5 thoughts on “Joshua Smith: The Usual Suspect [Biola Torrey Conference]

  1. I too had police officers mistakenly point their firearms at me and then detain me.

    Never occurred to me that they must have been racist just because of their skin color because that would have been racist of me. As a Christian I try to avoid jumping to racist conclusions.

  2. I'm sorry, but why would you put anything in your backpack before paying for it? Do that after it's paid for and you won't be called a thief.

  3. You knew you weren’t guilty but the police didn’t. It only seems reasonable that they behave as though you are guilty, for their safety, until they eliminate you from the pool of suspects. What would you expect a gang member to say when questioned by the police about his gang affiliation?

  4. Wait . . . Police Officers detained a cooperative black man and he didn't take a beating and was released without further incident. Wow……. Sounds pretty racist to me…. Seriously this guy has a chip on his shoulder.

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