waiting on you Giggy are we live all right prepare to witness the feat the likes of which you have rarely if ever seen unless you worked at a company that assembles pcs so basically what's what's shakin tonight is we're having our first ever games night here in the Linus Media Group lounge and here come on a little closer nd we see we've got all these board games over here but like I was playing some a no eighteen hundred last night and I was like you know it'd be really cool is if we could do the actual LAN party at the games night tomorrow too and so it was the afternoon and I was kind of sitting there going you know I've actually done pretty much all the videos that I need to do for this week maybe I could go chip away at some of the some of the computers that we have to build and then I got to thinking what do I even employ all these people for you do a quick like what why am i gonna build all the computers myself that's that's absurd nah dog so I have recruited 10 helpers so we've got Alex Clark we've got Enzo Iago we've got kolten Potter su PP Dean stride Dennis I don't know what his last name is I can't pronounce it David go chair we've got Mateus who you've actually never met before technically he's on probation and he's not allowed but his probations going real good so it's unlikely he's gonna get like canned so good job Mateus and also Anthony who you all know so we're gonna work together to try and get this entire land center from piles of parts to completely finished gaming rigs in time to play games on them tonight ah does anybody need a screwdriver okay I haven't I fixed it kit Jake just for anyone who doesn't already know what is the penalty for losing a bit from one of Linus's screwdriver kids it's death its death so okay who wants it all right there you go there you go and I got anyone wants one of the it's not the stats their budget not snap-on but it's the same thing I would take that they'll take that one will you lose any bits all right so this whole thing is brought to you guys by C sonic so see sonic Oh are the ones who sent over there completely overkill from titanium 1000 watt 80 plus titanium modular power supplies for these rigs these things are freaking ba and they're completely overkill for the specs that we're using but see sonic sponsoring the project and that's what they wanted to say man I wasn't gonna be like oh heck no man I don't want no thousand watt 80 plus titanium send me something worse so that's you can check them out at the link in the video description let's go ahead and get started so the main plan is for Alex Clark to be kind of our caller for for chair assembly are you ready to rock on that cuz yeah guys we don't just have to build the rigs we also have to actually assemble the desks that they're gonna go on and the chairs that our butts are gonna go in so we've got to is this the one that you just finished matthias right here so we've got two desks ready to go one we're using as a staging area for the chairs and the other one that's just on standby right now so I guess the best thing for us to start with is anyone who's not really doing something right now raise hands okay David Denis Eady Anthony and Colton are you you're doing something alright so the rest of you Alex is going to get you guys started on chair assembly so I'm gonna help you guys get set up with all the pieces you need oh man keeping this organized with this motley crew is not going to be simple so we're doing our best so each land PC has a box that all the boxes for the parts are going to go in so we can keep everything kind of organized the problem is that the thing about systems is that they tend to take up a lot of space so each of our chair assemblers needs to find a spot kind of on the floor here I think where you're not in Mattias is way and you're not in the way of the parts that are over there so David what else do you need I can bring you everything you need so you need the rest of one of these boxes right okay so here's the rest of a box you also need this piece and the star bottom right okay I got you fam go go ahead and get started so Alex yeah we're getting all the pieces of the chairs here and then do you guys want to just use your own instructions or Alex are you going to guide everyone you kind of started without them is there only have one drill oh okay so is there anything that they can prep for you though okay so never mind you guys are not doing what I said you were doing you're gonna yeah you're gonna put wheels okay so Alex needs a helper Anthony you're Alex's helper and then ed Dennis and David you guys are putting wheels on bases and and cylinders on the other end of the bases all your bases are belong to got it I can do that is that Phillips head all right no problem Anthony you are Alex's helper thank you what are the two what are the three tapered screws for okay got it so I leave those for now and then now there's five of these big ones what's the deal with that oh okay cool and do we know which way this goes okay Anthony can you find that out okay there we go I'm gonna guess for now and we're gonna see how that goes for us I actually think it probably goes the other way okay cool well that worked out really well so far so while I'm doing this I can actually walk you guys through sort of how this project came to be basically we expanded into this additional unit here with the intent of using it all for storage and then we actually got another one as you guys probably saw in the gamers Nexus tour a really good tour you guys should go check that out for sure Steve and this team did a great job so we expanded into another unit that's going to be storage and now this one we decided to do something more fun with so we're turning about half of it into an employee lounge full of like game stuff and gaming rigs and all that good stuff so I think sorry what's that no I don't think you legally need an employee lounge after a certain number you do I don't think so actually James I'm anyway that's not why we did it so we did it because we think we should but whatever so anyway I can use this opportunity though to walk through with you guys out what kind of systems we're putting together for this and also give a massive shout out to everyone who so we're starting of course with the chairs actually Max anomic chairs were the first chair company that I ever did a review of and I loved that chair so much that it is still my daily driver chair now I absolutely love their chairs just really really nice construction especially in just like the C of kind of crummy gaming chairs that are out there really a fan of just a nice high quality foam that they use like you can't feel the boards or the bars or anything like that in the seats and they also do a bunch of really cool stuff now that they didn't do before like check this out so we've got LTT logos on all of the chairs that they did up for the land center here which is pretty freakin sick yeah they look really good actually hey Jake do you remember if the the pillows are also LPG logoed no they're not or you don't remember they're not okay ah can someone get me a gas cylinder to put this put this chair on or I guess I could do it no David can do it remember we also need the shroud for it though oh boy this is kind of chaos I believe so does it go in that way okay cool can you guys guide me in David hey hey you know the Chum yeah hey let's try again guide me in again David okay are we good is it assembled okay cuz once I sit on it it's not coming off okay cool ah excellent I'll take a handle or I'll take a side thing yes I'll take a side thing all right oh yeah so right I said I was gonna go through everyone who provided hardware and the specs of all of these rigs cuz it actually changed a couple of times funny story we were gonna go with Intel machines at first and then we had some trouble getting our hands on chips as you guys may or may not be aware Intel's had a bit of a bit of a shortage situation on their 14 nanometer processors so they weren't able to get any of those over to us so AMD stepped in and we actually did an entire video talking about the difference in performance between AMD and Intel for gaming and while for some games in particular it was quite noticeable what we observed was that at the refresh rate and resolution that we're gonna be playing at it actually doesn't matter and that leads me to question Matthias what happens to the monitors and have they sent the right ones yet you've got backup monitors do you now oh that's awkward we had the old one still oh okay we might have to we might have to crack open the old ones did you put that side piece on oh oh yeah there's a screw that's fine I've got the screw I thought maybe it was in so you're putting on the bottom handle ah these side ones are kind of hard to put on – actually that's not the greatest experience I've ever had but hey once they're assembled they're great dang it I got a screw this in well Andy you can go around and visit other people you know what I'll run through everyone who sent over hardware in a little bit oh man this is this is not going in East oh you know what that's good any good enough okay so is this the is this done no no that's right that's the other side oh the bat yeah the back is there yeah there you go so this is the leg this button okay and then we just need one more of those handles for the gas lift boom I also feel like I don't know how this works I'll brace you push okay bull what's that complete chair yeah yeah it's getting out of here okay oh this rolls out real nice how many miles are on this puppy this is audio level we should reply to you want to grab my laptop it's in my backpack right next to me you can use that to monitor that stream oh it's just that mic oh okay I'll let you know that's what you do what you don't hit the chair Dennis – where's your lap Oh like I'm gonna take this off now hold on honey don't hit don't hit I'm not pull back what do you mean put me on the spot Colton's got to tell you some more stuff about Max not oh my gosh dude so max anomic they're great they've got a selection guy that helps customers to find the right chair based on height and weight Lyonne sorry talk to the embroidery service and they have bulk deals available for businesses that you can check out and you can learn more at LMG dot GG / max anomic we will make a video presenter out of you yet just kidding Wow hey Colton can you guide me in here Wow the piston into the chair first and then the some of the backwards reverse well is it in turn it into a one-person job oh you turn the one-person job into a two-person and that goes okay so that these chairs are kind of starting to come along here I think we're gonna have three done shortly then we're gonna have another oh yeah okay so you need a gas space Anthony here we go just adjust the angle towards you a little you can keep going towards you towards you towards you and we should be on there and one two three that's on okay so Holton when you're do you want to be the guy who does these side bits and I'm annoyed yeah sure okay cool what are you reading instructions from how to do that yeah was I was trying to see this said the only thing I don't have right now this is me this is you need a friend oh don't have okay so you take this yeah yeah but isn't there a okay god yes alright yeah and then you do the same on the other side these handles yeah we just don't just pop them BAM it sounds good yeah perfect instructions anymore yeah yeah yeah here that's fine no no no no no no no no no no no no new new new okay we want to keep whoops organized you guys so excited excellent yep so what maybe we should streamer stream on the line of stream on the line is tech channel after after windchill what you're doing I'm standing here for now me at all you're not able to put that thing in what do you have in trouble yeah it goes yeah where does the screw go the screw goes in the hole yeah but then how does it actually speaker : it's it's just a sticker there's a hole there why would you put okay look got it he's really really good at other stuff combined you this one right here behind you no needs beside this okay I can help them here all right we're kind of we're kind of getting this figured out man needs chairs it's like the thing about assembling his chair is it doesn't really take very long but even a short job times ten takes a long time you know know what I'm saying you okay Anthony you did you have to you have to fill up the bank it's important everyone be careful and try not to get cut it's gonna slow us down also because I care [Applause] okay that's not an achievement for this James I'm just about done with this one but I actually have a really hard time putting the bottom handles on meet you I do you think you can help me with that it requires a little bit more arm strength how do you do that where they go they go on the bottom handle saw in there yeah on there it's pretty fun I think JDate does anyone care