34 thoughts on “Lecture 19 – Sales and Marketing; How to Talk to Investors (Tyler Bosmeny; YC Partners)

  1. The 30% rule for the cold calls is awesome 🙂
    A lot of useful information. Again!
    You guys rock.
    Please keep uploading 🙂

  2. Awesome! Check out Steli's post on how to follow up (and the story of following up 48 times with an investor who went MIA… before finally agreeing to a meeting and sealing a deal) http://blog.close.io/follow-up 

  3. This session presentation is very very helpful, sharp and hits the bull eyes on the topic discussed and all the presenter are awesome and thank you for sharing such valuable experience !!!

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  5. I have been following this series and in my opinion this is one of the best lectures. The points about how to pitch make great sense. Also the mock investor meeting gave great tips. I especially agree with the point of building the business instead of fundraising. People seem to forget the reason why we are building businesses. Great lecture!

  6. Tyle here says that you got to email a prospect again and again, while Peter Thiel said that you need to be careful regarding emails because obviously one wouldn't want his emails being marked as spam. Is it just me being overly skeptical or it does sound contrarian to others as well? Alternatively, would someone care to explain, if there's actually a connection between the two?

  7. Thanks to Tyler from clever who just gave a comprehensive guide on how to do sales.His point on going to conferences that aren't huge is so counter-intuitive and makes complete sense. The solution to the Free trail trap is amazing.

  8. 2019 anyone?

  9. Tyler Bosmeny: There is a million ways to do sales so you’ll find what works for you. As a founder you’re the sales people. Talking to your users is selling. Passion and industry knowledge trump sales experience. Prospecting is the process of figuring out who will even take your call. In the early days go to a lot of conferences. Get attendee lists in advance and email every single person to try to set up meetings.

    Michael Seibel: The best way you can make your pitch better is to improve your company.
    The thirty second page is three sentences:

    What does your company do?
    How big is the market?
    How much traction do you have?

    Dalton Caldwell: Make sure the person you’re talking to knows what you do. Actually ask for money. Fundraising does not equal success.

    Qasar Younis: You can tell when people are passionate and know their business very well. After the meeting follow up. Anything other than a check or a wire of funds is a no. Do due diligence on investors. You’re selling part of your company. You should know who you sell it to.

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