Live PD: Risky Business (Season 2) | A&E

– We’re going to be doing a
traffic stop on this vehicle right here for window tint– legal tint. [sirens beep] [tense music playing] – Hey, guys.
– What’s up, buddy? – What’s going on? Deputy Allen with
the Sheriff’s office. The reason I’m stopping you
is the, uh, the window tint. You got your driver’s
license with you? – No, sir. – Do you have a valid
driver’s license? No?
Not valid. Do you a valid driver’s license? – No, I don’t– – OK. So nobody can drive? OK. All right. Go and jump on out for me. – Hm? – I smell marijuana. – OK. – Like, heavy.
– Do you? – Oh yeah. – OK. – Hey. Well, while you guys
are out also, OK, while I was at that
side of your window, I smelled strong
odor and marijuana. Is there any marijuana in
that car because I smell it. – I don’t–
– I mean– – I don’t smoke weed, man. – OK. I’m just– here,
why don’t you stand over to the front over there? All right. Thank you. [clinking] – So far, a little pipe. Marijuana in the cigarette pack. [inaudible] – Stand right here for me, I’m–
so, I can read them to you both at the same time, all right? – This is not good. – You have– this doesn’t
mean you’re going to jail. – Yeah. – This just means I’m
going to talk to you. OK. You know how this–
this is all this is. – So, all right. You have the right
to remain silent. Anything you say
can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right
to talk to a lawyer or have him present with you
while you’re being questioned. – All right, during
my search also, I just found meth in her purse. Also some baggies, a scale– so obviously, she’s
probably selling. – Who– who– whose dope is it? Is it his? Is it yours? – It’s not his. – OK. Then whose is it? – It’s obviously not his. – OK.
All right. – Who else does that leave? – I– well, it does leave
you, but– but, I want– I want to hear– I was– I was wondering if–
what your explanation was? – There really isn’t no
explanation, you know? – So you’re doing
meth and marijuana? – It’s a stupid [bleep] to pose. – OK. [police radio chatter] – Are you selling? [police radio chatter]
– Hm? – Are you selling? – No. [police radio chatter] – Says talk to her later, but– I mean– obviously more. – Yeah. – She’s actually– they’re
probably making it, also. There’s some Sudafed. Pills that I have
to– oh, soma pills– which are illegal. – Man. – All right. You’re free to go, OK? – Can I get my cigarettes? – So, go ahead and–
– They were the Newports– – Not right now, man.
– OK. I’m good. – We’re just keeping
everything here, OK? I’m not going to go through–
– All right, man. Head on out.
– Well, I’m out. Have a good day, all right? – All right, man. So far what we have is 1 gram
of cocaine, 2 grams of heroin, 2.8 grams of meth, 1.8
grams of marijuana, and 4.4 grams of morphine,
which, in the state of Florida, is trafficking. I found a black notebook. You have what kind of pills– she’s basically selling
anything from Tramadol to Lexapro, which
are all pain pills. It says, “He who is not
courageous enough to take risks will accomplish
nothing in life.” Well, guess what? I guess you’re not going to
accomplish anything in life right now– just jail. [music playing]

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Risky Business (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Wow, she is one dumbass drug dealer. Literally driving around with illegal tinted windows, carrying pot in the car, all different kinds of drugs, a note pad of all your illegal activity AND to top it off NO LICENSE.!! Dummy.!!😂😂👍🏻

  2. Lexapro is an antidepressant. Not a pain pill, dumbass. Cops are some of the most uneducated people. ☠🇺🇸

  3. After binge watching Live PD and watching COPS from time to time, it amazes me how many people either don't have their license on them, have drugs in their car, are DUI and last have a warrant or ten out for them. What criminals/future criminals can learn from watching these shows is this:

    1. If you are doing anything illegal, don't carry ID on you – I think this must be rule #1.

    2. If they find anything in your car, say "I don't know how it got here" or blame it on someone else – this always works – NOT