about this this dream 13 thousand people are watching 15 hey guys cool I promise we're gonna get to the PCs as soon as humanly possible that's the part that we're looking forward to to actually once I'm finished putting this chair together maybe I'll walk you guys through the three C's what we're building because they're pretty sick some pretty sick rigs actually all right my night so James oh yeah I'll do this one ah can't see in the whole dark we have a mallet you got oh we do okay guys this is the new way to put the handles on the chairs new and improved how many chairs are we done Danny – yes what feel like parts of this assembly liner yeah yeah Alex it's easy to point with others and when you when you point it someone else three fingers point back so here's also the other way they've got like this want to help me put the finishing touches on this one you got to do different things yeah are you a new L Tina are you pimping the new l TT huh actually I think that's live on the store right now so we've got fifty dollars we've got black make sure you put your initials in it though make sure you put your initials in it though because people will be wearing these trying to steal yours oh yeah oh it says the red one if you want to go check it out Andy oh so that's on okay people back home right now yeah I don't know what would you call it yeah sure it's a burgundy color you got the mallet right thanks for that just maybe not when I'm finding the screw you're gonna have to he've it leave on it just give her well the other one did without a mallet no yeah that's why the tap will do the one I had just now was really hard I don't need to side yeah so here if we just turn it around then I can do my size four years ago I'm sorry yeah that's fine that's for me some of these don't pop on real yeah in Colton's defense when we couldn't figure this out some of them really are a little bit its locks are unlocks that bottom the base tilting gets on this yeah so that's stupid thing that the stupid button Karen always presses on the chair that's the one that one done what about this one is this one done yes you don't sound click this together remember why are there such as cruise I think the base might not be guys are killing me here what no girl there's tears out there that one's missing wheels okay here's more screws and I've actually got a few more we should have a wad of experts to you can you put them on I don't think that's no did you build that other chair that was missing the foot no I did I build it in hindsight doing this on the floor within what yeah no that's still not there I think he didn't build the one who was amazing okay just push it computers – I need a shirt that says I'd rather be building computers yeah we should do a shirt versatility building content emerge item right there that's how it happens ladies and gentlemen lightning strikes the cam to him in a dream this is my dream looks like me and a bunch of guys on our knees on the floor I'm sure Anthony are you assemble this kind of uncomfortably close I'm just putting screws in a chair oh nothing super interesting pretty good okay wonderful cases I have chairside handles do you want handles – he wants everything Tennessee's insatiable he's insatiable ladies and gentlemen husband now it I need the mallet for this oh there's the pointy ones yeah that's really inefficient though we almost done the chairs for that I don't know if you're putting the Amazon all the way genius we're so close to getting these chairs done for Matias right Matias your true friend specifically a trooper we said that that was Tom's hand are you gonna catch this victory victory laughs right here me and David this is not a great victory lap shooting his review of the Blackmagic pocket 4k making too much noise for him oh you guys are the chairs done are we done ladies and gentlemen okay when you roll them out there be quiet because Brendan will get mad at you otherwise okay mission accomplished so now I can finally walk you guys through what we're gonna be dealing with here for the PCs after I drink this refreshing water from this Linus tech tips water bottle hmm upside down sorry one moment please gotta get my I gotta get my water bottles good side here LTTE ladies and gentlemen oh yeah we've actually got the limited edition commemorative Roast t-shirts up there right now too so we're only making a couple hundred of these so ya know there will be no James DNA included with people of t-shirts okay you know I'm gonna grab three so NPC three let's go through and let's uh let's show what kind of sex we're gonna be dealing with here so we decided to go micro ATX because we wanted nice compact machines but without compromising all of the upgrade ability by going ITX because we're gonna need some expansion cards so we're using coarse hairs crystal 280x because tempered glass RGB micro ATX looks really good all that good stuff so that was our case of choice for this project in terms of our processors these are these are kind of loose Matthias how do you want to handle the CPU assignments Tyler wants to do that oh well like we're kind of ready you want to go get Tyler okay so we're using Rison 2700 X processors because we couldn't wait for the upcoming Zen two based ones which I have a feeling we're gonna really regret what's really cool about what AMD is doing these days is that we're finally back to buyer's remorse when you buy computer hardware because you actually get like generational performance improvements go figure so that's neat like sucks to be us but like pay better than not having performance improvements so that's cool we're going with ah yes so here's our box of memory oh hey this is the accessory box for a level 20 GT surely someone's been looking for that cuz that's not where that's supposed to be okay so in here we've got our vengeance RGB pro memory so these are 26 66 megahertz 16 gig kits guys I know I know that this isn't as fast as we would want for Rison I know originally we were going Intel okay that's why we're using these I mean we're gonna be like a Corsair we're gonna change our around hello so that goes there and then for our boot drives we're going with MP 300 nvme SSDs these are 480 gigas and the original plan was to do these and then obtain acceleration on our mechanical drives but funny story the board the the pro board from Asus the tough pro an ATX board for AMD that does have two nvme slots is not available in this region so we couldn't get it so we're just going with nvme and then we're gonna use primo cache to partition off maybe like 80 gigs of this and use that to accelerate the hard drive if anyone isn't sure what to do right now go ahead and grab a max on a chair box and start loading in the same things as I am so you can start getting ready for assembly all right so next time yes this is gonna be good so we're going to lift 10 gig Knicks from a quanta and the reason for this has nothing to do with gaming this is all about making sure that when we're installing games it's going fast so I you know because we've got like 12 rigs here so we want a 10 gig network with a steam cache elsewhere on the network which we already have so that way when we're all like hey we're gonna play some black ops and we all press download at the same time there's gonna be no bottleneck and we can download our games off of our own server and even faster than gigabit speeds so much faster than Steam would be able to deliver them to us so every system gets a 10 gig NIC go ahead and grab a 10 gig NIC in fact you guys can load up more than one box if you go over who's getting ahead of me here no so far we have a 280x case a 10 gig NIC an MP 300 SSD and a vengence RGB profile get carried away ladies and gentlemen here's a bunch of D brand skins which has nothing to do with anything other than that D brand graciously skinned our tables for us and they look freakin awesome with this true textured 3m vinyl like honeycomb pattern I forget what they call it but it looks amazing everybody needs a commander Pro because we're going full RGB for these builds so everybody grab a commander Pro please yes all right we're all gonna need a tough series B 4050 M + gaming motherboard there's nothing about a motherboard that makes it particularly gaming that doesn't matter basically it had the features we needed in terms of processor support and it's got 4 RAM slots we thought it had enough m dot 2 slots but it didn't lol joke's on us I've has ideal slot spacing for us so we're gonna do our graphics card right here it's going to take up these two and then we're gonna do our 10 gig NIC right here so it's gonna get pulled and whit's there so there you go that's what that looks like is there another Commander Pro ah okay one of the systems have two commander pros do now let's get out ahead and take two commander pros no you didn't actually I don't think alex has a commander pro at all okay we'll get back to you on that okay everybody needs an RT x 2070 graphics card so basically we're gonna be gaming at 2560 by 1440 once they soo swaps up the monitors for us and this was kind of a without totally break breaking the bank sweet spot so we're still gonna have support for RTX but honestly we weren't that worried about it as a feature because none of the competitive games are gonna be playing care about that so it's got about the performance of a GTX 1080 but with extra features and doesn't break the bank that's why we went with that um also we've got these nice dual fan these nice dual fan so these rigs we actually have one of them completely built up they are surprisingly quiet even under load because hey we've gone way overkill on the CPU cooling so we're using h100 i RGB platinum coolers these are so far overkill for rising 2700 X but whatever there you go hold RGB baby if you guys need me to distribute these what you mean I thought other boards we ordered what next round we did you did okay okay all right everybody needs a lighting node Pro accept system – oh that may be what happened with our other RGB thing system – already has it installed in the case okay cool so everyone needs a light a node Pro Dennis you gentle beautiful human back to the back to roast mode is you sweet just give me everything okay so every system gets I think to light loop fans don't quote me on that one though it's gonna be interesting who each – each – each yeah we okay so we're doing this like old-school fire fire with fire dept styloid if there's a lot extras then it's probably three per system so let's see how that goes all right power supply time so everybody needs a see sonic frying titanium thousand watt 80 plus titanium power supply not because they actually need that kind of wattage because but because see Sonic sponsored this build and that's what they sent over so we are yeah we're going with it so okay I have two pens everyone got two fans man this is gonna take us a while I wanna start distributing power supplies power supply oh hey guys I have guys I have a whole mother box of commander pros and lighting node pros so are we actually are we actually short on the RGB for any system ones missing at commander Pro okay David all right well at any rate you know those are there so we can put that with the extra all right now of course our systems would not be complete without peripherals and that's where our friends at logitech came in so everybody's getting their Brio 4k pro webcam here you go sir yeah Ben okay why do I even hand these things to Dennis he just turns around and hands them to someone else box right next to put stuff in right there no I don't have mess up like I don't want you to mess up either but like all right cool are you guys did anybody notice that's on edge we have an echo that short of cooler all right wait is it system – no okay all right all right nice so we went with Wow Logitech sent over g9o fries for all of them those are extras deep for a wireless oh wow we Reggie Pro is everyone ever you guys are applauding apparently were apparently we're really excited about G pro Wireless where are the G pro Wireless alright well we'll get to the keyboards first you know what and all this new headsets first so we've got Logitech G Pro headset so I need one of those and no I'm not giving it to Marcus no all right fine so actually distributing this Fred oh wait these are D 935 okay well I don't I don't know I guess we have Jake so we've got oh wow so some of them get powerplay mousepads oh so okay we're not gonna worry about the powerplay mouse pads or 903 s or 703 so these are the ones that have that perpetual charging technology so we're gonna see if some of the lucky stations get those all right now we need keyboards g5 13 carbons so these are using their romaji linear switches and of course RGB up the wazoo all right these are heavy all right and finally cheaper wire lessons so wait do we not have enough G Pro wireless as for all of the stations there should be 12 yeah all right well we'll find out cuz there