 😍😍

  8. Packaging is really important in branding. I’ve tries weave once and it itched somuch couldn’t keep it on! Looove the frontal though!!!

  9. Please tell me if this hair came from the Las Vegas warehouse! My hair from this company from that specific warehouse was just garbage. I got discounts Malaysian straight and I.T was very thin and just gross. I sent that shit right back to them, which I had to pay for with my own money and they only refund the product, not even the initial shipping.

  10. To Be Honest That's A Lot Of Money To Spend On Hair That Doesnt Include A Frontal . I Think I'll Stick To Aliexpress For My Hair I'll Pay Under That Amount For 3 Bundles & A Frontal. Good Review Though .

  11. Please do a video of the install, can’t wait to see it, I like the curl pattern but not it don’t look like body wave.

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