Lord mayor defends Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, attacking climate inaction

The city and our communities are
very concerned about the fires across New South Wales, but the
compelling issue here is climate change. Yes, Australia is burning, our national
parks and our native animals are being decimated and our communities
are being devastated. People have lost homes.
People have died. Firefighters have been killed defending
communities, most recently last night. And we honour Samuel McPaul. As the driest continent on earth, we’re
at the forefront of accelerating global warming. What is happening is a wake up call
for our governments to start making effective contributions to reducing
global emissions. Look, we know that what is happening
across our country is devastating. We know that as we have never seen
anything like it before. And we have been told for a decade now
by scientists that this is what is going to happen. And we are at the forefront because
we are the driest continent on earth. And that’s the issue for our federal
government and that’s our issue for our state government. We think it’s important to put on this
free event that puts us on the international stage in terms
of Australia that has been prepared for 15 months, that the RFS has said
should be able to go ahead. Every year as a city leader, I weigh up
my concerns, from the very first time I was Lord mayor, because of the nature
of what’s happening around the world these days. Of course, I consider all of those things. But no. And I’ve got to tell you, when
I did become lord mayor in 2004, someone said to me, don’t ever even
consider not going ahead with New Year’s Eve fireworks. That was an advice I received back then. You know, it is a really important event to
bring people together to celebrate our beautiful … It is the most beautiful
place in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve. And that’s why people say
it’s on their bucket list. They want to come to Australia to do it.

71 thoughts on “Lord mayor defends Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, attacking climate inaction

  1. The irony is while Sydney (Australia) is warming with hotness, the rest of the world is freezing and shivering with coldness😄😄🤔

  2. Think I'll give the Oz fireworks a miss, I'd rather they spent the money on rescuing the animals that they only seem to be doing half heartedly. I've got no respect for a country that would rather put on a money wasting show than spend it on the creatures and the land that the people love to go to Australia to see. Soz.

  3. I watched the 2002 display in Sydney and it was absolutely amazing. It's difficult to say if it was better than Paris in 2000 but both are absolutely top of any fireworks display I've ever seen.

  4. So the country is burning and the forefront of global warming and u want to go a head with firework show that will pollute the air even more and distress the wild life that had to migrate doesn’t seem right i don’t like fireworks on guy fox night I stay in house its pointless and rubbish people setting fires and horrendous noises all to look upon a explosive light man sent up to the sky just to watch it fall and dye away hopefully the arrogant ignorance will fall and dye away

  5. Makes sense to throw millions of dollars of potential fire starters up into the air on a warm dry night and ensuring fire service has more work as if these brave men and women haven’t got enough to do

  6. Fireworks? Given the biggest bush fires on record? Given the people who have died, the homes that have bee destroyed and the millions of animals killed? It's crassly inappropriate, to say the least. If it starts fires in Sydney, you know who to blame.

  7. Why is the water being sold to foreign countries? Why has the government refused help from allies in fighting the wild fires?

  8. She details every reason for the show to be cancelled but decides the party must go on. She is ignorant but im just someone saying something.

  9. If you are going to rip the Prime Minister up and down for being on holiday with his family in Hawaii as the fires rage then I would expect the outcry to be just as loud for these shmucks. Otherwise then there is no standard and as far as I am concerned the Prime Minister can hop on his plane and go back to be with his family.

  10. No more Colver Moore. She is no respect the people from Sydney and Avstralia. She and she daughter has many men play with their passwater in party.

  11. Demented people in the comments. I am willing to bet you weren't saying anything about stopping fireworks before. Now you've heard it on this dogshit channel, that is the Guardian, you're all against fireworks.

  12. You’re already on the international stage, because your country is on fire and your most iconic wildlife are burning to death. We’re all aware of Australia and Sydney. Having a period of silence at New Year, showing big projections of the fires and animals affected, and talking about what needs to be done to the people gathered would have far more impact. Fireworks release loads of toxic microparticles into the atmosphere, and are themselves a hazard for lots of reasons. This is ridiculous, and going ahead as normal at such a time just confirms to the world that those in charge of Australia have no intention of changing anything.
    All this talk of arsonists being responsible is starting to sound as if the government is deliberately passing the buck. Blame young people rather than accept and address your enormous contribution to the climate catastrophe.

    I feel desperately sorry for all the wildlife so unfortunate as to have to share their time on this planet with humanity and all its horrors.

  13. There are costs yet to be incurred by going ahead with the event. Policing, cleanup, safety personell etc. The event has NOT already been paid for entirely. It will still cost a lot to put on.

  14. so its about tourism & tourists spending nye watching fireworks? using the money that has taken 15 months to prepare would be better off spent buying a clue.

  15. "Yes, Australia is burning, national parks and native animals are being dessimated, communities are being devastated, people have lost homes, people have died, firefighters have been killed defending communities"…. but hey, let's have a fireworks party!

  16. Sydney lord mayor says climate change is the issue, not New Year's Eve fireworks ► https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/dec/31/nsw-premier-gladys-berejiklian-has-mixed-feelings-about-sydneys-new-years-eve-fireworks

  17. Clover Moore and Gladys Bevejiklian appear to be a waste of fresh air, stop talking about global warming and start investing in saving people. Who voted for these fools?

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