might be 12 total mice here by my count we're supposed to use DS and 703 s on some of the stations I guess we will find out later finally because we want this set up to be capable of streaming as well and no offense to Logitech's headset but this is a better option they actually recently acquired blue so they're sent over 12 of their yeti nanos and we're gonna have those set up on all the stations as well so if anyone wants to stay after work and stream on their you know channel or do whatever these stations are all gonna be set up with 4k webcams and Getti nanos you have I already took plenty tonight okay all right I can't be done I need one more than you need one more than Elmore that's it for the Eddie nanos I'm richer how extent it's all absolutely Alex broke the system okay so guys the CPUs have all been written down by Matias over here so what you do is you take your CPU when you're assembling a system everybody got that we're just gonna leave those somewhere safe until we're ready to actually install them in the motherboard okay so um who all is ready to grab a system and go go just pick a number actually hold on no before we do that I'm gonna show you guys system 1 because system 1 is built the way that we expect all of them to be built at the end I believe this is system 1 ok so this one was built by me for better for worse wait no also the extra mics are just for preference if people want to use other mics nice nice you don't get to like pick them but you don't have an assigned station like oh there's 12 we have over 20 employees that's not the way it works okay the stations are reserved okay so here we go guys this is the expectation for the final build so this is our this is what our finished rigs are gonna look like alright so I want to walk you guys through a couple quick things here everybody gather around okay so cable management on the back we're not too concerned about that you're basically just kind of shoving everything back there alright that's that level of expectation we're a bit of a hurry here all right the hard drives um oh Jake did we ever figure out where this hard drive wasn't showing up we did that ones assigned to you yeah system one might have may have one small issue with the hard drive there so that's the plan there and then actually I forgot one piece for all the systems we're using cable mod wire extensions in order to get that nice clean that nice clean look there so RGB strips go nope not top so back bottom front I don't think I have one on top oh yeah I do sorry back bottom front and talk so full RGB we're doing the tubes towards the front of the case we're doing these front ones as an intake and we're actually doing the top ones as an intake as well so we're gonna be massively positive pressure inside the reason for that is that they're all filtered so it's not a huge deal and they look better when we see the front of the fence so it's purely for looks not for performance if we were doing it for performance we'd probably go in and out okay that would be smarter all right um I'm gonna put this over on the rack over there okay guys yeah I can take off the panels I'm not gonna drop it so Oh Jake are you distributing the cables yeah you're grabbing a system right yeah all right how long is this gonna take us do we have anywhere to build systems like do we have enough tables ready yet or can we do three people to a table what do you think all right so Anthony you okay so I want all the experienced builders to take a new so Anthony you get Dennis more assignments Alex you are taking actually most of the other people here all right Oh James okay James you're on your own and I guess yeah James you're on your own actually yeah yeah actually it's Jeff with James David you're on your own okay who's with Alex you're over here hey cold air okay I think I'm ready guys this is critical to hold all the accessories and packing material and and manuals of whatever blows back in your box everybody got that otherwise poor Matthias and Tyler will never be able to figure out where everything goes everybody got that you can sign it if you want but you don't have to be fine dining table over here oh wow that's gonna be a challenge fun okay man so I haven't done like a PC building workshop in a very long time I actually did one years ago back when I worked at NCIX the deal was if you bought your computer within this certain time period and you were willing to wait until this one date to get it you could come in and I would run a classroom and teach you how to build your own system as we did it once or twice a lot of fun not a huge revenue generator so we weren't able to continue the program but it was it was definitely fun so inexperienced builders follow along with your teacher and now let's don't get too far ahead of him this is a cool piece I built seven of them seven that's a lot of PC's with my job how RGB so the trickiest part of these builds is gonna be the RGB you guys because it's not trivial to wire it up so that's where you're gonna want to look at the example computer and have a look at how it all goes together all right you know we are having RGB the gentleman number three all right cool Wow okay guys can you take your boxes and put them under your table like old mentality they went claiming this one the two of us come back in ketchup sure okay okay so you guys are probably not gonna on the side that works you're weak you're weak yeah I'll just run off if you're missing a cable extension guys they're gonna be over on the rack on the bottom shelf because I need this table to build on you don't have to follow me Annie now that everyone's getting started let's see how this goes I'm trying to take something out of a box it's fun so I want to I started late and I'm gonna try and beat everybody else it's totally one hundred and fifty percent of race I have Raymond already and next one is MDOT to get Alex all I gave Jake one oh we're just getting parts tray so you don't lose your parts worse about is CPUs are right there oh just straight up okay yes it's fine he's coming from the guy that last time was scratching the forum like hey you should stop doing that keeps going giant scratch like a meter luck oh it's fine just wipes it off I've never put an AMD chip do you know which number your system is I can find out right now facing you before you start like talking at it in a cohesive manner basically the way this works is this socket slides and that applies pressure on all the pins it holds it in place Oh unless it doesn't have enough force in which case when you take your CPU cooler off the CPU just rips out it's a fun okay but for now you're gonna look at the little gold triangle thing yep and there is one every board is different some of them have it printed on the PCB but in this case it's on right in that corner right there okay you're gonna line it up and front you don't want to put any pressure at all just drop try and line it up drop it in place yeah yeah that dropped in there you know me just give her a little wiggle make sure she's good yeah OOP and there you go you've now installed an AM horsey I'm an expert yeah that was the best one line up the triangle yeah you know just pull right in okay do you wanna do one oh god please don't watch me you're making me nervous oh god I don't have training so Nick light just messaged me we have an offer code for LT t store calm apparently it's we love money all lowercase all one word I don't know what it does because my email is open in that tab and it's private information could be on there so maybe if you look away nd for a second I'm gonna find out it's $10 off it's $10 off an order of $50 or more I think that's actually our deepest discount yet I think we've done five dollars off don't quote me on that I can't remember that's the Nick it's a Nick thing but there you go $10 off orders of $50 or more we've got the roast shirt we've got the the new hats Alex can you model a half away from oh this is beautiful we've got of course like the classic got that LTTE there and the phone pocket told us I don't worry about it um yeah I think that's all the big news now I've got to catch up on my build here so I'm sorry guys but I'm gonna fire up some of these super chats and then I'm also gonna try and see if I can finish first not that it's a race it's not a race is installing the mounting bracket for the main controller for the desks so theoretically well it'll just slot right in Jake's gonna do a little I'm doing you'll undo it okay so Dick's gonna do a little workshop to come over here and watch what Jake's doing um yeah cuz it's kind of easy to screw that up also one other pro tip guys grab at least wanted to say the cables out of your motherboard box and pre wire it ideally both of them just pre wire them over to the hard drive bays as like a courtesy connector you ever wanna throw hard drive in we don't have to redo the cable management alright we doing how you doing hey Dennis and you promise it's gonna be really quiet so you basically you're gonna take your AIO out of the box take these brackets off they just pull out kind of a pain I probably pulling the wrong way pulling the wrong way I'm gonna break pull the brackets off it's harder than it looks and then here there's two AMD brackets ignore that this is what they look like the coarser just assume our cpu preference no you get all of its good of course I just assumed did they put the Intel on oh I see no that's just how it comes for the factory right there and then you want the little hole on the top here facing down oh so it's not like this yeah like that up top and put them so you can mount it with the Corsair logo facing up make of it nice yeah I was terrible it's oriole but they're gonna stents why did we use a different racket because different chips has different that was pretty good he goes up I think you nailed it I think you know that guys I almost put it in the wrong way whoops we're okay though we're okay I got this yes I'm slipping up this a camera dude oh my god no I have it the wrong way again there you go I have shaky hands I'm nervous what madrenas coffee good I don't have the memory or two module that I need so I'm just gonna build the rest of the case here and we'll see who has some okay so there's a step we missed now that we got the brackets on the way this is am for found so it works is we keep the stalk and the cookie things and these little loops just go around and you tighten the nut on top once the coolers in place super easy maybe not as easy as like x2 99 but honestly not that bad sorry we already have pre applied thermal paste so we don't need to put any more of that and sorry what do we do with these so the little hook you have to hook things to the loops yeah okay so basically what happened is this loop is gonna be around this hook and then you're gonna screw it through that it's a little oh I see okay I guess yeah motherboard is first okay oh we need an IO shield this make sure it's the right way this way like that and bazinga we're good you know what okay relax these don't like that word all right Sheldon says offensive – hey I'm just you know quietly making up ground over here I've actually built in this case a few times so I think I mostly know what to do I always run into trouble with the with the lighting node Pro and with the the RGB fans though getting it all wired up in the right order is a little bit tricky and if you want your like your lighting animations to go all in the right direction and all that stuff then you've got to be kind of conscientious about the way that you do it up I'm gonna have to double-check my reference machine in order to do that that'll definitely save time guys I would strongly recommend guys I would strongly recommend installing your power supply and your RGB lighting like base pieces like the node pro controller before you start cabling everything up getting your RGB lights put in as well and getting those cables run using that machine as a reference also strongly recommended because those are the hardest parts to wire up like all the wiring takes about as long as like the rest of the wires it takes about as long as the RGB wiring on its own Oh Jake can you do a PSA for that public safety announcement we have to move one of the standoffs I'm pretty sure which one got it easy just kidding which one little one down here labeled M needs to move down to M the next thing that one needs to move to okay cuz otherwise it's gonna be touching the back of your motherboard and that is that need to go down and down we do the next M right below it oh yeah hello I fix a kit I'm using otherwise we're gonna short-circuit a bunch of other words and that would be really bad shield on this board but well BAM we're good there's a little lovin in the middle to line it up easy peasy although I don't have my pixie kit to tighten it anymore needlenose pliers all right there we go they just unscrew Oh beautiful I'm installing my power supply as soon as I'm done this