    3. If you're stupid enough to pull a gun on a cop, they will shoot you – TRUTH

    4. If you run on foot or drive away from them, they will catch you… everytime – TRUTH

    5. You can't outrun the helicopter – TRUTH

    6. If you are on foot running from the cops, carry a basket ball and a extra set of clothes in a backpack. You might have time to change clothes and bounce the ball walking away making them think you are not so they were changing. This happened in season 2 – TRUTH

    7. If you buy a used car, do a deep search of the vehicle prior to purchasing. You might be buying a car with something illegal in it – oh wait, people are just liars.

  4. Aha😂i know how to say the you have the right to remain silent and im not even a cop yet and he's a rookie omg all sad😂😂

  5. I can tell you he was definitely an informant. His snitch 3 and go free was obvious. The window tint was clearer than the PT cruiser at the start of the video. This was classic setup.

  6. Me 8am at work: "I'm going to watch 2 videos then I'll start working"

    12pm at work can't stop watching please help

  7. These people r dumb why tf in the world would u smoke in public when you know you’re gonna get caught ? Leave a like if you’re one of those idiots

  8. Cops new theme song The police better be in there best behavior because because meno meno p will come for them and meno meno p will hit them with the manopilutha. And you will not find it satisfying because you were not in your best behavior fam.

  9. Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ehhhhhhhhhh 10101001010101010101001010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101001010101010010101010101010101010101010100101010101010101010010101010101011001010101010101010101010101011

  10. To have an assortment of hard drugs plus a scale and log of all your drug sales is not too bright. And then you reek the car up with weed also. Wow!

  11. No license, illegal tint drugs and a drug journal. These folks are all the same.
    New rule, make even tougher marijuana and drug laws. The trend we are doing now will promote this exact behavior by more and more.

  12. Does her lawyer question the accuracy of her scale when used to weigh her drugs as evidence against her. Well, your Honor, it reads heavy cuz she rips off her buyers. "That's another charge for deceptive business practices."

  13. Yeah, let's ride around with crystal meth and a scale with no license and call as much attention to the vehicle as possible.

  14. Pro tip for you all: IF you ever get pulled over and the cops say your free to go, don’t ask no questions just gtf outta there

  15. I bet everyone who was watching this video just like me thought when the guy with the bandanna got out of the car he was a gonna ? C'mon be honest ! What did that cop go to the mickey mouse school of talking. Or he sucked on a big helium balloon before he got in.

  16. For some reason, the moment I hear the Miranda warning and then the chick starts talking, I remember the Mark and Craig Pot Bros at Law script.

  17. I live in Colorado and I find it crazy people go to prison for weed in other states. And today New York legalized it!! Come on all 50 states!!!

  18. An here I thought it was just the marijuana nope she got a car full of goodies well not really the goods but you get my point enough to get busted

  19. Just looked up Florida window tint laws, back side windows and rear windows have to let in at least 15% or more of light. I really wonder how a cop is able to determine that from inside another car on the road. Like I feel like a good lawyer could get these kinds of cases thrown out easily.

  20. When "UNDERCOVER POLICE " is written outside the car door of undercover police car !!! Then you are not undercover anymore you visible all the time!!! Tented glasses mean you are attracting bee's to collect honey !!!

  21. They rigged a dab bong with a chicken bone for meth lol ide say it was for wax but that bone has no wax in it dryed crystal 😆

  22. I mean if u drive around with tint that's even a little but too dark you better not be having earthing plus on you

  23. Why did I laugh so hard 
    1, when the cop sniffed in the air like he is some kind of drug dog
    2, when the cop put more and more drug related things on the top of the car

  24. Lexapro is not a pain med. It's not even a narcotic. It's an antidepressant (SSRI). Officer needs an interdiction refresher.

  25. This cop must reed the rights from a card ?
    You have to tell this 10times a day & still have to read it from a card ?

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