20 thoughts on “Learning To Trade | Money First. Then Knowledge. (Tips For Beginners)

  1. 'I think' that what you are trying to say is… there has to come a time when a person needs to stop 'learning' and to start 'doing'…

    I agree… getting the basics down is good… but the faster a person actually gets down in the 'dirty' will actually teach a person more than all the book learning one can get…

    Keep the profits going Clay… luv it…

  2. Clay, love the direction you are taking these videos and ClayTrader University. I’ve watched CTU grow over the years. Awesome stuff, man.

  3. Hey Clay,
    Where should I start? I definitely dont have money to loose and never traded. I have been reading and watching youtube channels over the last year. I have kinda dialed into you channel because i like your style and fits my personalty better. Also I think i have a realistic expectation on growth. Im still trying to learn how to set up trading view and learn how to use drawing tools….i have just restructured my schedule to allow me to dedicate 6 to 9 hours a week solely dedicated to teaching myself…..i dont want to be great at all strategies….I just want to know 1 or 2 and be really great at them. Thoughts on starting point…..i just think i probably need to know some things before spending money on a program….which will be yours if and when im ready….my goal is to eventually in the next 7 to 10 years be able to live and save for retirement and quit working. Im currently 42…any help or free guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Yessir you make total sense. I’m a loving and giving person so I’m not looking forward to the holidays lol very expensive haha cheers Clay!

  5. Hello i have a doubt i dont' know if any one can help. I live in EU country, in Portugal. I have create an account with an American broker, will i need to pay anything to the US authorities or file any document? or can i pay my taxes in Portugal from my gains?

  6. Clay, I make 80 grand a year driving truck. I trade on the side as a hobby. I'm not at the market everyday but when at my desk it's a gift. I encourage everybody that wants to trade for a living have a career first.

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