this is the most like every time I'm trying to do something to like to tell Dennis what to do you make an announcement so like so Anthony you're you have two roles though to kind of proactively instruct him when you think of it and also to keep an eye on them and make sure that he actually what did you do Dennis this thing just so not very fun um oh well that way that's the one that came with the case right yeah oh that comes out anyway how do I do it how do I take it out well not like this you'll have to kind of get something under it and pull it out oh yeah so we don't need the stock RGB controller because we just okay so you got a look at the connectors that are on it and unclip them they have a clip on them on the bottom oh okay it's wired in oh I'm gonna go get some sighs okay is this thing but whatever we thought we're gonna have to replace this so this is fine and it's named up Brooklyn just look right it's fine don't overreact yeah okay what's next so you're gonna want to actually remove those things so why this has gotta get side cutters so I've got the oh that's just okay so we don't need it right you don't want to throw them away okay that's now okay so now you're gonna walk to if you open up your right Amanda Pro yes that's this big doesn't come with any sticky pads that I can see which is unfortunate but once you have once you have this ouch you will want to put it in the bottom of the case with doing cables facing towards the front so that way we can run them up and over yes if you're not sure how they go the system that – already has built over there has them already in so you can see that it's actually done then you guys like what honestly happened with this whole thing was I've been traveling a lot over the last probably about five weeks I've been in the office maybe what like half the time gyms yeah it's been it's been pretty rough and so you know I've had a lot of help like the team has as you guys have noticed shot a lot of videos without me including Anthony in particular has AB no offense to anyone else you guys all did great but Anthony like really slayed it with his build guys he managed to get an entire build guy shot while I was gone you did another one yesterday which one which one was that Anthony yeah artsy excellent GTX or ray tracing on GTX rather so he did that community reception has been really great actually you guys have been amazing about almost almost everyone you guys have been like really kind to as people are kind of starting to learn you know how to host videos and getting getting the hang of it so thank you guys for that but it doesn't change that I've been traveling a lot and I really really wanted to be here for the deployment of the land center but what that means is that for the last couple of months this shelf of parts had just been sitting there staring at me every time I walk past like hey if only you had found time to build these computers you could be staying after work and gaming and it would be fun if only you had time for fun – so um I'm so today it just kind of boiled over and I was talking to add about when we could find time to put doing this video on the schedule and we had a sponsored Friday release that was supposed to go up today that they asked for some changes on and I was so I was frustrated because I was like okay well I'd really like to do a live stream but now I didn't really have a and I walk past here I was like let's just do it like yeah like we people have time today and people were like so we did it so I'm super stoked cuz we already had a games night planned tonight so now we're gonna play some some Vidya Vidya games as well it's gonna be awesome at 11:00 I downloaded this morning on the Xbox and I'm so stoked I'm social to play some Xbox I mean yeah this is well play some PC games too it's the only game I have a fighting chance at no I'm not giving him props for that zero-zero props were given for that joke oh it was super intentional it's James Jake of course it was intentional oh yeah is about them go to it do you need to already just pull it so what I did here is because this is already stuck on there but in the example system it's not like that it has a sticky on it you can replace it that thing he's not gonna keep building oh I guess he has to edit tech linked okay yeah yeah we need you Dennis I have all the sources on the timeline alright so Jake did you ever actually check how many yeah two to four okay okay everybody got that so I know modular cables you need one of the four SATA harnesses and one of the 2 SATA harnesses okay a GPU that's 2 or you can do two single GPUs so it's up to you guys what you want to do there so this is the pro move plugging in all your modular cables before you go any further so I've got my the 2 SATA harnesses that I told everyone we need so that'll handle our lighting node Pro our the RGB on our cooler that's gonna handle our any hard drives we want to install down the line and then I've got 2 8 pin PCI Express although it's gonna be an 8 plus a 2 but I'm using extension so you won't see kind of the messy extra bit hanging off I've got a 4 plus 4 for my CPU and then of course I've got my 24-pin connector from the motherboard so that's everything and that's ready to go into my case somehow I ended up with an entire table to myself so that's pretty sweet they're not wear white loops of the case not our coolers yeah so guys the two extra fans in your box are for your AIO cooler we're using light loops everywhere for that little max RGB effect you're wrong I was wrong wasted don't use the fan yep but not the ones included with the cooler understood yeah this case includes light loops out of the box when I took my my case out one of my fans was like on the top for some reason already settling a little bit to the front yeah I was weird I had to move it at this mountain here oh yeah so what goes up here is your radio not those not that man I thought that no radiator closed last yes what you should do have you taken up to the central I'm not sure the see the center posted this yeah oh yeah we need to move the donuts on underneath that down to the bottom hold this while you can use pliers I was going to use my find out which one is so I just realized I had grabbed my laptop to do some super chats for y'all and then I never actually did it so let me just grab my mounting screws for my power supply which should be in the power supply box yep along with some cable ties and all that good stuff remember this stream is brought to you by icy Sonic there you go and be real Bastardo I am sure that's not your real last name but that's okay I wouldn't put every last name on the internet if I had thought of that either um small love thanks for the help no problem Gabe oh yeah okay hold on a second I'm gonna have to get back to these in a minute I cannot figure out why this power supply is lining up here nevermind oh my god what else we got here some of them mess shows P 5:22 you're gonna show down to home automation Act says we love the channel very funny Oh guys you got the funny vibe from all of us we were going for very very serious at all times just kidding that's a joke yeah what's up – so we don't forget okay guys so if you haven't already put your m2 SSD on your motherboard Thank You Colton you're my Vanna don't forget to do that it's a little bit easier to do while the motherboard is still outside of the case good job Anthony and Dennis you guys want a gold star left I don't have one you don't have a keep telling you that I don't have an SSD or rim that was never given SSD error are we really short an SSD in RAM maybe check one of the boxes the box of the yeah maybe oh yeah where yeah okay so thanks Alex hello installed in order to install your SSD you see how you've got these mounting holes here yep so come on and have a look at this Andy hey you got these mounting holes here okay the mount is not actually installed in there Oh rabbit out of here and while you're at it you should grab your i/o shield you're gonna need that yeah but this right here so there's a little standoff it goes in the one mark 20 to 80 and then there's a little screw you're gonna make an eye fix-it kit in order to screw that alright if you slide it in put it on and put the screw in got it so hopefully that's okay Jake can show you hello Denmark have enjoyed the channel for years love the live shows oh yeah good roast potato says – and your underlings inspire me to build absurdly expensive gaming computers can't thank you enough for that Alexandre Harvey shoutout Stephen Willis says no flippin stranger I'm gonna take some hot birds and stuff yeah I found RAM and MSSD so there's there's a yes there is most assuredly a floatplane stream flow playing time is blowin up they're like we are fine someone just wanted to be noticed Thank You flow plane chat love it you guys Rock yeah buddy Wally says return of channel super-fun and I think the timestamp from that was probably around the time we were talking about doing game streams and stuff yeah I could see that happening all right so let's walk through how we need to alter the RGB setup in this rig in order to make it work for our light loop fans which are so first we need our commander Pro because it's got all them RGB channels then we need our lighting node Pro kit here so this has all of our individually addressable RGB strips Corsair really does put more Rd money into RGB then probably the GDP of some very small nations they like really give many cares about it so basically we've got four of these which we can string them all together there you go that's well within the limit of how many individually addressable RGB LEDs you can have on a single channel for the lighting node Pro or excuse me for the commander Pro then in the lighting node we've got this little hub doodad right here which I believe we don't actually have to swap out I believe we can still use the that's included in the case ah yes yeah I think we don't have to use that and then we've also got these extensions that we use to string these together and plug them into our commander and then we've also got this USB connection which again I don't think we need because it's pre-wired in the case and finally we've got another this is a male female this is two male two males so these are extensions these are two male two mates so I just want to double check my references yeah so we can take the whole thing out got it okay thank you Jake needs me going over there and checking so never mind we can remove all of this stuff and we swap it all out with the commander Pro and what's good about the commander Pro is it does both fan control and RGB lighting that's right little rusty it was so long ago that I actually did the original very quickly actually forgotten a lot of it okay so that means we can also pull out this RGB hub so if you look at this we're gonna end up putting it back in but it's gonna be on top of the commander Pro here and it'll wire up all of our all of our fans all right don't trip don't trip Andy okay so I'm just gonna pop this out oh man the adhesive they use on these things oh never mind it came off real easy this time must be the warmer weather remember how hard it was to remove them last time hey it was pretty hard to remove all right do you guys need a pair of side cutters I did but I have an extra pair here if you need it I would like to have that one back at some point though because I don't have like another another one so this thing's ba check this up so there's our there we go so these LED channels can go out to a hob like this one see that so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna stick that to there boom and then there we go so then this puppy goes here and that goes into one of my LED channels there and then this access kind of like a hub for one of these pretty good stuff and then of course it can do it's six fans and oh that's neat so it also acts as a USB kind of hub as well so you've got one USB internal header here a lot of modern motherboards don't have a ton of USB 2 headers so you can take this plug it into one of them and then you get two out of it so that allows you to plug in like if you've got you know an RGB CPU cooler or something like that if you just got a bunch of stuff that needs an internal header this allows you to split it and then finally you've got the four temp sensors so this puppy right here by the power supply and then I'm gonna stick it down once I've got everything wired up are you gonna check into something I guess if we're using the commander Pro oh well what's this one do we need it okay so you take your commander Pro yeah and you take LED channel one and you plug that into your hub so that allows you to take just this one LED thing here and consider all four of your fans with it otherwise be let me have what – oh and we need the other one then for our four RGB strips that go around the windowed side of the case strips guys make sure that you're not cross pollinating here