Lessons from the Art Collection of a Billionaire Businessman

we were very careful about our purchases we decided to make the investment not as an investment from which we expected a financial return but as an investment from which we might get a life return and that is exactly what happened I think the beginning of the time we started to think seriously about collecting art was when we moved into the apartment we're sitting in right now which was 1985 we actually used an interior decorator they suggested we might want to go to some gallery so we did I heard about pace gallery party gunther who was the proprietor he asked us how much we wanted to spend and either a barber we've said go between 10,000 maybe even 50,000 we said 60,000 and he said I really think that you should learn a little bit more about art and the things you want to acquire and our next stop that day was to meet Leo Castelli he said the very same thing I wish that you've taken years to learn more about what you're gonna be collecting we bought only when we saw when we loved and that's how we build our collection Barbara and I had an understanding that we both had to like a piece of art a lot together that was our roll very good rule yep we didn't buy things that both of us didn't vote a hundred percent with our box yeah a plus I honestly think it's part of the reason our marriage was held together for 69 years one thing that I really wanted to acquire the Warhol flower Leo Castelli he owned it it was in his office I saw it and very much wanted it it's not too large I love the color I love how it looks I'd really like that he said I'm sorry but I'm really not gonna sell it the next time I saw it it wasn't there and I said I was a painting he said fine and every time I saw him I said how's that war all doing finally he one days and I would like you to come into the office I have a surprise for you and lo and behold there was the Warhol he said now you won't have to ask me about it anymore you can acquire it which we did and I loved it to this day what we had always planned to do and which we are doing now is we have already given the paintings that were selected by Sotheby's to our Foundation and our foundation is selling them our foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the United States and in Israel and we do it trying to improve the quality of leadership in the nonprofit's we do it through a serious investment of the humanities the other thing that's important is to know it's local national and international now we're parting with some paintings and sculpture we love we think it's the right thing to do based on our life plan but it's difficult it's not exactly like selling one of your children but it's suck-it approaches it's getting close you you

31 thoughts on “Lessons from the Art Collection of a Billionaire Businessman

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  2. Ok so, these people have style for days, they know exactly what they love and have the best taste, you couldn't come up with a collection like that any other way.

  3. Can someone make a list of the art featured because there are some great works here but I don’t know them
    I know
    -Roy L.
    -Mark Rothko
    -Barnett Newman

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  5. The vast majority of the collection is pretentious garbage. Maybe a good financial investment, given the psychology of the crap rich people value, but my 5 year old decorates our fridge just as well as these folks decorate their apartment.

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