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hey guys it's Sarah from Sarah soul-search here this video is made to give people an idea of what it might be like to be an exchange student at a Korean high school I just really want you guys to keep in mind that the schedule at Korean high schools changes every single day so the city was taken off Friday which is what I have most of my fun classes and just don't think that or having music and art and clubs every day which we're definitely not but even though it's not really the typical workload that we would have every day I think it gives people a general idea of what it might be like to go to a Korean high school and take classes there I apologize in advance for the poor quality of some of the jobs that are in this video but frankly I'm not a videographer I'm just here to try to help people and show people what it's like to live here in Korea so hopefully like it and thumb it up and subscribe if you do so here's the video I hope it helps you thank you I usually leave my apartment in around 6:50 in the morning now go on over to the little elevator go ahead on down to the basement level of course it didn't actually that fast I just set it up so it's not to bore you so then I walk out into the parking lot area where all the cars are or the apartment complex then I go out into the outside parking lot down to different heroes around the corner and there are actually some pretty cool shops here so I figured I'd give you a slope and you can take a better look then I keep going down the street you're betting a new apartment complex in my neighborhood so I walk by there every day and stared at awkwardly nothing new and they're going to stuff is the most delicious snack you'll ever eat your lives so you want definitely stop by when you have time and there's a Hana March which is where I get just my clothes shoes and whatnot usually Carol and I arrived with the bus left around 7 o'clock to similar to the bus usually gets there about 2 minutes after we do but you've done known to be like more than 30 minutes late before so I guess I'm lucky that I caught him on a day when he wasn't late one thing that really surprised me about Korea was how insanely decked out the school buses were like they have mood lights velvet seats seatbelts castles curtains it's crazy there's even a flat-screen TV in the front of the bus definitely like nothing I've ever seen in America the ride to school is about 25 to 35 minutes long so I get to school at around 7:40 sometimes later after the first bell rings we have a 50-minute study session you might notice that there are no teachers in the room and that's because the study sessions are entirely student directed which means the teachers are not there to keep us quiet it's pretty impressive because they usually stay quiet anyway on Fridays our first period class is gym and before we go into the gym you actually have to take off your shoes which was a totally new thing for me because in America just teachers with all the stress if we weren't wearing the proper shoes but here we don't win this is a really popular game in gym class is called p-goon it's kind of like dodgeball let's head over buns off after Jamie went back up to our homeroom and then read King downstairs for music class and secondary haha after that we went back to our homeland pass there's a 10-minute break between every single class which is really nice and we usually use that to finish homework or sleep or visit with other students on Fridays my third period class is English which is too nice teachers are usually asked for pronunciation help or ask about the context of a certain word so I've worked in your classes biology but I didn't really have a lot of chances to record anything till I chose not to but after that we have lunch and the way that they do lunch here is actually really strange my opinion and the what do you guys want at the same time so the long till I can get extremely long the third graders are fine the second graders are in the middle and the first graders are in the back and my class is usually the last to go so if you take more than 30 minutes just to get to the front line after you finally get to the front line and grab your tracks this new school aren't any Forks usually so don't count all night which is usually comprised of some rice and kind of side dish something fried and country some vegetables and some soup sometimes as we've dessert too but that could be anything from an apple to the donut [Applause] here are couple examples of what school ones might look like after lunch sometimes we head to a school store where they sell a lot of static leash pies and then we have to head back to class unfortunately but on Fridays we have clubs so here I am heading to the chorus club which fortunately is just right back in the music room where I was before they don't have Canada's Korean high schools so the students are responsible for keeping them in the classroom and your health is clean you usually do this before our last class today then here's some random footage from my math class not very exciting unfortunately I'm not really master suls so around 5 o'clock me and Carol usually head home on the city bus we're actually not allowed to use the regular school bus because it doesn't like the school into past 10:00 p.m. and the teachers told us not to do yoga so we have to just stick a public bus knowledge really isn't too bad hopefully it was a pretty good explanation of what it's like on an average Friday at my high school if you have any questions or suggestions then just put them in the comment box below and you can also follow me on instagram at Sarah's soul-search which is the same thing as my youtube username go figure anyway thanks for watching and hopefully I'll be seeing you in the comic box for my future videos we should be coming out sometime this week alright so have a great day thank you

25 thoughts on “Life as an Exchange Student at a Korean High School | SarahsSeoulSearch

  1. I'm from Philippines, and i wonder how does ot feels like to have an exchange student classmate! (I also want to be an exchange student)

  2. The number of students escaping from Korea is increasing. The president's daughter also moved overseas. Club activities after school are also not flourishing.

  3. Looks so strict and boring. American schools let you enjoy growing up and having freedom outside of school without your head in a book all the time.

  4. i’m really curious… can you understand what the teacher is saying when they teach in korean ? are you fluent in korean ? and if you are that’s so cool !! and being an exchange student seems really fun, but interesting.

  5. I remember when I had to do those cleaning up in the class. One time, Iisread the schedule and the teacher punished me by making me go to another class and cleaning that class while EVERYONE was still in class. It was humiliating and now that I think about it, my teacher was just a huge b. I hate her.

  6. Real school life if exactly like school in korean drama.i only want to knw that ur classmates r rude or very polite like Americans

  7. Even as I'm Korean, I don't understand the way to take off one's shoes in a gym. That way is only applied in this school, which is not common thing. I've never taken off shoes in a gym, neither do other students.

  8. 원래 체육관이나 강당에서 실내화 신지 않나요? 맨발로 실내에서 운동하는건 첨보네요!

  9. I know I am extremely late, but I would love to study abroad in Korea as a high school student but I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

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