try to use your box as your as your staging area for soon as I say not as I do mister just look at me I don't know what to tell you okay so what we need to do is we need to look at that and see okay does this a mess I don't understand that no table manners you just pull it out and then yeah it's a little tricky it's a little okay it's a little tricky so sassy trace all the wires I'm gonna have to chase these back at some point come do exactly the same in your doing I'm just sizing it up right now you put it on top right Tess what are you doing explain waiting for Anthony why are you always waiting for Anthony just go for it I haven't used this Wow no you're not Dennis on I could have been more usable Oh somewhere I think that's the only piece of day I actually feel successful okay you did you probably tape it already you got tape that down goes as far over as you can go well oh so this site pacing yeah so that's this basis camera person I'm so sorry it has a name if you make a parody of it I mean it's kind of a joke of performance oh yeah bazinga yeah I is the sort of – I am magnificent we having trouble I'm gonna be done before everybody else it's nice to me to say Colton about it's like a prime Oh No yeah I was gonna say are you worried alex is gonna do too good of a job and make you look bad so because he's never done it he's gonna do too good of a job and make you laugh all right I love the hardware that they include with these AIO coolers it's just like it's like they want new users to be afraid you know it's great here's a zillion screws go ham honestly though if you have experience with that it's not a big deal so I just need everybody so I just need this little bracket on here for AMD whoops oh there goes some of my thermal compound dang it it's more a question of just like how many hands do they expect you to have once you know how it goes together that on there and then now here you go guys here's the AIO installation we managed to get the little girl right-side up that's pretty sick always love it when it works what and you just hook these on like this see that can you see that Andy put that in like that yeah easy peasy lemon squeezy I really don't like it as much as the Intel mount to be very clear I don't like these plastic brackets and I'm ashamed of doing poppers blue board there's nothing I can do about it I'm just giving the I'm just giving the cooler a little bit of a twist a little bit of a squish here so I can spread up that thermal compound that I scratch now it should be fine so now I just need to grab eight of these screws for my fans we're not doing a push-pull configuration or anything like that so that's all I need and then I can through the rest of them my baby and put them back in the box here these are all just hardware for other sockets and it's like it's one of those things where one of the most stressful things I think for new users is leftover parts you know once they're done assembling something well that's okay with an AI oh you end up with a lot of leftover parts so that if we ever had to install these on a different socket we would have the parts that we need nice 20 new thermal paste it's not ideal but yeah it's fine all right yeah I was trying to take the thing off and then I just kind of there's a fair bit of thermal compound on the bottom of these it'll ill spread out all right all right I'm honestly kind of falling behind here because I'm spending so much time sort of thinking about posting a video and not enough time focusing on computer I might be one of the last ones done which we know you need to help me really embarrassing what I just got here all the FS ramming him done – I was hoping you were gonna finish first I'm gonna help me catch up oh yeah but yeah Anthony is probably I'll be the first one you're not gonna be the first one done Dennis to count s first one I can tell you for one thing how tight do it like is it like this finger tight it'll feel like it starts to get a lot more resistance will be much higher no it's actually pretty I think it's easier than stopping perfect for AMD's Wow please crucify Eddie yeah just my fans out there just obliterate his Twitter what is your Twitter Yago just go roast the crap out of him because he doesn't like AMD okay I actually really like it uh-huh now he's backpedaling are you one of those guys that's like I like AMD because they forced pricing down on the Intel CPUs I buy is that where you're going with that get back to their xp days but I can be really cheap and overclocked really high I would make the argument that they're already back to the Athlon XP days cuz like Athlon XP they were like okay I'm talking later days like bartering for half the next week they were like good enough like almost as good but if we're speaking honestly unless you're an AMD fanboy not as good but they were definitely cheaper and you could overclock them a little bit and get a little bit of extra performance it was until Apple on 60 they really took the performance crown so then two could be the Athlon 64 nine but we're already at the XP don't look at me Ani this is too much pressure guys now is the time if you haven't already to double check the IO of your motherboard and make sure that none of the tabs on the back of the i/o shield are sticking into your slots what ok I think I actually bump that up on this one it's really easy to screw up on this particular board do you have one that stuck how do you whine crap you guys both have these throw oh yeah so guys please double check that and when you're putting it back in if you did mess it up make sure you bend back then back the tabs and locking it before you do it again we're gonna use James Dean to hand I got as an example here I'm just gonna turn around so and you can see basically some on some other boards the manufacturer leaves these tabs kind of flat like this so what happens is you slide your board in and you see that the port's actually covered or it'll have a metal tab stuck in it which can short out and it can actually destroy the port so you need to make sure that you bend these back yes is that one day individuals need one more those are mine I think like a chain one yeah that's got four on it already got four this guy right there okay nope that's a molex to SATA adapter you should have one it's funny yeah you guys would assume that just because people work here they build computers like all the time but it doesn't actually work that way so James has actually done the preparation for our build guides before did an amazing job but the thing is that and you guys would never know that it was prepared by someone who actually had to do some research in order to make it happen but the thing is that he mostly focuses on our consumer electronics videos so yeah like a PC build is not necessarily the kind of thing that he does every weekend so he has to like look things up sometimes that's something I think a lot of people don't realize about our jobs is that there's a lot of kind of researching things as it becomes time to make a video about for all of us actually even if you've done it before like I will become an expert on juicing or variable refresh we all know everything about it it's like cramming for an exam the script is over it's gone I come back six months later I have to research a lot of the stuff again yeah to get the real details because like even the best-case scenario everyone on our writing team is producing one video per week that is over 50 a year exactly 50 if they take two weeks off it's a lot usually you don't do one video it really depends it depends on how much other people have blown their weight I think fun times when you just totally forget something and you like how does that work and then you're like wait a second I literally made like the resource for this and you go back and watch your own video your own script so we're having issues with the i/o here I'm just not doing it right so what is it like the paint like who's the type-c is really particularly about I think it's right have Alex check headaches but that's I think I had the same problem with my PC at home and I was just like I can plug things into it I'm good which is terrible it's not good it's on mine here where the things just bend the wrong way and he just gets old bulgy so yeah that used to be fixed we've almost got the motherboard out here so I told the SP only opens like two of the boxes properly well we okay we open them all to put inventory tags on them but we only use two of them so uh I'm really sorry NIC and Gary and Advent we love you guys and we're really sorry thank you yeah that's a fishel official LMG stance right there a suit some love in the chat guys and maybe like we doubt them and be like Linus the story I'm sorry I'm sorry Asus you made them send them back so yeah you have to say sorry – yeah sorry guys so sorry for your sorry yeah in our defense we had we had said – one in 1440p mug did right and we're being like choosing beggars at that point we should be sorry for that – we're just sorry in general we are sorry so Andy do you want to go over there so does that switch to my mic to them it's a white round so I'm not offended out of the way yeah and then you everything else is fine it's just that one on you to all of you there's people on Twitch and low pressure or anything guys do a good job with everyone see how everyone's doing sure oh I guess you're starting with me okay so I've got my motherboard installed I've got my I left my front fans in cuz those ones were fine in my case Colton's was like one of them now was in the wrong spot apparently so that's kind of desire I've got my m2 and my ramen I've got my CPU cooler mounted to the motherboard not actually installed yet I have to go get some side covers for James apparently David's got him I've got my power supply in I've got my motherboard IO shield correctly installed and I have wired up my fan hub to my commander Crowe and I'm gonna be ready to install it probably pretty soon once I get that cooler in I'm ready to flip this up and then I can start really wiring things up so that's where I'm at I would say I'm about 65% done just because the RGB wiring takes so freakin long it took a really long time last time honestly the RGB wiring was a big part of the reason that we haven't tackled this project yet because we were worried that these systems were going to be too advanced for novices to build and then you were just like well we need to play video games tonight so I guess we're just doing it that that's how that's how it went down oh man I'm just uh I'm just trying to play catch-up here I was doing tech link Riley asked me to host so me and Riley were occupied doing that even though we're both were supposed to be in here billing so all I've got so far is my CPU my RAM and my MDOT two in there motherboard is still outside of the case I got my PSU house and the first thing plugged into it which is the 24 pin connector for the CPU wish me luck we're gonna make it we're gonna play some games built the last desk so I had to take out my motherboard to fix my i/o so I've kind of taken a few steps back fortunately I have done full RGB actually using a similar stuff I was using a corsair 1000d so it had a lot more room but it's essentially the same I have faith like I know what I am doing we're all in this together guys until the games started then there's two teams oh gosh oh this is a computer I'm doing my best trying to learn and surrounded by people I know so much and its excellence this competition that isn't here I want to win it around here I can't believe her all of these are TV things I'm like pretty close I haven't done any wiring though which is gonna be that's gonna bite me in the butt I hate these my next build is all knocked to a no lights anyway so I've got LED RGB stripe on all connect together routing all the cable to the back and now I'm just showing I guess at this point you could look at installing your motherboard but have you been have you connected anything up to your I have an atom and nothing nyeh okay so you don't want to connect with the band slows though is that big control the fan is controlled here the fan plugs into the lighting now okay commander Pro story okay and then what plug into this thing goes to the yes which we can route hi yeah we did we are very close to done I give 30% okay what what is this for what is this cable for and the anchor this was this escape this mini-usb no this is the one with the bound of cable in the case the node that we took out so that can go into the so you've already got one plugged into it yeah you can take that out but this one I already have to defend this worse than this one yeah so you can just take it out and just use that what's what's gone into this so me and Alex kind of took a different route we didn't take Linus's advice to do all of the RGB lighting stuff first so we instead got our motherboard in we got our RAM we've got our a i/o mounted I think you've got actually