Let’s Be Clear About Online Wholesale, Online Retail, Offline Wholesale and Trade Fairs

Be the Creator, Not the consumer. This is Angus. April’s coming and how are you guys doing? Did you find some good products idea and move
on with them? As we talked a lot about Alibaba.com, 1688.com
and a lot of other marketplaces, so a lot of customers they are just confused about
where they should buy from. So today let’s take a look of these different
marketplaces. Why our customers are getting confused? I think because there is so many information
out there. We talked about Alibaba.com, DHgate.com, AliExpress.com,
1688.com and even the wholesale market-Yiwu Market, and a lot of manufacturing cities
and Canton Fair. So many marketplaces, so many websites. It will be so easy to make our customers confused
that where they should go and where they can buy from. So I think it’s time for me to organize a
little bit our customers. So they can make themselves clear about which
marketplace or which marketplace will be better for them. The 1st part I want to talk about Oline Wholesale
Marketplace. I want to split up into 2 parts. the 1st part it will be the international
online wholesale market and the other one it will be the in-country or we can call it
domestic Online Wholesale Market. Ok. The international one mainly will be Alibaba.com,
DHgate.com and there are other 2, Global Sources and Made-in-China we did not mention too much
before. But those are the top 4 International Online
Wholesale Marketplaces. Well the domestic wholesale marketplace 1688.com,
we already compared the differences between 1688.com and Alibaba.com. Once again I will share the video link up
here, so you can check the differences beween them. 1688.com basically will be the products sources
for other platforms. The price from 1699.com will be cheaper. But the thing is that buying from 1688.com
will be a little bit difficult. We also talked about the difficulties of buying
from 1688.com. The main problem will be the communication
and the payment. So if you can solve these 2 parts of problems,
you can buy from 1688.com very easily. Or if you can not solve those problems, I
suggest you hire one agent in China to help you source and ship the products from 1688.com. The 2nd part, it will be the Offline Wholesale
Marketplaces. We mentioned before the Yiwu market and we
introduced a lot of manufacturing cities in Zhejiang Province and Guangdong province. And we also shared the manufacturing citis’
map for you guys. So I hope you guys already took time to get
familiar with those manufacturing cities. Basically these offline wholesale markets
will be nearly the same with 1688.com. Well 1688.com, it is an online wholesale market
and Yiwu market or other manufacturing cities are offline. So if you are coming to China, you definitely
need to know more about those offline wholesale marketplaces, for example, Yiwu market. In Yiwu market, you can touch the products,
you can talk check the products face to face with the supplier. You can talk with them, negotiate with them. You can meet them personally, that will be
very easy to gain the trust and to make you moe confident to buy from China. Well, 1688.com it will not be very easy for
you to meet the suppliers and to get the samples. If you want samples, of course it’s possible. The thing is that you need to pay a few dollars
and also you need to pay the shipping fee. Normally it will take 2-3 days, sometimes
it takes 4-5 days to get the samples. So this will be the major difference from
1688.com and offline wholesale markets. But the price from 1688.com or from the offline
wholesale marketplace will be almost the same. And the 3rd part will be the Trade Fairs. We also mentioned a lot of trade fairs mainly
the Canton Fair. Well, the other fairs in Yiwu. Yiwu is not only famous for the Yiwu market. it also has a lot of trade fairs held in Yiwu. Of course, there are lots of other fairs,
for example, the electronics fair in Shenzhen or Hongkong, or some other fairs in Shanghai. We will take time to introduce a lot of more
fair in our later videos. But form my experience, I thought that those
trade fairs actually it is a place for communication or to maintain the relationship instead of
placing orders or buying from the fair directly. So my suggestion is that if you are not very
urgent to buy those products, I suggest that you should not order from the trade fairs
directly. You can just meet as many suppliers as you
can and check as many products as you can to make yourself know more about this business. So this is about the trade fairs. And also the price from the trade fair will
be very high and the quantity they request will be high as well. This is about the trade fair, if you are not
buying huge quantity or you are not ready to visit those trade fairs, I think you don’t
need to consider about those trade fairs. The last part is about the Online Retail Marketplaces. We mainly mentioned about the online retail
marketplace AliExpress. Well, there is another one DHgate. DHgate we just mentioned it is the online
wholesale marketplace. It can be retail as well because they offer
a wide range of prices. It can be sold by 1 or 2 pieces, or it can
be few hundred pieces or like 10 pieces or some other quantities. So if you want to buy online retail, you can
buy from AliExpress or DHgate. but recently, a lot of customers they consult
me about the Taobao.com, Tmall.com, JD.com. I’m not sure why? But those are actually the domestic online
retail marketplaces. The price will be high on those platforms
and it is fully Chinese. You can not understand it and it’s not very
easy for you to handle those orders from those retail marketplace. For example, for me, I only buy some daily
used items from Taobao, Tmall or jD.com. If I want to buy 100 pieces, I will never
buy from Taobao, Tmall or jD.com. Customers intend to know more about those
retail marketplaces, I think because they compared the price between 1688.com with Taobao,
Tmall or jD.com. The thing is that if you are buying 1 pc from
1688.com, the supplier they will offer you a retails price, that’s why the price will
be nearly the same with Taobao, Tmall or jD.com. But if you want to buy wholesale, of course,
1688.com will be much better than those online retail marketplace, Taobao, Tmall or jD.com. And the other aspect I think because there
are customers they want to do dropshipping. They just want to buy 1 piece or 2 pieces
from China and they want to sell in their in their country. Checking the price on AliExpress or DHgate,
the price will be very high. Because they already add their margin or the
shipping fee. So, customers, they intend to buy from Taobao,
Tmall or jD.com. But if you really want to buy a little bit
more, I don’t think you need to waste your time on Taobao, Tmall or jD.com. Those are actually the 3 retail marketplaces
we don’t suggest you ahead with OK. So those will be the 4 parts of marketplaces. No matter they are online or offline, I just
want to let you guys make yourself clear which marketplace will be better for you. I hope you guys could stick with one marketplace,
one online, the other offline marketplace. So you can move your business forward Instwad
of trying a lot of different marketplaces. That will be so crazy to know all of those
market places. So those will be all about this video. If you have different opinions, PLS comment
down below this video. If you are still not clear about those different
marketplaces, PLS let me know and I’ll try my best to explain again. Once more, this is Angus. Like, Share & Follow, do what you want to
do.Spread the words. Thanks!

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