Lightworks 11 Tutorial – Part 10 – Exporting Your Work

Hello and welcome again to Lightworks
This video is exporting your work Part ten of the Lightworks quick start
tutorials In this last video in the series you
find out how to export Your edit as a File And we look at further sources of
information on Lightworks editing To export your edit Drag the export icon from the toolbar
to over the edit viewer and lift a finger The export panel opens On the panel select your video format
from the list of available formats I want an AVI Then select a compression format And choosing DV/DVCAM Next choose a destination folder Clicking on the drop-down button takes
you to the folder that was last used If you want another destination click
places and browse to a different folder Or different disk drive Now give your export a name And click start A render panel appears that shows the
progress And it’s done If you click on the destination folder
you get to windows browser Where you can play the AVI Okay we’ve now reached the end of the
lightworks quick start tutorials Which were very much a short overview designed
to get you started There is of course much more to editing
and managing the project on Lightworks Further information can be found in the
lightworks user guide And the lightworks quick start guide Free downloads of the Lightowrks software
and documentation are available And more Lightworks videos will be coming
soon so watch this space

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