your plate you got this actually fully mounted yeah yeah you're really close and yeah and then after this it's pretty much just the lighting strips and then and then cabling cabling and then graphics card right yeah and then connect everything which is gonna take like longer than everything else combined just do it for dirty we could have them running yeah this is the kind of time where it just makes me want to go to get old dildo newfoundland and slam some beers that's a really quite a tradition back back in the newfoundland anyway yeah dildo no has a brewery I'm trying to win sorry I'm trying to learn how to actually for the South Seas I can tell what things then the screws for they may be in here so what you want to do oh I was just gonna show you great yeah thanks dude you know how to like loop it beforehand and then stick it on right alright so I'm actually starting to come together here so I just finished up my front panel I oh so there's my front audio there's my front usb3 all my front buttons so that's my power my reset my power LED and all that good stuff so now what I need to do is take my fans here and wire them around to the back that's how we're gonna keep everything really clean because I'm certainly not cable managing the back of the motherboard tray nicely and then I'm gonna take my rule let me see oh that's right okay so this allows us to use our cooler as an RGB controller but we don't need to do that because we have a commander Pro so I'm just gonna go ahead and run this around back and those probably get rid of it yeah we don't need that man okay you're gonna have to pull that out the friken finish doing cable management here pain that's okay I can put it back in later I suspect we're not gonna bother putting all the hard drives in these now actually we've got all those refurbished 3 terabytes from our old server ok I guess we don't really have to fine fine fine fine is America oh how many screws do you need to take this thing out oh I hope you don't have to take one out from the other side oh no there it is there's a thumb screw back here yep I see it no I Bram I see to power beforehand I just need to deal with my RGB eye cabling for my CPU cooler yep all right so this guy is gonna come over here above my 8 pin and then back here and now that's out of the way you can actually see over here on the example system they're just like chillin here because we don't need them because of the node Pro so yeah so I just did that and then now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna run my USB so my USB 2 over here and this is gonna go back to the hub that's built into the node Pro so that's gonna go back there like that oh man I got want to run all these together and right now they're kind of a mess actually so I'm gonna undo my 8 pin for the motherboard I'm gonna put all these up here right and then I'm gonna put it back in there we go so this is you know Jenk clean cable management right you get you get everything just kind of run over to the back and then it looks clean from the front and nothing else matters right right I don't know yeah thanks dance cable meddigan bowling your hire doesn't writer alright so there it is that's all the RGB and fan control wiring also power for my CPU cooler man-made CPU coolers have gotten complicated they have like five or six wire things coming into them tour for actually that's no my point still stands all right so now I just have to deal with the back oh actually no I'm gonna run my I'm gonna run my RGB strips first so I need to just have how I ran these which way I win I guess I have to get it which way I went around looks like Malins yeah so it goes in here and then it's female end alright so here's how we're wiring them in I actually like steel cases for RGB lighting because some strips have magnets on them like this one and boom you just stick them in like that and then you never have to worry about the adhesive coming off so I can go ahead and wire up my next one I'm just gonna do a little like Chris City cross-city thing here that'll take up the slack and hide it run that down this side there we go okay so those two are in now go ahead and wire up another one it's gonna be so much RG being here my friends I got one more here I just have to remember it's the top one that wears up to the back there we go so now we need to take one of these wires cables I guess it's a technically a cable and yeah so that's a male to male RGB connector do that this was where I got confused last time okay it's the male one yes it's the wait what so it's an extension one that goes into the top yes it's an extension so it's a male to female and then that goes into yes that's how it works so what is this one for all right I think this one goes from the hub to the commander Pro all right that's where I got confused okay good have to nail the female in there and then we can run that over to the other side above the fans noodle right this was the heart that I have thought maybe I should do at the beginning of the building this is some advanced cable management techniques done here so right now I'm trying to fish this so I'm gonna pre kink though I'm gonna free kink it so that I can get around this radiator here there we go and then I'm gonna push it down there we go and then I'm gonna pull it through here with ideally needlenose this in which case I would have it already or failing that my fingers and there it is so now I just need another extension and I can go ahead and plug that into there we are my controller here so that's gonna be channel – there we are nice getting that RGB wired up okay now we get to deal with the fans these are a bit of a nightmare man come on so many wires coming out of these fins okay so this is power for our this is fan power off the CPU cooler so that we could power its fans are not going to and then these good so these are fan control for our CPU cooler you know actually yeah but how did we do it last time cuz we should do them all the same ideally we did we did go into the commander last time okay okay so these two fans here are gonna go into our commander Pro on channels 1 & 2 doesn't really matter what channel to go on cuz we can kind of dink around with it later it matters far more when you're deciding which channel which where you plug the RGB headers into so first though we're gonna take all our power from our flint fans and we're gonna plug those into channels 3 & 4 and then that's all our system fans now so those are all gonna be controlled by software through this USB header here that I'm gonna have to plug in at some point and then here we go so here's our RGB leads for the tops and here's our RGB leads for the whoops nope here RGB man well worth it right okay so here our RGB leads for all of them but we can't put these in willy-nilly because we need to know if we want to have animations run from one to the other or anything like that then they've got to be plugged in in a specific order so I have to go check the reference machine now and figure out exactly how I did this last and then I guess I should probably communicate that to everyone so first things first we need to find the RGB lead from a fan that we can easily identify which one it is so why don't we go where I'm gonna undo this twist I gear because I really need to trace this wire back to where it came from these two are coming off my bottom fan it's hard to tell which one's power and which one this RGB though I have another cable of tie in here who would have thought this was to cable manage all right so here's my bottom fan again to be powered yeah that's been hard so this one's RGV okay so that is channel one okay so guys okay need everyone's attention real quick here so your bottom fan on the front of the case goes into port one of your RGB hub okay two two three four okay cool so now I can take all these and trace them back to the fans that they came from so this is gonna go into one something like that this is gonna build into two yes the RGB strips all daisy chain there's a line here and your stuff is going over it like this this could be closer to my space can we just maybe put this in the box you had this elaborate system did I even put that there how did you you put that there throwing me under the bus Andy throwing me under the bus thank you okay so for better for worse my RGB is where dub looks like an octopus but hey what can you do it's not possible for one of the systems to not have our GD colton that the the watchers of our stream here paid good money to see us struggling with it oh speaking of paying good money for the stream super chats the CUDA says is that an LT t chair yes it was a Mac sonic tear with LTTE embroidery oh she's pretty sick Juan says what's up gamers tree said – please stop yelling at everyone and being rude yeah I'm trying to help Harley says how much for one of these I have a p4 with three gigs of RAM ouch 225 perfect sense you guys should send Lewis one of these chairs he's broken I'm not would you she'll thrill TT I don't know man big boss says guys check out my unfortunately not I don't know how that will help other people yeah I San Diego man you're excited you see you outside a seat yes a belt yes oh okay apparently they're coming up that's pretty cool Raymond says any update on potential sponsors for backyard Wars actually I don't know hey Colton do we have an update for a scrapyard war sponsor no not yet oh okay look a mature to that never mind I thought we I thought we had locked in but we're broke we're doing scrap you're worse regardless oh yeah okay so there's the the update ladies and gentlemen who's here yeah later this year so stay tuned actually finishing the land center is a key part of scrapyard wars for this year because the challenge is going to be 3v3 gaming setups you have to do the whole setup desk chair monitor everything and what no I think I've told them this ticket so far already okay so 3v3 gaming setups and then it's instead of coming down to benchmarks it's gonna come down to who wins a tournament so whoever has the best rings should theoretically have a significant advantage they'll also just have to like be kind of decent though so I'll see how that goes so we're gonna use the land center right that's how that figures into it we're gonna use the land center to balance the teams and make sure that they're pretty close before we before we split off into teams so cuz everyone's gonna be running on the same hardware here in the land center for the commander and then I've got all the same tower over here that needs to get plugged in at some point I heard the shade I was ignoring the shade I uh I'm not I'm not acknowledging the shade because I don't have to are you wiring up are you doing your cable management or something ethany yeah he it's not that easy in these small cases now you're gonna have to wait till we order food tonight and you ignored actually what time is this hormone it's 400 I don't think we are I guess we'll have to do it next week without James and I were supposed to shoot a video on the 100 terabyte laptop because I'm not even done let alone like Dennis now I'm no updates because I'm in doing the same thing I I'm watching that is I'm watching live stream in life okay watching my Anthony still okay I did say that you should try and tidy up your wires I mean that do line is this way okay well if you're gonna do a live this way you can start installing your motherboard motherboard wait I thought you'd do that what that pulled up the top thing yes oh yeah Oh Oh graphics card I can do graphics car right oh no that goes after those things I've got everything then oh no I Oh put it on now yeah oh I thought you had to go with radiator so we can do motherboard now so first thing you have to have to put this down you should probably like what I said earlier thank you talking to this probably what I would just put it through the case first case so would I go on the back what Susie I'm probably the most busy a most important person here at Philippi lots of important stuff to do we saved you one where is it on the floor yeah all right so I'm going to put this thing in to this I guess people think this my piece is not gonna work I can tell you you are wrong because you will work whose get wait would I get is true for the mother boy in the king or this will actually one second once I have and you do more I need a high more table yeah yours hanging – okay okay the height that the others I know cooler bracket on so this where's my spatula how do I do this and then you put it in right I'm working on our GB so is Colton we're trying to figure out where exactly it goes it's bad at you yeah yeah it's just like actually like moving all of the cables to make everything work now but I've never actually wired a RGB lighting hub before so this is new for me yeah yeah why are lots of RTV before whenever one of these guys so yeah cool it seems like it's easy okay so I am I doing that first yes before what the motherboard in