Lecture 10 – Texts and Hyperlinks

To add text to your presentation. You can
use text properties of basic objects or insert text object from edit menu. If you want to
use basic objects, you will have to remove the border and background of object. To do
so, just select the object with object selector. Then, uncheck filled checkbox. Finally set
the border size to zero. This will create an invisible shape that supports the text
inside. Now, add your text and you will have access to all the properties including alignment,
font and size. To insert a link inside your canvas, you need
to add the text object. The text object can be inserted from the toolbar or insert menu.
After selecting text object, a window will appear that asks for the desirable text. You
don’t need to write the whole text, just part of required text is enough for now. Then,
specify the boundaries by dragging the mouse from the top-left corner to right-bottom corner.
The text will be shown but we need to change its properties to be able to create a link.
Therefore, select the text object with object selector and add the website address inside
link. You can see the text is underlined which means that it is a link to a webpage. To see
the effect we have to first run the presentation. But this part is going to be explained in
details from lecture 16. However, we simply create one key frame and run our presentation
to illustrate the link. After running, we can keep the ctrl key down and click on link.
Default web browser of system will load the specified web page. After closing the webpage
press the ctrl key again to change the cursor from hand to normal arrow which means if you
click on the link, it won’t open the web browser.

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