them I got a peel for you I gotta peel wait hold on I gotta actually wait hold on oh I know I got okay ready ready ready it's a bad peel but fast quick this quick well so I'm actually getting pretty darn close here oh my god what happened what did you do the classic came off of this cooler and then it's smeared all over this table that there are no paces in this warm we need some isopropyl stat and I'm gonna use this plastic bag it just you know this is kind of like the recycled condom joke in the row so I'm just gonna put this back over it hopefully that keeps their whole case from getting onto this table it looks no it doesn't look that nice it's just objectively bad it's it's not good are you like getting close I'm like pretty much it's a shame I got GPU and Network hard on this bad girl here yeah look at him he's just ignoring doing fantastic famously fantastic that's not true once once pots already gone I know it's hard to get all angles think so pal you need some scratchiness lucky number nine not many people know this the most important part of a PC is the processor B 501 one that's your CPA who says the heart of your PC is your power supply let's go see sonic isn't it remember the Prime 1000 titanium this is an excellent power supply you should probably buy one they got s effects power supplies if you got a smaller bill than this you got a video featuring those coming out soon so check them out it's probably a link in the description right kaldane and you just got a sip them up you know just sip sip what that's it you can you can look away now so I'm getting real close over here all I've got to do is put in my GPU and this work card I've actually got I think everything else wired up yeah this is not an ideal box opener but ah this is always the most fun part you know what nope I'm making myself wait I'm gonna do my network card first so these are the like gaming version of their 10 gig Nick and I remember asking them I was like whoa so what's the difference between the gaming and the non-gaming version because I think most of us know that your your Nick is not a huge factor when it comes to gaming and they were let go well the gaming one has a slightly more expensive black PCB so it cost a bit more and I was like oh what a refreshingly honest answer that's tremendous yeah love that love that real marketing you know just being real about it so Jake who's gonna be first me or you you're done all right we'll do you wonder what the prizes nothing there's there's actually a prize Jake I have something for you okay stay away from me for being first I have to help other people you have to do system number two which we didn't assign anyone to what ah at this time know what a tremendous please don't make me do this actually yeah do you want to image machine one minute that's also a bit of a hassle it's better than building in this case again I built my personal rigging this twice now and then once for work so this is that would be my fifth build if I did another one in this case well then actually it sounds like you should probably do that cuz I'm most experienced okay take your on machinery dammit we're gonna get Anthony to do the imaging thing or actually we should Lisa it's probably not even gonna be faster I think we need the image you want to do the image certain spelling windows some things it doesn't take that long yeah yeah we don't uh I don't know it might be the thing about imaging them though is they're MDOT too so it's gonna be a bit of a hassle it's not like we can plug in ten drives an image though so you don't we're doing Windows Riley very funny alright alright you guys settle down settle down so there's our 10 gig Nick and then now I get to put the last piece into my system super excite oh not quite I have my SATA cables that I wanted to run as courtesy connectors to my hard drive bays up there GPU time these are super weird cards so I remembered when I was doing the unboxing or when I was dividing everything up earlier that there was something about the cooler and so I was trying to remember so I kind of stuttered while I was being like that did you do laughs an or something right I remember what's exceptional about this thing the cooler is freaking massive so this isn't even like a Strix or like an rog card or anything like that but it's got this Oh thick dual fan cooler on it that takes up three slots and is like just a hunk it's just a giant hunk of metal unreal so it's super quiet that's what I remember being exceptional about it back when we did the first machine so we're gonna go ahead we're gonna pop that over there we're gonna pop that graphics card right in there and then we can go ahead and close up this box and the piece just gotta get this aligned properly and that should be on there oh so um where did Matthias go yeah well I was gonna get him to go get the monitors when he finished getting to them no he'll come back he'll come back it's okay yeah all right so I actually kind of lied I still have one more thing to do here I've got to find where my extension cables are for my graphics card and run my power to my GPU here we go Oh Matthias were you already getting the monitors nice alright thank you sir okay cool so that's in your likes of the box labeled that's 8-pin – come on that's the what for the Rays of the moon box inside that word there's one nice okay and I'm a little disappointed we actually miscounted how many builders we needed here so we're short one system but that's okay because jake has graciously volunteered to be the one to put it together you are a team player Jake let it never be said that Jake is Jake is a team player Jake as a team player no I am being nice I said let it never be said all of these things yeah don't say any of them they're ruse that's how that's how my dad taught me good language my mom another rose to a lot of people have requested another one but I think they don't really realize that that's not really how that works you don't like we don't make it like it just like an annual roasting of me I think I could take I would actually be so much less stressed out if I got to be a roaster for someone else I was so nervous either roaster and I was sitting in your throne man you're exposed it was all the lights in your face nothing around you no one's sitting next to you just you on a chair in the middle of a stage and the person in all the podium making fun of you is actually pretty intense so yeah yeah it was fun I'm not sure I need to do it again that's my that's my review of being roasted don't want the 90-degree one to go to the hard drive or don't want the straight one six-ten I have a wager huh no not that kind of wager I have a different wager what percentage out of conveniently ten I guess because one of them was already built and one of them is gonna be done by Jake later so let's take let's take the original ten what percentage of these machines is gonna power on first time and just work you say all of them are gonna just work – I say – don't okay so dole ready go around again everyone's take I'll go first oh yeah RGB matters hold on hold on guys you gotta wait for Andy to come around so I'm calling three I think three of them are going to work a hundred percent right out of the gate and I will I will further my wager and say that mine will be one of them there you go nothing just honor wait yeah he's just gonna buy pizza regardless oh I'm next um I think that any person with RGB wise I gotta go with seven I think seven will be good I don't think mine is going to be one of them I think I screwed up I think nine out of ten will post there's gonna be one that has like an issue just like our unseated Ram or something and two no three out of ten we'll have our GB that works I don't remember what I said I think everyone here has probably done a pretty good job I think the system of having a really experienced person with one or two other people should solve the issue of building wrong I think we're all gonna be good ten out of ten I think two out of ten are knocking a post and I think six out of ten are gonna have your working RGB so two out of ten are knocking a post and four out of ten are knocking RGB hey guys this is called the power supply light has helped me know I don't I'm fine oh this is stressful I'm just gonna keep building pretend you're not there is that that's not good okay great we might have made a mistake over here wasn't me why would you help me like this okay look at this why would you out me like this this is such an honest mistake that everyone no one you can even tell what's wrong right now everyone's like this is normal what's up Oh James that's okay he's right he's right honest mistake it's an easy thing to do he put the fans on the outside of the case because this case has a bit of a like kind of contour to it yeah so he's gonna need to pull this cooler off and put the fans on the inside that's okay that's okay we all made mistakes I made one I can't remember what it was reading no way okay you can finish getting people tape oh is this about the computers I have it feeling that only three computers will have their RGB working when they first plug them in I think it will post I think that'd be my guess I feel like three are going to be totally good to go one of which is gonna be mine which I think also might be the best-looking one I haven't seen anyone else but we've got zip ties over here and probably two are going to post had questionable luck with really any AMD processor before they always work just maybe not the first time you got the you got this on here yeah oh okay yeah so yeah go ahead with the your 101 I've put the fans it's gonna be kind of weird it doesn't go in like that oh no if you look at that one it's underneath oh yeah but here's the thing I don't think Jake forgot to put a spam filter on so actually oh hold on a minute hold on a minute so who's actually first Jake bring it on day badminton fighers ono the little rubber grommets for my window note on it they must have come off in this true James give me what you worship take anything you need where'd it go they slipped off in here danged I didn't even realize until I got to one that did have the grommet on it you're okay with this okay that wire should probably go too I missed that wire okay I wasn't actually like this so this is one of my front panel connectors then I did a pretty subpar cable management job on so I'm gonna go ahead and tuck that back there hanging out with the guys building PC easy watching other guys build PC somewhere else build a PC Oh next to me BOTS oiled up half-naked guys all right so we're gonna call that yeah we're calling that good enough but I do need to put these rubber things back on here dang it I that's the mistake I always make and that's how you get children I think most and we're gonna post I think like I know they're gonna post about the RGB I think those look like I would say so Wow RGB man and II peel time wait Jake have you peeled you're waiting I already peeled my top one but I haven't done the friend yet so I'm I'm doing something that I usually really recommend against and I am closing up my side panel before actually testing it hey Jake have you labeled your system okay that's a very very critical step 12 no no need to sign it in blood thank you all right so that's it oh are you just writing on it in sharpie Jake I brought a label maker okay all right so man one I think is already labeled tool and two three four I hate this label maker all right so the reason I'm doing all of these cuz it wastes so much label every time Jake I'm printing labels you're what I'm making one for you too I'm making a nice one make thin uniform day you're killing me here come on really it does not look nice how many 12 did you make anyway so I just did one like this with all of them oh I see and then we can print as many copies of this okay who keeps setting this to have a long tail on the end of it why would anybody do that I don't think anyone would intentionally do that just no one knows how to use that thing yeah its margin here not full margin narrow margin never set it to full margin thank you ladies and gentlemen drives me crazy I swear people all right so I'm Lam three so I'm gonna go ahead and uh who has all and – oh that's gonna be Jake Jake you can have land – here 12 I know but you're also land too remember oh you have to give me those yeah there you go here's land 12 if you can put this on your case that would be swell all right uh okay I'm gonna do lamb three roll here so the idea is that we're gonna label everything that goes in the land center so that people don't steal it for like a shoot or a project or whatever else there it is clean all right news number four someone should be number four James what did you you're number four here's your label I am Number Four all right there all right is number five okay where am I good orient myself this is the top four baby Wow Dennis you are really far behind well I'm done do you have your RGB yes no it just says LAN nine who's ten oh he's getting food Oh does he have to like go away for are getting delivered okay Wow the food's coming so earlier we had lunch who's got eleven eleven eleven Dennis okay here you are yeah okay okay so here's the plan Jake is setting up a test station over there where we are going to take the finished machines set them up with a monitor make sure they actually post check their RGB and wiring and everything solving those and then seal them up for good so that's our that's our current plan what I need to do though is I'm going to go ahead and box up in the accessories that I have left over for my bulb here Junkin packaging and although here I think I got everything I think I'm good I'm kind of afraid to be that confident but yeah I think I'm gonna unbox my my keyboard and mouse and everything now so do you want people to bring their peripherals over to that station or should I start setting up peripherals on tables that are not needed wait right because this is you know what I could also do though actually I could go around and I could label the seats so that could work and you can and then I can put the right peripherals in the right spot on the chairs on the chairs chairs and we're labeling the chairs – yeah not thinking the desk that way when we rearrange everything it'll kind of sorry I meant label the yeah Matthias did you bring over all the monitors well they're nice okay so this is gonna be seeds three and four then where is this it check it up windows drive first I think we just try it ah full RGB heck yeah look at that rainbow whoo that is just gorgeous it's risin you never know DisplayPort so one one of twelve or one of eleven because our twelfth one already works right we're number one already works so one in twelve are functioning you CPU installed enter set up I don't have a keyboard cool bazinga I need my keyboard yeah you might as well do that so what number is yours Jake yeah just print like a ton of land wall ah well actually I was thinking I just printed ton of nobody else is ready it would be easier for me if he gave me a bunch of land twelve well we'll need keyboard and mouse keyboard mouse webcam monitor headset we already like our the actual desk sure desk that's seven okay so I'll give like five more for now will do not I want to give you this okay and I need like a garbage can because I'm gonna have labels type-c dongles right because if you don't have enough USB ports that's annoying they're already labeled are they yeah okay cool hey you gonna be in the back it's fine this is great oh we need like labels for the dongles and sir oh yeah those are different you mean that's so hard on yourself I did not choose something number four like then you can go here sir yes oh yeah that would have been better I have to chop this all of it that like three times yeah that would have been better it's done now hey lovey I caught this alright so here we go I'm gonna make I'm making 13 piles scrap one oh boy – oh boy three this is gonna take a long time before no I got this I got this bye Oh what time winds Rancho what time is it 20 minutes it's 4:40 – right now 1 oh I'm I'm I'm gonna go I'm gonna go no no we got to do Rancho we got to do Rancho on time just make this win show sorry guys this is when show now new Rancho new and improved yeah I know we are gonna have to bail on this at some point here maybe we'll just do like we'll just stream all day right so we'll just do an after party after this and finish it off so we'll come check in with you guys after a win show does that sound cool is everyone not everyone watching the stream cool with that hope so I should probably do some super chats before we wrap this that system is working perfect real close let them see so we got both sticks of RAM we got 8 gigs and 8 gigs for total 16 we got our pump is pumping our 10 gig nick is functional we could see we could boot from it we're not going to do that and we have our SSD so everything is perfecto and I just need a boot so I'm gonna go get that my box got for what I have no did someone did someone not have RAM really dear breath does anybody not have random their computer and they realize it so now what's this about I mean it's really great but I need to I need to get some instructions Linus yeah there's a cord going into the fan and there's a cord coming out they both come out yeah gotcha okay that's all that explains everything oh there oh I was using this to open the boxes because I couldn't find I need to win this otherwise oh wait oh I think I'm behind hey I'm just trying to route some cables in a nice way after the fact so I probably should have thought about this first but never having to use this cooler before many issues occur okay I have the cooler okay you know I don't know go all the way back right with one to the motherboard right one what are you looking at reading this yeah so all of these go back this is why I'm so far behind I'm not blaming you I'm just saying that like every time I had to like break my concentration it's tough to teach and do at the same time I'm not doing a very good job teaching okay go all the way back and talking to the big one yes those are fans does it need to be like check minuses yeah I am basically done I just wanted to look kind of acceptable before closing it up so we've got like you know some zip ties this comes along the back kinda nice it's gonna be a mess still but it's gonna be less of a mess just the GPU and we're good to go now I just need your mouth this bad yes now do you know how I cannot know how okay well there are it doesn't just stick on there is a you have the bag of screws that came with the cooler okay so what you want is – yes so this goes in the bottom and hooks on to the the hooks that are on the motherboard so just okay so what you can do should we start it off put the hook down on the bottom and screw that a little bit okay and do the same thing on the other side then you hook them in and your thing just screw it down yes and I have a new lease on life so Dave and I just had lunch we hadn't had lunch today I'm like Donald is over that you haven't had lunch yet candy here you go well there you go Andy so now I have to catch up because I would weaken to reach gotta eat yeah normally you don't eat Mayo and I'm supposed to have the extension first you can put it in there but yeah my piles you ruined my piles it's okay they're not you get a shot of the piles I can't see without my files okay so I'm labeling all the land freezes the reference system yes system wise why what about it yeah number one yeah I get it but look at this come here this is the reference system this is what we're supposed to keep aspire towards it's spaghetti it's forget and do you not like spaghetti sir I love spaghetti exactly that's a lie spaghetti but this is not the normal color that I'm used to that's the you know I realized I realized now why I've been having trouble with this because I'm a simple man you know give me some normal components I'll slap those together even by normal oh dang you're right take a hike I need to reframe my my question Oh what are you we're the cooler this thing that's good possibly yeah this going to Mazda nah know that positive what that one no this the small one that comes off that one goes to the motherboard where the CPU cooler just above the CPU cooler I believe they're okay at least mine is pretty neat and tidy on the inside that's all that matters really so I am just applying all my little labels here so this way we'll know if anyone steals a component where it came from there we go lam 3c Landry Landry go ahead and put that there still gotta do my microphone and I'm not going to bother with the pad or should I but no I shouldn't the plan was to have hard drives in the systems but we didn't get hard drives so that's where we're at on that yep all right so I'm gonna do my pro Wireless here actually I think I got exactly the right number of leaders no I'm one short shoot on one short cuz I wanted one for the actual spot on the desk man three gorgeous power that on before I get confused and then I also need to there's no dongle in this mouse why is there not a dongle in this mouse oh okay oh man I was freaking out there guys freaking out ladies and gentlemen I'm chill I'm relaxed yeah guys that's not a thing so okay can you buy them $15 okay so there's my dongle I'm gonna need to do up a smaller label for that right now I'm just gonna throw that in the mouse so that it's safe grab your labels here oh oh oh you actually like did it it's probably fine it's probably gone oh guy right you do a good job no not I'm not doubting him or anything I'm just asking I'm just asking questions yeah don't go right into the PCs dongles into the monitors is probably fine too okay no but we're getting a different monitor right which it might have let's just plug it into the diary fine you can see where did we decide we were putting the labels on the headphones outside or inside okay I'm gonna do it on the yeah okay you're right okay I'm gonna put a visible dongle adapter in the box yeah I left mine in there I didn't grab the cable out of the box how much does that matter need the cable I'm just tidying up back soon time to actually write the next thing I'm gonna do is a shirt that's right oh my god we should have that here feed you now Andy here you go here you go Andy when you label all your peripherals I have done reference peripherals over on my desk for where we're going to put all the labels so please do it exactly the same way except maybe align them a little better and that happens to be in exactly the same spot yeah I put it on the label that's already there don't forget to do the wrist rest yeah we only need that I think one more though I oh I was just gonna plug it in wired why do you USB for that all right oh wait they're not all the same is the pro is controllers yeah this isn't Wireless hey my son lady missing something here yep nope so yeah there you go this one doesn't have one so close I just need to put land 3 on the front of the desk here and then I'm good yeah I was gonna put it on the edge no I want it to be immediately visible it hurts the aesthetics a little but not that it should be like five and a four five pins and important yeah so the five pins at the top pin the top which one is that reset switch yeah that's bottom right because they're kind of in the whales alright so all the mics that we have aren't actually gonna sit on the Jets we're gonna have like a shelf over there somewhere and you would just go pick it up if you want to use it and plug it in and then you can start screaming because they're kind of in the way otherwise I'm trying to take a webcam out of here this is the sweet Logitech Rio 4k oh look at that peel gorgeous so it is genuinely for a webcam like surprisingly good baller and like as a streamer it allows you to punch in are you Johnny ready and when you're streaming with Logitech Brio 4k because it's added resolution you can punch in like 4 times and it's still 1080p you know you're doing screaming things maybe you set that up on your stream deck to again that's a fresh install that doesn't sound good maybe that's like a that's an expensive one that's like a 512 gate okay guys um couple things first of all everyone watching the stream thank you for bearing with us as we've struggled through building these machines some of us are done some of us are going to continue to struggle a little longer though while we do bansho so I have to go do an show but also an announcement for you guys uh you need to put labels on all the peripherals and everything that go with your computer as well as the back of your tower itself and the seat where your station will ultimately be so this is LAN 3 already which means that this is gonna be 4 so whoever's 4 you're here all of your labels are here in a pile there are gonna be some things you can't label if you have a really small wireless receiver dongle for example like the one in the G Pro wireless you're gonna need to use the paint pen that jake has to write LAN whatever number it is we don't want to get let these get lost because they're expensive to replace if we can find them at all everybody cool all right so thanks for watching guys thanks to everyone who sent over this hardware hopefully we're gonna have like a gaming stream or something later today let's do oh yeah we can do that and then thanks to see sonic for sponsoring this video so they've got their find 180 plus platinum there it is prime titanium it's down there somewhere it's modular it's freaking awesome it's super efficient go check it out the link in the video description and that's it goodbye everybody thanks man Dennis you'll finish those and everyone else all right there's what skip one so we can skip Blanche away from the tradition don't worry we'll be live again in like a couple minutes here don't worry it's all good yeah

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